Srila Gurudeva ExplainsHis Desire For Unity and HarmonyOnce, during Navadvipa parikrama, two disciples of my Gurudeva were quarreling between themselves. Taking burning sticks of wood from the kitchen, both were bitterly quarreling. Someone came and told my Gurudeva, “Oh, they are quarreling very much. Please do somehow make them stop. They are not listening to anyone.” Guru Maharaja replied, “Let them quarrel. They should bitterly quarrel, and after that they should go to court and file a case against each other. I am not a judge. I have not come to sit in court and decide about worldly things. I have not told them to quarrel. I told them that those who want to do bhajana of Krsna will follow the principles of trinad api sunicena, taror iva suhisnusa, amanina manadena. They will be humble like a blade of grass and more tolerant than the trees.“Trees never complain about anything to anyone, even if they are being cut down. Even if the tree is drying up, it never begs water. Rather, it always serves others. You can throw any stone at it, and it will give you sweet fruits. Its bark, fruit, wood, and everything else is for others.“I have told them that I came to help them develop transcendental love and affection for Krsna. I have not come to be a judge. In India, and especially in Bengal, there are thousands of courts where one can go and complain; no harm. Don’t come to me for that.”As you may know, when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was residing in Puri, Gopinatha Patinayaka, who was the brother of Srila Raya Ramananda and very dear to Mahaprabhu, had kept a large sum of money which belonged to the king. He was given a service by the state to collect money, and he was collecting it, but he once withheld a large amount. So he was guilty.The son of the king went to him and asked, “Why are you withholding the money?” He arrested him and brought him to court, where it was decided that he should be given the death sentence; the next day he should be put to death.All the devotees became very worried. They approached Mahaprabhu and begged, “O, please save him.” Mahaprabhu replied, “You want Me to go to the king? I cannot help him. I have not told him to do as he did. Why should he not pay that money? He must pay. I will not interfere. Let him die. I am not a court. I have not come for this. I have only come to give love and affection for Krsna. I can help you only with this.”Similarly, I am also not a court. You can go to court if you have any dispute. I have not told anyone to quarrel with his wife, and I have not told that wife to quarrel with her husband. I have not come from India to be like a court. I have come simply to teach you how you can advance in bhakti.For millions of births you have been quarreling in courts, here and there, but I have not come for this. This is not my duty, so don’t come to me with these things. I don’t want to waste my time.If you have a problem in chanting and remembering, or if you are weak, I can help so much. My life is dedicated for that. Do you understand? If you have some desire to serve Krsna, I can make you strong. However, if you have no faith in the holy name, in guru, or in Krsna, how can I help? If you don’t want to perform devotional activities, then you are free. You are independent to do all bogus activities for sense gratification. What can I do? If you want to be happy forever, you must have strong faith in krsna-nama.We see from history, and we also see from the Vedas, Puranas, and all other scriptures that a man cannot be happy, and neither can a woman be happy, if he or she is not chanting and remembering Krsna. This can never be. If you want to be happy, then follow the path of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. The Vedas, the Upanisads, and all other sastras say the same thing.My request is that wife and husband not quarrel with each other. Be tolerant, otherwise your life will be spoiled. Be like chaste Indian ladies and chaste Indian husbands. Be like Rama, like Sita, like the gopis, like Krsna, like Savitri, Satyabama, Anusuya, Atri, and all others like them. There are so many sincere senior devotees here who are very peaceful, and I become happy to see them. Be happy forever.[Wales, July 2, 2000]
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