We shifted into Harmonic Universe two on September 7, 2016. I had already opened the 8th Portal, which was the Huge Central Portal, before the Shift. I have already completed two more portals with my Mary Magdalene Team since then. These twelve Ascension Portals are the KEY TO OUR ASCENSION.

Even though we have shifted into Harmonic Universe Two, the Fourth Density, the area of Consciousness that will allow us to have more of a multi dimensional view of reality than we have had when our mind was stayed on the Five Sense reality of the third dimension.

The reason many have decided to call this the Fourth Density is because there will be many on Earth who will continue to believe that the only Reality is the one they can see, touch, hear and feel and the one that they have scientific evidence of.

Moving into the higher spectrums of the fourth dimension within this NEW OCTAVE of reality can be anything that you want it to be. You can just continue on in your old third dimensional illusions of reality. You can choose to go back and forth between seeing the larger spectrum of light and reality and then returning to the old illusions. Or, you can move completely into the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound of the Consciousness of the Angels, where I choose to live all of the time.

The term Ascension explains that Consciousness does not end with the term called Death. Consciousness is a realm of creation that never ends.

Science does not understand the reality from which the human body is formed. Science only understands the reality that it can see from the confines of the three dimensional mind.

Consciousness, creation and intelligence pre-date the manufacture of the body. The body is manufactured through the process of Consciousness being placed into a form. A form is a morphogenetic field or wave of consciousness that is formed into a body or any observable form.

Ascension requires the beginning or realizing that we are Consciousness and what this Consciousness is. The waves of Consciousness that create the Morphogenetic fields of reality actually originate from the Cosmic Sun of creation. The light and sound waves of frequency signatures stream and weave themselves into the Universe and then adapt themselves into various forms depending upon which dimensional template of this form that they appear on.

The body is simply a form of this Consciousness placed into this human body. These same waves of Consciousness that originaly form the light and the Sound of the Sun to be born through the Love which continuously spins in the clock wise motion to create the music of the spheres sending a new symphony of creation through every breath of Mary Magdalene are weaving the entire Cosmic Consciousness of our Original Creation into the Ascension Portals through this POWERFUL SOURCE of Light and Sound that actually Cut through any form of substance that stands before it. This Powerful Source of Light and Sound is the Consciousness of God being connected into the Ascension Portals through a Continuous Eternal At Onement with the Full Cosmic Mother or Cosmic Sun of light and Sound, who is the creator of all forms of Consciousness through this Light and Sound phenomena called the POSITRON in scientific terms.

We have never had a Positron on Earth before except as a scientific experiment creating this phenomena in a science lab. The Positron is a Spectrum of Light that is being emitted by the Sun because it CAN. This is the first time this new Physics that is being created around and through our Earth can be created because it is the first time that the Sun has become Still enough that our Cosmic Scientists can create all of this Universal, Galactic and Cosmic activity to be streaming through the Consciousness of our Sun.

Our Sun has become ONE with all of the other Suns of our Cosmos. The Positron is the reality created by Physics that makes all light and all realms of the light spectrum purely ETHERIC so that they can all penetrate each other and BECOME like one new Light Bulb of Consciousness.

Now, we will begin with a new science of multi dimensionality and begin the process of learning to observe our dimensional realities through a new lense of higher and higher spectrums of light.

We have been living in the hologram of a belief system created by Science itself that limits reality to that which could be seen in the hertzian light spectrum. This spectrum of reality limits the human body to one small spectrum of light and the reality that it presents through the five senses in the body.

We are ascending into the understanding of the Second Harmonic Universe which we shifted into on September 7, 2016.

We are ascending into a new spectrum of light that should at least contain the infra red spectrum of reality just as a result of the shift in physics that is allowing the Positrons to be projected on to Earth from the Sun.

We can ascend into our full spectrum of light and sound which is the Cosmic Sun simply by moving into higher and higher realms of light. We can move our brains into these realms of light. We can move into the part of the brain that connects the observer of reality into the ultra violet blue spectrum of Consciousness.
We have always been able to do these things. However, there are only a few on Earth who took the time out to learn how to do these things. It will become a little more difficult to avoid the possibility of seeing into the realm of the infra red, x ray light and ultra violet blue because we are shifting into an angle of reality that places us inside of the SUN. Well, at least inside of the Consciousness of the Sun.

The concept of Ascension is not just a Spiritual Concept that is only talked about on Sundays during the church service. It is an actual reality in Physics. It is a multi dimensional view of what has been observed as third dimensional.

In order for this Shift in Consciousness to take place this enormous spectrum of reality needed to be returned to Earth. This Consciousness of the Mind of God containing the full light spectrum of all of the particles and anti particles of light needed to be re collected from the Cosmic Realm of Perfect Form. The original Consciousness, the original Consciousness of the Angels, which is the Consciousness of Mother Father God needed to be returned to Earth as Light and Sound itself.
I am Mary Magdalene. I came to Earth from that Cosmic Realm of Perfect Form. I came to Earth to Breath that Glorious Consciousness of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound back into our Mother Gaia.

We are all the creation of this Light and Sound phenomena of Consciousness that spins to Earth through these Ascension Portals to re unite the Full spectrum of light and sound of all of the Music of the Spheres singing together in the most harmonious symphonies that we can create together.

This is the reason that many of you have been listening to my recordings that are made of my breath. My breath carries my consciousness within it. My consciousness of Mary Magdalene is always connected with this Glorious Consciousness of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound. That is the reason why many of you who are waking up can hear a very huge difference between the music that I create and the other music that is being used on Earth for healing purposes at this time.

The music that is called Solfege and is being created as individual hertzian frequencies that people are giving names to are only creation of the same hertzian range of reality that everything else on Planet Earth has been locked in to in order to prevent us from re connecting to our full spectrum of light and sound frequencies.
Some people have attached healing modalities to these specific hertzian forms of reality.

I personally do not agree with any of these conjectures because I know that it is the entire sound spectrum of light and sound within the Cosmic realm itself that must be breathed into the body in order to create ascension into a higher form of consciousness which replicates itself into lower densities of reality.

There were scientists who did see this reality including Bohm and Tesla. They both realized that the use of light and sound would need to be lifted beyond the hertzian into the infinite spectrum of light and sound in order to achieve a broader range of energy flow.

People do get healed by listening to some of these recordings that people are calling hertzian frequencies. But, the reason they get healed is because they BELIEVE that the frequency contains this power of healing. And when they believe that is true, they actually create a connection to the true Cosmic Morphogenetic Reality Field of Consciousness that holds that one tiny speck of light within it.

 It is the accidental connection to this full Cosmic Consciousness that creates the healing. It has nothing to do with the actual tone that has been recording. So, most of that healing phenomena that has become a million dollar industry within itself is just the result of more brain washing by the same scientists and doctors that brain washed the people of this planet to believe the medical science that healed them last time around.
Now, back to reality.

Ascension means raising Consciousness into the Understanding that all is created from Consciousness and that Consciousness is a Morphogenetic field of light and sound that flows through the universe in the form of spheres that are created by music so they are called the music of the spheres. And that is the only music that heals. It heals because it fills the body with the original light and sound of the Breath of our Father Mother God.

This is the reality that I came to Earth to return. I am Mary Magdalene. I have always carried that full spectrum of light and sound within me. This is the reason that I am here on Earth now opening the Ascension Portals.

The clock wise spinning that I am using together with my Angelic team is streaming the Songs of Mary Magdalene that are always heard through out the Universe because I am the Queen of one of the 12 universes. This is the reason that I needed to be on Earth at this time. It is the Frequency Signatures of the entire Consciousness of Mary Magdalene who was born Of the Breath of Light. That was my name when God created me . My Mother Father God always had a special purpose for me. I have always been the one who carries the Breath of Light through the Portals during these Ascension Procedures.


Listen to all of my you tubes, audio books, read my e mails and come to the radio show on Tuesday.

Mary Magdalene will speak on Vanda Guzman's Radio Show on September 27, 3p.m. est, 12 noon pdt.
I am Mary Magdalene. I am on Earth now in the Flesh. I am working with Yeshuwa ben Joseph, Elaika and several other Angels to open the 12 Ascension Portals which will return the Consciousness of the Original ones to Earth.
If you would like to read more about what I will speak about, please go to:
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