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The Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman”. He’s referencing in part the fact that a new feminism is on the rise.


This new feminism power stands on the shoulders of the achievements made by woman over the past century.


The first wave of feminism fought for political identity. They forced the world to recognise females as humans rather than objects or commodities. They changed laws, but more importantly they shifted culture such that nowadays the status quo they then confronted seems barbaric and bizarre.


The second wave of feminism from the 70’s took the fight further constructing even greater gains towards legal and economic equality. They fought and won a hard fight in a man’s world however in so doing they’ve been criticised as having beaten masculine culture by joining with it too much.


The third wave of feminism is said to glory in its “girlie culture”. It’s as though they experience a personal sense of equality and so don’t see a struggle! They can easily slap down or walk around any silly inequality from their gorgeously strappy high heeled ground.


The forth wave of feminism integrates all these evolutions and takes it deeper still.


It demurely refuses the rapaciousness of patriarchal domination with its profit at all cost, victory before kindness ideology. Instead it delights in embracing love, compassion, generosity, nurturing and inclusion. Its power is in service and collaboration.


It lives outside of masculine mainstream institutions and it’s this very position that enables it’s powerfully divergent voice. It feels the energy of spirit within every individual and group. This divine feminism is literally the power of the earth whelming beneath your very feet.


It’s led by woman but includes and encourages men since it’s an activism based in joy rather than anger.  This new feminism aims to liberate our entire planet rather than any specific group.


The struggle for gender equality has changed. Rather than women trying to get what men have, they’re reaching for more that they are, and we men will be pleased to participate.



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Comment by hunter on June 6, 2012 at 2:55am

dear FW...the merging of the anima and the animus is the wtg :)

for myself i was a woman last time round....emily lutyens...reclaiming my masculinity is therefore, ironically given my gender this life, my path for the moment.

been quite appauled by masculine culture through my life and therefore resistant to it. but its actually a good thing to enjoy in better and better balance.




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