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Discourses From The Masters - Sananda and One Who Serves

One Who Serves:

Ohm Mani Padme Uhm

Greetings to you, each one. It is good to be here with you, my brothers and sisters.  We always so enjoy these times that we can have a little bit of chat and discourse here.  It is always a very beneficial time for us certainly that we can be of service, that we can be in the situation where we can provide guidance and help in whatever way comes to you or needs from you here.  And it is certainly our pleasure to do this at all times.  We’re going to release here to another briefly that wishes to give message here. Shanti and be back with you shortly.



I am Sananda, I come to you with glad tidings at this time, that you would understand all those things which are about to occur, but understand that as you look around yourselves, what do you see?  You see turmoil all around you, you see all those things which appear to be of the darkness, appear to not be of the light, but as you look at that darkness, understand that you can also see the light there as well, for where there is darkness there is always the light, also.  You just need to look past.  So, do not become part of the fear, do not become part of the expression that allows for the fear to come through to be a part of your expression, for there is nothing within you that should allow that fear to ever come within your person, your Being, your personality at this time. 

It is only as you look upon all those things that are out there and you see and understand that which is occurring around you, you begin to know that you are here at this time, at this place, at this special moment preparing yourselves for the grandest journey yet that you have been on, for you have been on a long journey my dear ones, you have been on a long journey indeed.  But that journey as you know is beginning to come to an end, those times that were spoken of so long ago are here now.  You are in the now, you are in the moment, and the moment is changing ever so much as you allow it to change, because all is a process of movement and change, and moving into the next level of your expression, and that next level is what you would say is just around the corner. 

You have no idea yet of all that is about to occur, much of what has been said through many sources is about to happen.  There is an event that is about to happen, and that event will catapult all of you, all of you and I am not talking only of the light workers here, I am talking to all, all will be catapulted forward into a new understanding, a new level of realization of who they are.  Now, of course, when that happens some will turn away, some will say “I am not ready”, some will say “this is not my time”.  And certainly they will be allowed to not have this be their expression at this time.  But, those of you that are ready, those of you that are wanting to move to the next level of your journey, you are certainly going to be more than welcome and will be welcomed into the next dimensional frequency, and higher vibration. 

All is in readiness for this next step, it is only needing to have you be in readiness to take this step.  That is my message for this time, I will leave you now. My peace always with you my brothers and sisters.  I Am Sananda.


One Who Serves:

Greetings to you once again, good to be back.  You have questions here for One Who Serves that we may be able to answer? And incidentally for the new one here, the Chris, yes we know who you are. Understand that we are as the James has said to you, we are a title, we are individual personalities that take upon ourselves this title of The One Who Serves, and there are several of us that have this but predominantly this personality that is coming through this one James is the main one you might say.  We are getting here the main squeeze, (Laughter)  and we are very happy and wishing to continue to be of service in this way, but understand that those times are going to be short indeed, for you have been as the Sananda said on a long, long, long journey, and that journey is soon coming to an end.  At least this part of the journey.  Your journey will never end entirely, certainly, but this part of it, this long travail that most of you think of as this journey here, and that is coming to an end, and this type of experience that we are having right now, these discourses will also come to an end.  But guess what?!  Were going to have a very much closer union with you, where we can be right there with you up close and personal and we are so longing for this.  Now what questions do you have here?


“I have one”.


Yes Joanna.


“I have been studying many things, and I have been running into the idea over, and over, and over again that God is imagination, that God manifests in our imagination, and that all that we imagine with our great desire and our great passion will be realized, and that is the work of the God within us”, yes, “is that true?”


It is not only true my dear sister but we commend you, we congratulate you, we clap our hands for you, for that is a very important understanding and knowing that you have come to that you are certainly God within you and God and you are one, God and us are one, we are all one.  But you are also your imagination, your imagination triggers all of your expression to come through, you see, and that at this level that you are on now, your imagination creates whatever it is you wish to create, but is creating within the illusion you see, it is creating within that’s not really real. You create it as real, you believe it as real, but is it really real?  And we would say no, it is not real.  It is your imagination and it is your illusion, but it is your created illusion, you see, it is your world that you are creating.


 “So why wouldn’t the next world be an illusion then because were creating that too?”


Because is it is a higher frequency vibration and the illusion it is still in some ways, you could say it is still an illusion but because you are able to create instantaneously, it is no longer at that level of disbelief you can see. You see?  You will not think of it in any way shape or form an illusion because it will be reality right there in front of you as soon as you think it.


“So, am I correct in the conclusion that imagination is God?”


Imagination is God, God is imagination, God is everything, God is all. You see?  That is a form or a portion of Gods source.  But it is that source, that portion that the creator has imbued within you to allow for the creation process to occur within you as well. You see?  That’s the creator within you, yes.


“And the song that James and I were looking for on the way back from Sedona, the one from John Lennon?”


Imagine, yes.


Did he know something? Was he aware?”


He was very much aware, in many levels he was aware at a conscious level but also his unconscious was coming through, his knowing, deep knowing was coming through, at times he didn’t even understand it, but yet he brought those words through.  They were in many ways channeled from his higher self, you see?


“And one last thing, what I want to begin to understand and what I want others to

understand is that the higher self is not a strange thing.  That when we say words were being channeled through from our higher self, we are our higher self, so the words that we speak”


Are yours!


“And ours but maybe from a higher level of understanding but its all integrated as one, that’s what I want everybody to feel.”


You are your higher self, your higher self is you. You are one and the same.  It is only the disconnect that has happened here in the three dimensional level, the three dimensional paradigm that has created this separation.  Again, it is the illusion that has created the separation, so we will say one more thing here, that when you are in the higher frequencies where there is no more illusion, then you are one and the same with your God source, you see, and there is no more separation.


“And when I am writing those things that I write, that astound me, and I read them back, I can barely read them because I don’t think that I wrote them, but that’s the higher self coming through right?”




“which is really cool stuff”


But it is coming through you, because the Joanna allows it to come through.


“I wish for it to come through, I desire it. Thank you.”


Other questions here?


“Yes I have a question,”


Yes, yes, the answer is yes, (Laughter) you are going to ascend, you are going to ascend in your understanding when the time is right.  Now, we will help you to understand this a little bit more.  That when the time is right for you, you will go through your shifting process, whether it is the 21st of December, or the 20th, or the 18th, or even the 22nd or 23rd of December, you see? But on the 21st of December and this is the confusion that many have right now, it is not to say that all will ascend, all will be from this place onto the 5th dimension, 4th dimension, which ever it is, all will not be there on the 21st of December.  But they will be largely moving in that direction. In other words you will go through a major shift at that point and you will move into that higher frequency because the earth is at a higher frequency at that point.  You cannot then be at a place where there is no place to be, you see. So you will shift back and forth somewhat because the earth Herself will also be shifting back and forth, you see, but only for a certain time and then once a certain thing happens, cannot say what it is, but when that occurs there will be the anchoring effect.  And at that point is when they have said there will be knocking at the door at the last minute and some will want to squeeze through the door at the last moment, you see?


“Can I ask if this will be the last life that I reincarnate?”


The answer to that is also yes.  You are what is considered a Lightworker Chris, but understand and understand also your name, Chris. What does it come from?




Yes, so understand that your name itself brings about a certain vibration, certain reverberation through your body and it is the light coming through you that is expressed through your name and vise versa, you see.  So begin to think of your name not as Chris, but as Christopher, the Christ, you see.  Do not have to change your name, were not suggesting this but it can be if you think in these terms, you see?


“Yes, when am I going to start to remember old stuff and be able to do my merkaba and remember all that kind of stuff?”


My dear brother you are already in that process, you are already experiencing this and are already finding the truths within you.  It is not so important that you find the truth outside of yourself, that is interesting and all of these things but it is important how it vibrates within yourself, within you.  Those things that you read about the external sources and histories and all of these things are exciting and wonderful because it is revealing a truth to you. To others it might not be very exciting, you see, because it is not their truth.  But because it is your truth it resonates for you, it reverberates within your body, within your soul, within your personality,  you see? And you, yourself are moving in to that expression of remembering truly who you are. That is in the process and one day not to far into the future as we find it here, you will have a, what is this, Aha! Moment, an aha moment and say well now I understand!  And all will come together at one time and you will be glorious in your knowing and then it will slip away, you see? Then you’ll have a little bit of remembrance of it but it will slip away, and then it will come again and then it will slip away again and then it will come again, you see?  It is that process, it is what we are calling the glimpses, the glimpses beyond the veil is what is happening here. And yes Cynthia, your dreams were glimpses beyond the veil.  Understand that, there is no question about it, we are even amazed that you were questioning it for yourself.


“Well it was two nights in a row so I figured it meant something”.


Yes sometimes you need to be knocked over the head. (Laughter)


“So you say this is going to happen in a short time, but to you time is irrelevant so how short of a time is it to me in this life”?


Ah, time is not irrelevant to us because we are so attuned to you each one here on the earth plane in this 3 dimensional understanding and since we are attuned to you, we are attuned to your time frame as well. Now when we say soon, certainly that is not quite your soon for your soon would be now. (Laughter) But soon could be days or weeks or in many cases has been months, has it not? But understand you can just look at your calendar and you can see that it has to be soon now. The 21st of December is not far off, is it not?


“I have one more question.  In the I AM discourses, they talk about the golden age and those were talked about in the thirties, and they talked a lot about we are God”.


Yes, we are very familiar with the I Am Discourses.


 “So why is it that it took so long, because that was in the 30’s”?


My dear sister JoAnna, it has taken a lot longer than that. The Golden Age, the New Age has been prophesized for thousands of years not just 70 or 80. 


“Why were they talking as if it would happen soon in their understanding, like right around the corner”?


Yes, and that has also been what have been called the Earth changes which were going to be “right around the corner”. Do you remember the Cayce and Stanford readings. They also indicated that, but you see all future events are based on probability, at that moment in that now moment and the next now moment changes and the next now moment and the next one. All is being recreated over and over. The illusion is being constantly recreated over and over again and again, you see?


“I thought the Golden Age is not to be an illusion”.


We are talking about that which is being prepared for many, many years.


“So you are saying that the future changes with every day. Does that mean that we could do something tomorrow that could throw off the future we perceive right now”?


Yes, is not just every day, it is every moment, every thought that creates not only your future but all of Mankind’s future. This is why there has been a great plan and that plan has been in operation here with the Earth for thousands of years and we of the Ascended Masters have been diligently working with this plan, working to bring it into effect and working with it and working with it and Man’s thoughts keep going astray (laughter) and it has to be reworked and reworked over and over again. Even to the now point here just prior to Ascension, it is still being reworked. Many times there was going to be disclosure of our Galactic friends and family. Many times there was going to be announcements of the NESARA project. All of these have been reworked and reworked due to Man’s consciousness constantly changing. So all of those changes that were going to be, that were prophesized in Biblical times of Earth changes and calamities and catastrophes have also changed because Man’s consciousness has changed them.


“Does that mean that 12/21/12  can be changed”?


No, because that is a universal edict. That was not the Mayans that created that. They witnessed it, they only understood it. That was already in effect. That is part of the great plan you see.


“So the 1221 cannot be changed.  We are headed for that no matter what”?


Yes.  Now change can be within yourself and whether or not you are ready to move into the next expression of yourself. 


“But you can only tell us if we’re ready now, not if  we’ll be ready then”?


Yes, tomorrow you could do something completely different.  Don’t think you will but you could and that could change all of your expressions from here on just as those of the cabal have changed their expression.  Many of them came in as the light workers and various things such as money and power turned them to the dark side.  What is it from your star wars where they move to the dark side, the dark side of their own expression or nature?


“So I have another question.  Is Obama a light worker or part of the cabal”?


We will answer this question, but understand that with our answer, also comes with what we’re saying here, that all can change in the next moment.  And that one you speak of now as the president of the United States came in as a great light worker ready to embrace and uphold the light within himself and at the same time to uphold the light of an entire country and in many ways even the world.  That one was supposed to bring many changes and is bringing many changes, but there is a pulling back and forth between the two sides.  But it is still hoped here and again we cannot control this, but it is still hoped that one continues to be the light worker he came here to be and makes those movements away from the darkness back into the light more fully.  And in many ways those things that he is doing seemingly of the dark are not because these things have to be, as he is being pushed in that direction by those who have been in control.  But once those are no longer in control the true lightness can come out in this one.  But again that could change.


“So is humanity going to have a chance to become aware of all that is going on concerning cover-ups and the way we’ve been treated? Are they going to have a chance to see that and make a decision”?


Yes, understand though that there are levels of humanity that do not have access to those levels of expression, that you have such as your TV and Internet. So their expression will come in other ways even maybe from within themselves. You need to understand that all that is occurring here has never happened before. Not in this way as we have said previously.  There has never been where the planet has a ascended and the people on the planet also ascended at once.  It has either been one or the other, so there is much that will be learned from this to prepare for the next time, for the next civilization and there are countless of them.  Your work as light workers, should you decide to choose it sounds a little like mission impossible here (Laughter) which we are getting from the James from his thoughts. Do not know what this means. Oh yes, it is a movie.  Now we understand.  Should you choose to accept it, you will have the honor once again to assist those who are in need so just as we of the spiritual hierarchy assist you and guide you, so too will you be able to be at that level as well so you can assist others and help them assist others and so on, how continued evolvement within the light occurs.


“If we choose to assist others, will it be us going back to a 3d planet and reincarnating or will it be through channeling”?


We have to chuckle at this, for not so much channeling in a sense but can be communication that you will not need unless you decide to and we do not think many will to go and reincarnate again.  We think your choices will probably lead more to not reincarnating again but you could.  It is your choice.


“So how would we assist then”?


You can assist in many ways, by being on ships and traveling to other planets and assisting them there just as you are receiving help here and waiting for them to have their expression of change and shift as well.  And you could be on the other side saying soon very soon it will happen. (much laughter) There are other ways but we need to release the channel now.

Shanti peace be with you. Be the One.



Channeled by James McConnell
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