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In the center acre was the well. Each lot had a house on it, and each shared the water both for crops and for themselves. In the center where the well was there could also be a store and storage house where grains and common things would be kept as well as a group meeting house. This idea can be multiplied by eight, twelve, sixteen, etc. The same system can be employed into a much larger commune or community who has a total of 32 housing units on 162 acres or 64 on 324 acres, not including the outside bordering acreage.

It would be best to have 32 to 64 housing units on 200 to 500 acres (one hectare or three acres per family), if there were funds available for this size commune. For those starting small and planning to expand, it is essential to have first option on the surrounding property. That’s what I might plan to do here in Belize (or some other country in central America)since we have so much bush land with few people (only 250,000 and 95 percent of them live in the cities or towns) in a country the size of the state of Maryland. There’s no roads once we get off the main road and what little there is will tear a vehicle apart, such as it has to my Ford F150 so finally bought a 4x4 dodge 2500. Toyota is a strong truck too.

Co-ops can be in one large house, say with 10 to 12 people or two or three houses (not more than four which would be like the first fiefdom I talked about). The co-op could also be a community if it was 20 acres or more. We only need one acre per family to become self sufficient. Communities have done this first in Europe where land is scarce and expensive, then spreading to North America in suburbia and country areas. But to survive in the end times we need more or larger common grounds for growing grains together, the bigger the better, and the land needs to be as far away from civilization as possible.

If we are going to go remote or even a little bit off the main road, in countries where there are no good roads (in Central America for example) good 4 x 4s or 2 x4s of the same model will be needed for parts. It’s best to have the older models (with carburetors to run multi fuels) of Toyota, Isuzu, Jeep or Land Rover .Diesel is also popular and for the bigger and trucks,, Dodge,3/4 ton. And can run on alternative fuels as well.

Last night after I was correcting this part on military half round buildings, I had a visionary dream, and it was very intense about how to use them to cover our dome houses. Each one covered an acre, one each over every dome house. So there was eight of them, plus a center one to cover the area where all the people met or gathered together. There were three persons to a house with 24 persons to a cluster. Then as the commune grew, there could be a total of nine clusters with a maximum of 200 of people. Again, the center cluster would be a meeting place for all eight of the other clusters. That would be easier than trying to make one very large dome to cover them all. Although in my second vision I did see a large dome that opened and closed to cover them all, sort of like the ones they use in some football stadiums. But that would cost lots of money and time and there may not be enough time for this.

Speaking of time, this idea could also work for those late comers who wait until the last days when they see all the predictions coming true. They could take their groups of people, each family bringing in a school bus or, better yet, an Air Stream type trailer like the one I live in and set them up on a hill or very large mound and then cover them with these military type buildings and presto we have an instant community. We don’t have to build houses, just the half round structures to protect ourselves against high winds and fallout. But we still need the same belief system and to have our food, water, energy sources and supplies for five years plus.

Now being somewhat remote is easier said than done, as good roads are just as important as the land almost. Make sure to have free access that doesn’t cross a neighbor’s land. Of course, it is better if we don’t have to cross streams or rivers that may wash out because the weather conditions are going to get really heavy. This will cause the roads to be difficult to maintain and getting a road made is not easy here in Central America where all roads are made poorly. That’s why the commune is designed especially so we don’t have to make so many roads with easy access to houses. And again, everyone should have the same type or brand of 4 x 4, or posit-traction (both back wheels grab) which is almost as good as 4x4 and a lot cheaper to drive, this is what I had up until now. I now have a Dodge ¾ ton 4x4 diesel. Toyota is number one in small trucks and easier in getting parts.

Also each community should have their own mechanic and other repair skills as it is extremely difficult, almost impossible to find good and honest mechanics and other skilled persons. I have never found one yet in nearly seven years .My truck has broke down a lot with all the really bad roads, Plus my generators and many other things. And it’s been a total night mare to get auto's and motors fixed in Belize, and that applies to anything that you want to get fixed. And most of there warranties are no good on any thing that you buy including new items that you buy for your house. So be extremely careful down here! Belize is #5 in the world for crime per population! For nothing is as it seems to be, there’s great dishonesty here! Unfortunately the first thing you learn when you come to Belize is Trust No One and it still holds true. So bring everything you will need but don't leave new items in box's as they will charge you a high import tax. Auto's and bikes should be older than ten years for lower tax.

Motorcycles are a good form of cheap transportation but not in the rain. It is important to be really careful on the bad roads, especially at night. There are no center line markers here so people drive in the middle. The bigger the vehicle the more right-of-way is given and the hospitals are extremely poor, so you don’t want to get hurt as I did. I fell on wet maul road and fractured my hip which hasn't healed in two years. Three or four wheel motorbikes are safer down here but costly. Getting supplies can be a problem as well here and everywhere else when the financial market or SSG money changers collapse the dollar completely, which they plan to do soon.

So buying together, wholesale, and storing things is the best option. It’s best to have our own general store co-op that is run by a chosen group to take care of most of our needs, especially in the beginning when we are first setting up. There are so many things we will need, so many trips to town. It will be best to have a community bus that runs on alternative fuels, leaving once or twice a day to the nearest town, also best if its not more than one hour away in case of breakdowns or forgotten passengers. This community bus can be converted to storage of large loads, and it is much cheaper than individuals driving into town. In the beginning individuals driving will still be going on but in the end times there will be very little fuel and it will be very expensive. A converted bus for fuel and for passenger/storage combination will be the answer.

By 2011 in the 12th month each community should have everything finished, roads, housing, supplies, etc. Growing food should have been well underway from the start, for we have a lot to learn.  ( This can now be put on hold until after the Ascension plan Dec.21-12 )It should be a rule that each new member have at least two skills the community needs, such as agriculturist, mechanic, carpenter, plumber, roofer or general building constructor, health provider, teacher, 12 volt alternative energy system specialist, etc.

This is most important because we can’t do all these things without them. Remember we need each other to survive. Belief system is number one and skills are number two. Otherwise we will be taking a chance it will fail. There is no going back. We can’t afford to fail. That’s why I wrote this book. Plus there are many more books out there. Choose one. Choose wisely. We only have one chance at this. By the way, all fuel is between 5 to 6 US$ here in Belize and rising almost weekly.  Hopefully when the DC is defeated, all the free energy inventions can be released especially for housing and transportation. We will still want to do Aquaponics for fun and health.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on November 2, 2012 at 12:43pm

Now that is one heck of a house, it reminds me of a fairy tale house but its real isn't it. Have you got more?Adonai


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