All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga. It's nice to meet you and have your association so let's prevent drops of nectar from ever drying up by throwing it to the ocean of loving devotion. Simultaneously I'm begging for a blessing from all of you on this very auspicious day Radhastami. I include three links with three videos which manifested predominantly by gurudev mearcy and with the help from devotees. I'd like to ask you if you would simply send these links to your friends so they can be uploaded to various websites. If somebody just simply sees them and they become inspired and make attempts to come to hear gurudev hari katha or participate in Vrndavana or Navadvipa parikramas, that is already very good. What any conditioned soul in this material world can meet. Simultaneously you can also become directly or indirectly a receptor of gurudev mearcy by helping his sanga to grow. This way you can also spread the fire of preaching everywhere. This is the same way Srila Prabhupada used the printing press in early 70's. Now we can use media and internet by which we can spread the message and reach out to millions of people but be careful: don't get to be caught in a spiderweb of sleeping with a computer and even forgetting what is happening around you. Once people see it they can start contemplating and talking about it and slowly become involved directly or indirectly and you achieve your objective. I know there are many technical imperfections in it. After all we did not come here to compete with Steven Spielberg. We leave this to others and rather we take the essence. I'm from the old school of Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja. He, on various occasions, told me that simplicity is vaisnavism. He showed me by his example that it is better to be simple but for real, which is far more attractive and beautiful then to be overly sophisticated but fake and rotten inside. So after all you choose. You know better than me. I will leave it up to you. We are already working on high definition blue ray disc which is going to be a "heart breaker" for people who are very polished and sophisticated (that can also be used for professional TV broadcasting), so this way you have something for everybody. Even when you distribute books and simultaneously people get one video you have accomplished a lot - Whatever serves the purpose. I hope this letter finds you in good spiritual health and if you come for parikramas in Vrndavana or Navadvipa, we can have a meeting and discuss how to do it more efficiently and successfully so that you can serve and unite all of the devotees and people as well around the world. Grurudev fully authorised video distribution at same level as book distribution as long as they contain topics and hari katha strictly to krishna consciousness philosophy. This way we have some menial service to do. We have more than six billion people living on this planet. So everyone should see or have one copy of these videos. Start the snowball rolling now so we can make this planet earth better place to be! After all you have everything in the trilogy which contains so much nectar that it may take you many lifetimes to digest it. "IN YOUR HEARTS I WILL BE...VRNDAVANA LAND OF LOVE....and you are ON TO PERFECTION where only what you need is love or more refined as pandits call it sneha, mana, pranaja and etc. After all chant Hare Krishna and be happy! On the end one famous quote from Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada "BE PRACTICAL AND DO SOMETHING" and samadhy...later. Aspiring humble servant to all vaisnavas Markandeyarishi das I have uploaded 3 video clips on youtube and 3 on google video.Please can you send these attachments to as many friends so they can forward them to as many people around the world as possible.
2007 VRNDAVAN LAND OF LOVE In Your Hearts Ill Be 1996_2006 Jubilee 2007 NAVADVIPA AND PURI ON TO PERFECTION In Your Hearts Ill Be 1996_2006 Jubilee - 58 mins 2007 VRNDAVAN LAND OF LOVE - 37 mins NAVADVIPA AND PURI ON TO PERFECTION - 31 mins The full DVD videos can be downloaded

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