Cosmic Love Meditation



Sit quietly and get your self into a comfortable position.

Breathe normally and relax.

Let go of all thoughts and feelings within you and enter a calm space.

Imagine pink or golden light surrounding your body, clearing your aura, entering your body and filling you with peace.

Now place your attention on your heart.

Imagine light green or pink watery energy filling your heart with the warmth of love. Pure, clear, beautiful and uplifting energy of love(It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually feel this.)

Let this energy grow and flow through your whole body like water cleansing you of hurt and anxiety.

Affirm to yourself “I love and accept myself as I am. I forgive myself fully and completely.”

Pause a while to feel this love for yourself within your heart.

Affirm to yourself “I am love and I accept love and attract an abundance of love within my life.”

Now with your mind at your heart concentrate on your closest friends and family.

Concentrate on the feeling of love you have for them. Remember this.

Imagine your love as a beautiful energy, either pink or green watery energy(or any color that appeals to you), and send this love energy to your friends and family. Imagine it flowing to them and they are laughing and smiling at it’s touch.

Now see this love energy as flowing like water in nature, through trees, mountains, valleys, the sky, the oceans, the land, the animals. Let your love fill the whole of nature.

Then think of the whole human family throughout the world. Think of the different races and cultures throughout the world and the different countries.

Send the energy of your love to the whole human family, imagine it filling those billions of people with happiness and joy.

As the love flows from you, outpouring, inexhaustible. See the planet Earth as from outer space, surrounded by blue/green or pink light.

Imagine your Love surrounding the planet and within every living being on planet Earth, filling all with happiness, peace and unconditional love.

And now the joyful cosmic energy from the shining stars merges with your love for Earth. And all throughout the galaxy and universe join in the celebration of Cosmic Love. For Love is the greatest power and this Universe with all it’s 200 billion galaxies was created to celebrate Love.

OK now Come back to Earth. Back to your body. Ground yourself.


Let the energy you have created dissolve.

Let love reign.


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  • This is a beautiful meditation ,Thankyou Fiona
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