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To Be Born Again at Ascension Time; Poems ,Prayers & Promises for 2012

Photo: This Heart of Universal Love is Fulfilled in the Divine Illumination Can any one of you say that any wrong or unhappy thought can arise in him? Can any one of you say that such a life as his, which is illuminated by the Consciousness of Jesus, is capable of finding anything bad in anyone, or of failing to see the inner divine Essence in all? Can any one of you, exercising the very best powers of your critical reason, say that this heart, which knows no sin, will ever fear death? Can this sinless heart, to which death does not exist, fear anything in the world? Such a personality is totally governed by, and is itself an expression of, illumination, light and love. Swami Omkarananda

To Be Born Again At Ascension Time

Death came to visit me again just the other night,

He asked me if I was ready to take the last flight. 

I answered, no I am not, for I have been here before,

I know you can't take me, unless I say,open the door.

Its 5D Ascension time as we all very well know,

So I am sticking around for awhile,but going slow.

You know I am very sick from the poisons in my body,

I didn't put them there,I try to keep it always very tidy.

But the pain is so bad constantly, that I think I will cry,

the DC are poisoning us at Ascension time, and why?

Its hard enough to make this Ascension thing work,

without being deadly sick, they are such a evil jerk.

We came here to complete our mission in time,

Ascension quest is our collective goal and mine.

Spiritual birth,awakening in a 4&5D Dispensation,

the body must go along in this level of Ascension.

The DC know I can't die, unless I give permission,

the brain then releases a chemical in submission.

Until then the choice is as always, my divine gift,

Love & light is what I choose, my soul I will lift.

So I am a rebel warrior & light worker in this life,

and I release my Karma from many a life of strife.

We are not quitters we will fight to the very end,

becoming more of what we already are,we amend.

Coming together at this time,to create a New Earth,

is what we came here for and of course a new birth.

from the ash's of the old world we will now rise up,

forming a new way of living, drinking of the Divine cup.

The old ways of deceit & corruption will be gone soon,

Twin suns will rise at the beginning of the new moon.

marking a beautiful path for the children of the new way,

forgotten is the way of dishonesty & immorality of today.

It is called the golden age by many a holy book,

to be remembered by what we gave & not took.

History will forever be changed in a blinking of a eye,

as Love & Light ascends upon us,humanity draws nigh.

There's nothing more to be said in words of this 4D reality,

Its more of what we feel and sense leaving this 3D duality.

Our true mission is not over, but it has surely just begun,

for we are the ascended children of the new Golden Sun.

By Rev.Joshua Skirvin....12/23/12

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on December 23, 2012 at 11:41am

Thanks FW, for your kind words. This one was very hard for me to write as I am still very sick and unable to eat much and in lots of pain for one wk now. But I had the help of the H.S. who got me through and turned what could have been a negative poem into a positive one. I am glad you and others are there to support me,also with prayer, Adonai


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