Dear Lightworkers,


Here is one crop circle deciphered for you....Try to practice the art of crop circle decipherment yourselves, as it will enhance your forming psychic skills..


Milk Hill of June 2009 is intending to convey data anent the newly forming planetary body within our solar system once known as Maldek. It was renamed "Pax" by the GFL.

The article link you provided correctly describes it’s form (still in process of manifestation by the Elohim,) to be located between Mars and Jupiter….In effect it is the restored asteroid belt…slowly taking shape. Has NASA reported anything..hmmmm? They are probably very alarmed about this development

The Crop Circles article correctly states that:


"it could be our first glimpse of the enigmatic "planet X". Interestingly enough, those crop artists counted it in their Milk Hill field diagram as an "extra planet" between Mars and Jupiter. The unknown object is not Comet Elenin, nor is it Comet Holmes in a second outburst."




Yes, definately not a comet….which are fairly common and not something significant to report in cereal crop…
Albeit, this planet-in-process is NOT Nibiru, so not strictly the famous "planet X," but maybe astonomers could call it "planet Y…?"

I believe I have described the ultimate Solar System restructuring to you before, but if you would like a refresh, here is the target system to be manifested…..


1 Solaris (the Sun itself)

2 Vulcan

3 Mercury

4 Venus

5 Earth

6 Mars

7 Pax

8 Jupiter

9 Saturn

10 Uranus

11 Neptune

12 Nibiru



(Pluto will return to it’s original position as a moon of Neptune. Uranus will be uprighted in it’s spin)

These sacred "crop circles" were created by the GFL Earth Consciousness Team, who literally doodle in fields using microwave beams of pinpoint laser accuracy….the designs are pre-programmed and auto-generated in seconds. Projected from geo-syncronous orbit, the frequency of patterns reflects stages in human evolution through cosmos…..On closer inspection, the effects of the microwave can be detected in the crop stalks, which soften as the plant cell walls expand and boil their liquid contents..and are swirled into patterns...

The Earth Consciousness Team comprise selected members from several star nations within the Galactic Federation...Although they have been operating through time, over centuries, ever since the 1980s, with the initial cosmic-induced formation of the 3rd strand in human DNA, worldwide, the team has become more active.


Each design has an activation code that relates to stages of human spritual evolution…within cosmos. WATCH WITH OPEN HEART & EYES…in the vid link below, there are some fakes mixed with the real ones...try to intuite these...Note that these designs are consciousness activational...




Zazuma GFL Earth Consciousness Team


Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

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  • Here is a link to Ravinder Singh's blog on crop circles, in which he is asking that AC readers use their discernment in deducing how they are formed...


  • Hi Kel,

    Atlantis is preparing to return to modern times...so a reminder of what it was, presented now.

    Yes, it served a purposeng the Fall in consciousness, and we are reminded of that in this era..

    The future Earth will possess both Lemuria and Atlantis again, and people will live primarily in Agartha, with some podlets on the surface nodes of Atlantis...maintaining the crystal temples of the Firmanent....

    Atlantis used divine proportion geometries in architecture, copied by Egypt and Greece, so it didn't fail for that reason...


  • Thank you, Drekx.  It makes me happy that I am catching clues.... that brings more questions to the fore.  This is a crop circle from July of this year... so why are they showing this pattern...unless it is to awaken more memories?  My research states that Atlantis also failed because it's geometry was based on imbalanced and imperfect geometry. 

    Our society is based on 7 which merges into divine marriage with the number 12...which is perfect geometry.  I'm still learning but it's very exciting for me, for as you know I have never gotten along well with numbers...or geometry and spacial relationships come to think of it :) 

  • Oh, you are so acute, Kelly... :-)

    It is Posiedia, which was the capitol, stretching out it's power over the ten kingdoms, as the ten sunrays, with the temples of both moon and sun at the centre..Note the ten inner councils, presided over by the ten Kings, one of which was the supreme sovereign, King Atlas himself, who ruled and shaped the kingdoms of the greater empire, just prior to his son, Osiris, becoming monarch..

    Osiris was known in Egypt as "President of the West." Much Atlantean history was kept in Egypt and lost during the burning of the library of Alexandria, during the Roman period...

    The Greek, Solon, learned a lot about Atlantis from the priests of Egypt and his knowledge was gleaned by Plato for his famous work, "Criteas & Timaeus."

    Also, Jon, yes my term "doodle" was a loose one, as I did explain that the artwork is designed and scaled out, prior to being instantly beamed down to the field, from geo-synchronous orbit. So it is laser precise and is not actually a "doodle." It is more then drawing, too, as it all appears on the ground simultaneously...all it's geometries.

    More like switching on your washing machine...the powder has been measured and placed in it's compartment, the clothing has been placed inside and the door shut securely, the temperature setting has been selected...Then PRESS the button and it's on.

    So having been primed, it is straight forward as a doodle in that sense...

  • I took your advice to heart, Drekx... this crop circle reminds of me Atlantis... am I close?  It resembles some sacred geometry I've been studying.. and shape here also resembles their city layout as described by Plato. 


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