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This is Sananda, my very dear ones,
You are all close to my heart.
My Divine Love-Light is now reaching you stronger than ever before, as it is supported by the new conscious light which is satiating Gaia’s Body more and more, and is descending into your space of heart, radiating and opening your feeling-awareness as a spiritual being.
Do not doubt that this is so. My light, the light of the Christ in which many ascended masters and galactic civilizations are participating, is expanding now  dramatically in your universe and in other universes which are your sister universes in the consciousness of Christ.
What is Christ Consciousness? Dear Ones, it is the Light of the Highest Will of the Creator Who is an Aspect of the All-That-Is, carrying most Sacred Information and Which therefore is Anointing Its Own Creations with the Love and the Joy of Himself.
Therefore, when you accept My Light into your own heart you will participate directly in the Joy and Love of the Creator. How will this allow you to become a conscious co-creator of New Earth?
It is not “you” who creates, you must know, it is not your 3dimesional “I” or “heart-chacra”, that participates in Divine Creation.
It is the Creator Himself, whose glorious Creations will emerge in your heart  shaped by “your” intention, you, as a part of His Multidimensionality and All-Embracing Existence of the Multitude of all Universes, and Knowing your oneness with That One.
You cannot truly create a New World from the point of view of separateness. Because from there  your creations will be those of separation.
Creating the New World will always be a world of unity, and therefore, you yourself must surrender to that Divine Unity in order to create What is True.
Your heart-surrender to my Radiant Love-Light, which is not just “My” Light, but the Light of the Highest Divine Aspect of this Universe, and which I have brought to humanity, is a way to participate in the new world. And this is not a question of religion or Christianity, dear ones. It is a Universal Event, in which the many beings who are attracted to this Love-Light, are a part of.
Christianity has made a gesture of separation in the midst of that Love-Light and has therefore used the true divine Light for separate purposes, but which does not allow It to transform your being as the Divine Consciousness That it Is. It has become a divided and manipulated truth which has nothing to do with what I teach and What I Am and What the Divine Creator Is.
It is not your brain, the perceiver of the currents of the many thoughts, floating through your earthly sphere, but your heart which is the true recipient of my Love-Light. It is surrendered to it, it does not “make” anything out of It, by categorizing it and making it the slave of your mind.
My very dear Ones, let this Light and Love, this Radiance guide you, by my intervention and service to you, so that you may be changed and elevated into higher dimensional light, and to leave behind your separation in the realm of 3dimensional duality.
It is this Love-Light which initiates you to open your heart and tight definition of persona, to radiant consciousness that will be your Divine quality in the New World.
You can call upon Me, to receive this Love-Light, or to any other Truly Blessed Being of the Universal Christ Consciousness To Whom your loving heart is attracted to the most. We all have different “sub-qualities”, as you know and which you can recognize by our names. But you will notice that We All Share together this Unique Love-Bliss Light, which is the Sign of All of Us.
You soon will be sitting with us, ready to receive further initiations into the endless expansion of Divine Revelations, requiring of you ever growing surrender and therefore service to those who are still in the greater densities and desire to know the True Divinity.
Beloved Ones, Our Offer to you has been never so available as now, if you only open your heart and firmly have faith that it is so. This faith will be the beginning of your truly Divine Creations.
We Are One in the Heart of God’s Love.
And you find Me in the forever expanded Radiant Silence of your heart.
This is your true Healing, my dear Ones.
I Am With You.
I Am Sananda from the Highest Dimension, at the Threshold of the Galactic Center



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