Light workers, it is imperative that when disclosure is requested to the White House, everybody should demand....the truth about the galactic federation of light...The telephone number of the white house is: (001)-202-456-1111




by Licht Zijn


During the last days Light workers around the world are linked together in Love, Light and Joy. The connections that have been manifested have activated the higher frequencies in the grid omnipresently. We are One and each connection in thoughts and words reinforces the higher energy field around the Earth significantly. We share a common goal and the Power of Creation manifests itself in this focus according to the Law of Attraction.


Any form of higher vibrations in communication between Light workers is being reinforced with a Light-infusion by our many friends in the higher dimensions, which creates an expansion of Light. The Divine Love flows from soul to soul, through every united soul and therefore into each own environment, transforming the lower energy patterns into the Light forms. Please, do not underestimate the effects of the Divine Power of Intention. Through our Internet connections, 24 hours a day and in every country, the grid increases exponentially and is strengthened by the Higher frequencies of Love.


The Power of Creation works by the law of attraction and is manifested in a shared vision, a clear goal and a sensory experience of the desired image. By the power of multiplication 144 people are able to change the world. Our reach is far greater and we, as a physical form of existence here on Mother Earth, can bring the higher vibrations into Reality. The changes are taking place through the core of mankind and from the In-side out. This mandate decrees that we, representing the Light forms here on earth, rise up in Oneness and make Disclosure happen so that World Peace along with the Abundance program can begin.


We are working from the In-side out and influencing the mass consciousness. Each of us is an individual Galactic portal which allows fractals of Love to flow through you and into the world around us. United as One, we can turn the Worlds perception into the New Reality. By the knowledge that we all share the same goal, we can focus and join together in the power of Intention and Creation.


With each breath we are connected. By corresponding thoughts the Higher energy expands through sound, tone and rhythm. Every soul has a structure which is complementary with others, when merging expansion takes place. With every breath we can sent Light, Love and Joy into the world. Imagine how the world looks like when the NESARA law has taken an effect. Imagine your life when Disclosure has become reality. Imagine your feelings, your enthusiasm and in every other life-form here on Earth and in other dimensions, when the lower vibrations do not exist. Imagine the great joy when we are living together in peace and as Galactic human beings.


When we share in Creation we can make the change happen. When Light workers around the world share the same vision and continue for a longer period of time, the Power of repetition anchors every creation. It is like the rhythm of a heartbeat and can become real with every breath you take. Rhythm is essential for change and can detach the lower energy patterns.


My dearest friend Maarten Horst and Radio Host has called on his listeners to call the White House and ask for Disclosure and NESARA. The telephone number of the white house is: (001)-202-456-1111. He actually called the White House himself as well. At the moment he got connected to the receptionist, the higher energy flew into the White House. Through the receptionist the higher vibrations will even affect every other human being in that environment.


The more people call or visualize the image, the stronger the power of creation becomes. During the moment of action there was an explosion of enthusiasm, energy, strength, excitement, love, joy and unity with the divine purpose. It felt as if during the connection a physical portal had been created in this closed lower energy field. Light streamed into the White House and grew as a luminous colorful vortex bigger and bigger, many times reinforced by our friends in the higher dimensions and the many listeners who were also present in their hearts, souls and minds.




Together with our friends and family in other dimensions, we can create change. One does not specifically need to call the White House, visualization or meditation develops creationas as well. Although active manifestation reinforces the strength considerably, because making a real connection can sometimes be essential.


We create with every breath and heartbeat. Together we can create the Winds of Change and influence the collective consciousness. Please, do not underestimate these powers of your Selves. The Healing Breath now flows from all directions of Mother Earth, from above and from within, through all of us.


We have the Power, so let us join together now. Please, spread the Light, focus on the Higher Goals and make as many connections as possible on the Internet. With every word you write and speak, the higher energy of Love expands dramatically. Share your proposals for creations and actions in manifestation as much as possible. We still live in a physical form and therefore we have taken a unique role in the Higher Plan for Ascension, from the Creator upon us. We are all children of the Creator, therefore we are gifted to bring Love into this world. Let’s DO this together, manifestation is the reason we are here on Mother Earth!



We Are… I Am

One Heart, One Soul, One Mind



With Love and gratitude, Cora

PS, According to Maarten and many other Light workers, it is imperative that when disclosure is requested to the White House, everybody should demand that by bringing the disclosure announcement, no fear must be spread, but the truth about the galactic federation of light, meaning that these beings are benevolent. NESARA should also be demanded, not requested only.

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