Collapsing Time into the Present Moment

8108885488?profile=originalEven at this moment, December 21, 2012, the sky, clouds and sun are aligning to form a most gorgeous sunset, ringed with prayers and heartfelt intention worldwide. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, reaching out to connect to the Avatars and to you in celebration for this great journey that we have all engaged in over these last 1000 days.


We have been embraced by the Avatars Themselves through the Mudra Dance and through the activations. The Corridor proved to be a fascinating exploration through the human configuration with an eye towards upgrading to a more functional energetic beingness. We learned the value of Love Love Love….of self, God and others.


I myself have been fascinated with the Rings of Dreaming and am thrilled to say that my trip to France unleashed a whole new level of organization in the first and second rings. The 5D frequencies that we were privileged to bring through literally grabbed me by the ankles, shook me upside down and reformatted almost every aspect of my life. They have also been incredibly giving and sweet and have afforded me so much more ease in my life.


Then there is the business of timelines or what we might call parallel universes. These are often perceived as past lives, yet all are happening simultaneous to this moment. Part of our awakening out of time at this moment of 2012 is to realize that these timelines are not linear; they are perceptual resonations of our soul’s evolutionary spiral. Worlds upon parallel worlds create the multiverse that we live in and we are about to encounter the possibility of aligning these worlds into one concise perceptual experience.


What I experienced in France was a shake up of significant timelines that were shaping my perceptual inclinations in this present moment. Past life memories flooded through me in precise sequences that allowed me to unravel core essence conundrums. Many of these parallel realities I had witnessed and lived, others were revelations of unconscious perceptions in this reality. I learned that all timelines lead to this moment; all must be collapsed to this moment in order for us to truly live freely.


In one or more of these timelines, there is a choice to disconnect our perception of GOD Source to individuate. While these seem somewhat horrific in retrospect, in reality the choice allows for the expansion of what is known and experienced in the multiverse. This is called evolution and is a paradox of the GOD force, which is everything yet still expanding and evolving.


Even as we evolve through the experience of these timelines, there comes a moment when we are able to collapse all timelines to this present moment and reconnect to the perception of ourselves as ONE with GOD.


2012 (or 2013 or….) is certainly not about the end of the world or even of time. Instead, I would like to offer another possibility. It could be constructed as the end of the separation of parallel timelines from awareness and from each other. Consider the possibility of collapsing them into an increasing PRESENT reality that is not influenced by unresolved resonances oscillating from these parallel timelines. Instead, inclination, intent and action become sourced from GOD and the unity force.


Each moment of discomfort here in this moment may indeed be an indicator of a parallel resonance that is unresolved. Be present with it and breathe. Use the Mudra Dance. Shift your focus to 5D reality by calling them in by name. Picture the symbols of the Avatars in your mind. Use your mantras. Love, love, love. Employ the Corridor. Be.  All of these actions will assist you in your unwinding your evolutionary path to the most precious of all gifts: the Present Moment, where Time is marked only by the appearance of yet another breath of connection to the Divine, the Source of All, the Oneness.

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