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As of Sunday, June 9th, aggressive, angry, warlike Mars entered earth element, determined, opinionated, stubborn, strong, beauty-oriented, monetarily blessed Tropical Taurus.

It is in square position to transformative, transcendent, sometimes totally destructive, bull-dozing Pluto which is in air element (it was of the water element in ancient times) rebellious, revolutionary, technologically-oriented, Tropical Aquarius.

Pluto is currently retrograde in Aquarius and will further retrograde back into Tropical Capricorn between September 3rd and November 19th of this year. Then it will move back into Aquarius until the year 2044.

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, and during its visit there over many years, the world experienced threats of war, actual war, tremendously destructive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, damaging storms and floods, a pandemic, experiments by the “European Organization for Nuclear Research” (commonly known as “CERN”), political turmoil, the secrets of child sexual trafficking coming to the surface, an upsurge in cosmic forces, and more events that had humanity around the world in complete turmoil in some cases, and at the least, on an emotional edge.

The same situations are still occurring, but with Pluto soon entering its last degrees of Capricorn as it heads back into that sign for a while, these events are likely to reach a fever pitch as Pluto moves back over its anaretic critical 29th degree.

Prepare for an autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (it will be spring in the Southern Hemisphere) that is power-packed with serious issues.

The power-pack just mentioned will begin now because when Mars and Pluto are in square to each other — which is the most challenging geometrical aspect — all that Mars and Pluto characterize intensifies.

Therefore, there can be an upsurge in political protests and coups, the extension of war such that lots of other countries become directly involved, increased technological advancement in questionable ways, economic chaos, people taking statements personally because of being so sensitive, powerful weather conditions, etc. These remarks are, of course, not meant to anger or frighten anyone.

They are based upon the messages of the cosmos which are what so much of humanity is unaware of in this era that is constantly being mentioned — “Kali Yuga” — the “Age of Chaos” which is at its twilight, and thus, at its most critical stage.

If the next era of Dwarpa Yuga” is truly beginning in the year 2025 as taught by such Gurus and Mystics as Sri Yukteswar, author of the book HOLY SCIENCE, then before its birth, humanity may have to contend with extremely troubling circumstances beforehand.

This has seemingly been the case whenever new ages began their approach down the world’s “birth canal”.

As Yeshua Ha Messiah stated: “At the end of the age, there will be signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars”. He also said: “There will be wars and rumors of wars,and earthquakes in diverse places”. He said much more than this such as “Men will be lovers of themselves” and “There will be harsh winters”.

From the perspective of Islam, we find this revelation received by the Prophet Muhammed: “The Earth will be pounded to powder”.

From Sri Bhagavan Krishna is this lesson: “All problems in life arise from weakness of mind”.

Tehuti (also known as “Thoth”) warned: “That which is begotten is always sown”.

THE KEYS OF ENOCH say: “A complete polar reversal of Earth is coming, and as this occurs, it will move through a null zone which will cause extremes of both heat and cold as well as the thrashing of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, which will potentially destroy much of creation”.

Yet, before anyone gives up and says: “What’s the use!”, recall that Sri Bhagavan Krishna also said: “Those who preserve the Dharma are protected by the Dharma”.

In other words, those who are righteous, who are studious, who are prayerful, who meditate to receive Divine guidance, who perform good deeds, who are not racially biased, who care for Nature, those who do not misuse their physical vessels with toxins (poor quality foods, chemical medications, illicit drugs, etc.), those who are not criminals, those who are clean, etc. will be protected even when the most terrible of events seem to unfold.

So, we must have “Shraddha” or “Faith” in the DIVINE ABSOLUTE, in the INFINITE PRESENCE, in SOURCE — in the ALL.

When we have such faith, we have no problem in connecting daily to “IT” — INTELLIGENT TRANSCENDENCE.

We are not lazy. We do not merely give lip service to our claimed spiritual beliefs. We do not give just a moment or two to prayer and then take off shopping or partying or playing sports or watching television or playing games on the internet.

We are not reluctant to begin our work day at our place of employment with prayer. We are not reluctant to pray over our meal when we are at a restaurant with family and friends.

Thus, we tune into SOURCE FREQUENCY regularly — not just on certain occasions.

Of course, we are not hermits who live our days only in prayer and meditation, taking a bit of time for meals and then its back to prayer and meditation again. We have fun and enjoy time with family and friends. However, we do indeed have quality time daily with SOURCE as well.

Hopefully, mankind will not endure the cataclysms which preceded the coming of new ages as has been discussed in ancient holy texts.

There is still time for a larger percentage of Earth’s population to elevate in consciousness and dissolve the current chaos and confusion.

Although as has been mentioned in a previous article about mankind having made its choice — and it has not been a good choice — regarding its continual misguided free will, like a compassionate Professor who will allow a failing student a last chance to pass the class, SOURCE is merciful enough to allow more warnings to come before a total global cataclysm is allowed.

So, in a way, there is still time for more of humanity to make a choice: either remain in ignorance, know the truth but shy away from it because of not wanting to “rock the boat”, or sincerely ask for more LIGHT and thus for HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

If the third choice is made, then the LIGHT that is given must be lived by in earnest.

Mars and Pluto squaring off with each other like boxers in a ring will show humanity a very vivid picture as a lesson from the COSMIC UNIVERSITY that houses the COSMIC HOLY BOOK.

It is not that either Mars or Pluto must be the winner. Both are very powerful planets and do not have to prove anything to any other cosmic form.

In an oxymoronic manner, their energies actually work together to awaken the sleeping masses on Earth.

They are both contentious, and they are now on stage.

They are not having a show that can be watched with popcorn in hand.

Rather, each scene may require deep prayer.

Our Sun has the potential today or perhaps tomorrow to release “M-Class” solar flares — a step down from its energetics for “X-Class” flares which it has been harboring for several days.

“M-Class” flares, however, are still potent. The CME which was due to arrive yesterday afternoon (EDT) did indeed come, but it did not create a geomagnetic storm.

The KP Index is currently rated as UNSETTLED instead of STORM.

On June 14th, the planet Mercury which governs all ways of communication (via cell phones, computers, television, radio, in-person, in writing, etc.) and which also governs brain neurons and cognitive capability will be “Cazimi” — in exact conjunction with our Sun in Tropical Gemini.

When any planet in our solar system is “Cazimi” with our Sun, flares and CMEs tend to be quite prolific due to electromagnetics being sent into our planetary realm by the activity of our Sun and other planets — in this case—the “Cazimi” process of Mercury.

Thus, the “G2” geomagnetic storming that was a possibility on yesterday may occur on or about June 12th, 13th, or 14th as Mercury heads towards its exact solar conjunction and then reaches it on the 14th.

Along with Mars and Pluto squaring-off, cosmic energetics may be very powerful in the days and weeks ahead.

Another factor to consider are the positively-charging protons that have been soaring through Earth’s magnetosphere for a long while.

SOURCE is allowing lots of messages to call out to humanity.

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