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This is a video post. See the video below.

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Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

History is the tapestry of events of human activity that have led to the present. Without understanding where we have been, we can’t properly understand and shape the future we want to create. The preceding information discusses history in some respect. With a proper understanding of history in hand, one can better comprehend their place in the present, as well as positively, contribute to the guiding of civilization toward a benevolent end.

– Just

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on February 7, 2020 at 10:28am

Sorry but tried many times to get this vid to work but no avail. Go to u-tube title below. I just had my PC installed with a new anti-virus but I still have problems ! Big brother does not want this type of vid to come out exposing them, a must see vid ! Adonai

_[They Thought They Could Hide This From Us! David Wilcock Explains! 2020]


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