Discourse from Buddha


Lord Buddha on the Law of the Circle, and how to deal with your own returning energies:

"When I stood in the court of Sanat Kumara and offered to take upon Myself the necessary disciplines to become the embodiment of Love for a planet, the Angelic Host, the Devic and the Elemental Kingdom, I realized that I would have to make Sacred, through this Flame in My Heart, all of the energies that I had used in all the incarnations I had known. And when you once understand that, it becomes a joy, because you become centered in this Fire of Purification and all the energy that is returning to you through the experiences of the day you sanctify by welcoming it, transmuting it, and returning it to your Causal Body, so that it may go out no more. You do not think that was strenuous - when I chose to so sanctify the energies which were the resulting effects of previous causes sent out to the periphery of My world in ONE incarnation, when it has normally taken hundreds of thousands of centuries. Some of you have felt the recoil of this energy, and you have resented it and battled over it, and you have become depressed over it, and wept over it, when there is no need - it is an Opportunity to sanctify the energy of your Life in preparation for the days that are yet ahead.

"Oh, that wonderful Law of the Circle - the outgoing energy passing through the Secret Flame of which I spoke, taking on the quality of your various bodies through the centuries that have been, and now, by the magnetic pull of your own Higher Mental Body, being called home - not to lash, or punish, or discourage you, but because through the doors of your own heart that energy might find Freedom. From your heart it came, and through your heart let it pass back into the Great Eternal.

"Blessed souls of Light, you have lived millions of years. If I could part the veil this morning and let you see that Electronic Light flowing downward into your heart, contacting every person within this room, and flooding the city, you would have some concept of the energies that you have unconsciously passed from your body while you are at rest and at peace, not to mind when you qualify those energies with a positive and dynamic feeling.

"You have now learned not to invoke those energies to injure Life. You have learned how to become harmless. But those previously-qualified energies must yet return home. It is the law of your Life, and here is a comforting thought - you can stop it in a moment. You do not have to make the 'Great Sacrifice' as I did, if you do not choose to do so.

"You stood before the Lord of the World and said, 'I shall sanctify the circle of My Life, through Love.' May I refer for a moment to your beautiful Violet Consuming Flame. In the East we have called It the 'Flame of Compassion and Mercy'. It is of such tremendous assistance in this redemption of energy.

"I wonder if it has been pointed out to you the approach of the soul required, before the Flame is set into action! It is a Flame by which you intend to purify your own miscreations and it is joyously and vigorously employed, but first set your own house in order. Forgive and balance your energies toward Life before you use it. My Son has said, 'Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.'

"Great numbers have gathered together, and in the Power of that Flame have asked for release, but how many have first entered into the Secret Heart Chamber and forgiven ALL of Life - that is the efficacy in Its use for you, My dear and sweet and earnest, lovely flowers in God's Kingdom. It shall be done unto you according as you do unto others, and this Violet Consuming Flame has not been manifested in Its full efficacy by any of My beloved Saint Germain's children, because the lifestream has not taken time to become the Mercy Flame first in feeling and in thought.

"You see, the Law, My precious hearts, is so impersonal, and yet so practical - what you wish for others you must GIVE FIRST, and you shall receive it. You are desirous of knowing Freedom, and precious hearts, that have suffered bodily distress and mental confusion, if they could but FORGIVE LIFE, then through the use of this Flame, they could be free in less than an hour!

"I thank you for your thought of Me. I thank you for your extreme patience. I thank you for your Light, because it is your Light that made it possible for Me to come. Oh, you are so lovely when you are seen with the inner sight, and if I were to ask of the Karmic Board one boon, it would be that you might see each other once, and know the sincerity in the desire for service.

"When I wore a flesh body, I had found that Peace sufficiently so that those who entered My Aura experienced, for a moment, a fleeting glimpse of Nirvana. When I forfeited that flesh body, I forfeited with it the Power to so carry that Radiation, but I AM going to ask now that it be returned, and say with My Son, 'Oh children, love you one another!'

"Love Life, trying to serve in whatever capacity you can. Enter into your action of the Sacred Fire first, sanctifying yourself before your Lord, cleansing your heart and your hands of seeming injustices, and then see the FULLNESS of Its release."

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