I notice in my everyday life that as I increase in my own philosophic views,where as im always adding to or going holy shit out loud in my astonishment of I guess my increased problem solving calculations etc,i once again question the storehouse in which the moments of"enlightenment" or ascension as possibly a distraction, dont get me wrong the insight is cool but as I really think about it all that we have been informed of and I mean way way back,was a lie,deceit from some high up authority as it deemed itself to be an observer of humanity,but after whatever amount of time became bored and decided to spice it up a bit. With boredom comes want for entertainment whether physical mental or psychological or what if all three,and say this watcher manifested its own wants through through just those three.and then decided it like control better than observation and decided that it would like to have a body so it planted itself within the evolutionary factories inside th body or what is commonly referred to as you central nervous system,and it lay dormant waiting many many generations,until it feels the need to embody the vehicle we call the body.of course becausr always present throughout our aadvacement some times it manifest as single people great leaders scientific minds etc and through these manifestation has been able to influence certain things like politics what foods are good or bad wether or not to point this or that out.and even you guessed it hide information,as to the truth of things.and as it influenced earth and its inhabbitants as it chose we were deceived and ultimately distracted from truth,well remember just speculation ourselves and the capabilities humans posses,why would it deceive us?fear,fear of us as we began to evolve it wanted us to slow down so embedded within all presently living humans, it sees the window in which to push itself and not us to fully control and phase out what we perceive as reality,in any account if true this thing has been waiting for this time to once again deceive and distract. But what if this time it finally tricked us,mainstream convinced many of us to accept the presence of kundalini energy.and encouraged its union with the body.well I think its a trick kundalini is not an energy but possible that it is in fact a highly evolved parasite that rests in the base of the spine until awakened,and I fell for it too,but now realizing the exact nature of this deceit from a parasitic host that slowly makes its way up the energy channels into said crown chakra,it is said this force is felt as heat to us and I most certainly felt it as slowly but sureldy made its way up my spine not constantly or even everyday but about a month later it was at my shoulders once again preceived as heat,i felt as though something in me was attempting to make me leave and not be in control,i experienced many involuntary movements arm legs hips and much spinning I caught a glance of myself in the mirror,now if this shit was a good thing im pretty sure I wouldn't have perceived myself this way and my perception said you look possesed I dont beleive in ghost so I thought to myself what other existent life has the ability to make you move and appear not at home in the body,and it hit me parasitic or intelligent bacteria with one intent to steal the physical body as to advance its own evoloution without having to wait millions of years for nature or the universe to do it, and now it has almost become successful we have now been distracted by this light and love with the embrace of this coming change,this kundalini is an infection and because ive conciously realized this my lymphatic system is attempting to remove it all the lymph nodes in what is know as cns are attempting to fight it I am sick not your normal sick I am severely lacking in physical strenghth. And can feel where this shit has taken root within me and where I am fighting it off,do not embrace this it began causing physical deformities to my body as my left ribcage squared and expanded my spine wanted to sit up straight and my neck followed now the area within my cheek bones is swelling I keep finding small physical changes in my bone structure,and have small white dots on both shoulder blades and the right side of my body,do not be fooled look in the eyes of those who claim kundalini empty,all of them something is present but the soul has been drained till death and now parasites and bacteria regulate the body,i could be very well wrong but please take this into consideration this is not the coming but a trick placed in humanity long ago dont be distracted and just welcome things with love be what you are human we are not and cannot be only positive negative must be present and we must use it in the form of skepticism and doubt duality is reality there is no singularity balance between them or the polarization of pos and neg its only logic,once again I could be wrong and you never know I may have lymphoma but as humans have we ever just blindly accepted something hell no so why all of a sudden is the doubt absent? To be aware is to be alive wake up do you feel like yourself,i know I didnt slowly coming back but this has made me very ill,i hope that I am incorrect but I fear I am not and with the increase in global temperature and the decline of judgement within us we are weak and that is known bacteria and parasites thrive in heat seems like this was planned long ago,once again I hope im incorrect but I see it increasing
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  • I will not argue this with anyone,either be concious or stay in la-la land,something isnt right and all that is needed to see it are human powers of observation wich apparently we have all cast aside,we are human love is not the only emotion that is nessecary to experience things dont forget your doubt anger judgement fear and the ability to decide for yourself what is real of fake,all I have to say
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"I would not go to hospital now even if I shattered my femur"
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"My brother works in the nursing service and has reported that there were patients who had nothing, were always at home, tested negative, at home and in the hospital and then death allegedly died of coronavirus from the hospital. This happens a lot…"
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"I have already mentioned several times that the so-called pandemic is a distraction. It serves to hide the financial crisis. The coronavirus is not the reason for the Finance Crisis. The Government want us to believe that. This my thoughts about."
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"Moreover, it is always better to find the most simple explanation to a problem first, before looking for "Tesla ray guns," UFOs, lizard people, et al....

This pandemic 2020-21 is fake, because it is based upon fake medicine and fake science...

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"Logic must inform you, SAN 不滅 and also your intuition....I will suggest that as you seem unable to go within for answers, we are here to help with clarity...

The salient point is that STATISTICS can be manipulated to suit hidden agendas..

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"It is striking that many people come to the hospital because of another disease and died there in the end of a coronavirus infection. I don't know if you can prove that the patient actually died of this coronavirus infection, but who contradicts a…"
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"SAN- Hospitals are literally murdering people for money

This is not an overstatement

Ask yourself---why do no people die of covid outside of hospital?"
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