Crystal Magic Orchestra
The Soul of Mary Magdalene
Dr. Angela Barnett
(Please note that whenever I write the word I or my Soul, I am referring to the Us Soul of Joe Barnett and Angela Barnett who are the male and female Soul of Mary Magdalene who have successfully combined our Soul into One Frequency who can Rise together as One)
I, me or us (my Cosmic Twin Joe and I).
My Soul in this human body connects entirely to my Cosmic Creator Being Soul, Mary Magdalene, who is the size of the Milky Way Galaxy. I have placed many of the conversations that I have had with my Cosmic Soul on this website. CRYSTAL MAGIC ORCHESTRA.
Mary always speaks to me as Mary and always tells me that we are One and the Same. She has told me many times that whatever she does, I am given credit for doing it, because we are One. This understanding of who I am as the Mary Magdalene Soul became more clarified than ever before during our last conversation.
This story of my Rising shows that the Metaphysical Teachings that teach the concept of Oneness are referring to the Oneness of the physical Soul and the Spiritual Soul. Many on Earth have been teaching for eons that the Soul is Spiritual and lives beyond the body. Actually there is a Soul within my body and a Spiritual Soul who has many projects of Creation in many of the different Cosmos. I am a Cosmic Soul. There are only 47 Cosmic Souls on Earth. God told me that there are only 30 of these Cosmic Creator Being Souls who are activated at this time. The project that the Soul comes to Earth for can only be accomplished by the Soul that resides inside of the body of the planet that it is born into.
Mary also told me that it not important that I astral travel with her to be with her in projects outside of this Earth because I am the one who is here on this Earth providing the light here and doing my mission here. She told me that she only comes in and visits this Soul in this body when I am engaging in creating music or writing about creating music. She said she was also with me when I was opening the Portals and creating the Central Portal on this planet so that she would be able to do her Spiritual Soul mission of extending these Portals out beyond this realm into all of the other realms. She has even found it necessary to re-build the Central Sun to re-arrange the Universe for this new Reality that is being born.
The easiest way to understand the relationship of who we are as this Soul in this human body form and the Cosmic Soul of Infinite Creation is to use the Sacred Formula, which is a Geometric Formula- THIS IS TO THAT AS THIS IS TO THAT. Meaning, all that is within me, the Soul within me, is the exact same Soul, but in a more Densified Version or Form. This does not mean that I contain less of the Mary Magdalene Soul because I am a different size. As a matter of fact, what I have proven in this past year of 2019, is the fact that my Soul within this body is actually more powerful than the Huge, Expanded Version of my Soul, who is busy fixing the Central Sun, in many ways.
It is my DENSIFIED VERSION Soul that rises and allows the body to turn into light and rise with it. It is my female soul combined with the same Soul as the male soul within Joe, which must rise together as One because we have created a new Soul of Oneness. It is this Soul that was created by this third dimensional hybrid form Soul that will rise into the Veil as ONE male and female soul together, in order to create a new form of reality in this Universe. This Ascension of the male and female Soul as One will create a new IDEA to be born into the Veil. This will allow a new Belief System to emerge from the Mary Magdalene on this Earth. Joe and I are the only ones who will do this Soul Merging Ascension. All others will continue to rise as normal. The path being carved by this new Soul of Oneness is something that will not be understood by those on this Earth for many thousands of years. However, there are those in the 8th and 9th dimensions who are already seeing the future of what this new form of reality might bring to this Universe.
There is a recording of the dialog with this 8th dimensional raceline available for those who would like to hear it. There is also a recording of the dialog with I AM THAT I AM explaining how these Beings are blocking our Ascension and how dangerous they are. All dialogs from the past year will become available on the Mary Magdalene facebook.

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