Celebrate Peace:

The Summer of Peace is a 3-month celebration of possibility, potential and the peace that has already been created even in the most unlikely places.

It is a call to action – inviting us all and providing specific actions and steps we can take to create both inner peace in our own lives and outer peace in our families, communities and the world.

Together, we will acknowledge, celebrate and accelerate the wave of peace that has been growing all over the world.

You will learn from:

Social change leaders will show us how entire cities are stepping up and putting compassion into action.
Peace builders will address some difficult but crucial subjects and share ways to move beyond gun violence, prevent bullying and end human trafficking.
Indigenous elders will share the ancient wisdom that can help us all remember how to live in deep harmony with each other and the Earth.
Social healers will explore the ways restorative justice can help heal deep wounds within individuals, families and communities.
Spiritual leaders will guide us in weekly, synchronized global meditations for peace and help us build upon the wave of peace that is washing over the world.

Take action for peace within yourself, your family, your school and your community
You will learn about actions and resources that you can apply, including:
playing the compassion games (survival of the kindest)
lobbying for peace legislation
Establishing cities of peace around the world


And, most importantly, you can tell the world what you are doing to create peace in yourself, family, school and community!
Register now for the Summer of Peace – and receive complimentary access to empowering sessions with global peace pioneers. Plus, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to receive a Lifetime Access Pass to all of the downloadable recordings. Together, let’s accelerate the shift to a culture of peace!

Introduction and Chapter 1 of the new e-bookPeace Codes: Healing Mandalas & Meditations for Embodying Peace on Earth
by Bonnie Gold Bell and David Sun Todd
Evolutionary artists Bell & Todd invite you to sample their peace-filled mandalas and blessing meditations. Receive the 2-part introduction that illuminates both the encoding process and the nature of their art, and 12 of their visually stunning Healing Mandalas and inspiring meditations. There is an ancient saying, “You become what you meditate on.” By meditating on these encoded visions, you help spread their peaceful vibrations into the heart of humanity.
“If there is such a thing as a ‘training manual’ from the Universe for fostering greater individual and collective peace on our planet, Peace Codes is it. In this (gently) revolutionary e-book, the compellingly beautiful visual experience that is Bonnie and David’s art has been lifted to an even higher level.”
– Lynda Terry, subtle activist/peace catalyst and author of The 11 Intentions: Invoking the Sacred Feminine as a Pathway to Inner Peace

NONVIOLENCE TRAINING for Beginners From The Metta Center for Nonviolence
This five-part series (each audio talk is under 6 minutes long), is designed to give those who are new to nonviolence a quick, but rich, study of this positive empowerment for personal and social transformation.

Summer of Peace >>> http://fe.gd/yo4

ASCENSION AWAKENING: http://ascensionawakening.blogspot.com
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