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Conversation Starter June 20, 2020 at 4:22 AM
taken from facebook
Sexual energy is a powerful force! Every time we engage in s**, it forms a powerful energetic connection.
The male deposits his DNA and the receiver (male or female) receives that DNA into the body.
DNA is the creative force! It carries the genetic blueprint of new life!
Sexual energy on planet Earth has been distorted, defiled and twisted by the dark forces that ruled our world.
At it's highest most pure level it involves all the chakras and most especially the heart chakra.
But for most of humanity the heart chakra has been blocked by fear. Thus humanity has yet to experience a deep sexual connection with the heart chakra open. 💖
So s** has largely been experienced through the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras.
If there has been abuse of any kind experienced by either party, it opens a doorway to negative energies, entities and beings.
This can result in addictions, promiscuity, frigidity, shutdown, tension, guilt, shame and pain. And the energy released through these experiences are harvested by the darker beings.
And every time you have s** with someone you connect energetically with all the sexual energetic connections of both parties
I received guidance to share a simple process that can clear all the sexual energy cords from the lower chakras and from the sexual organs.
Here is the process ...
1. Sit on the ground (grass, rock, forest, beach) so your base is in direct connection with the earth.
2. Breathe in golden light in through your crown chakra all the way down your spine and breathe out deep into the earth.
3. After about 5 breaths of golden light, breathe in green energy/light up from the Earth into your body up to the solar plexus.
4. Ask Gaia to cleanse your sexual organs, your base, sacral and solar plexus.
5. Ask for all sexual energy cords to be cleared and released from every partner, all negative energies, every experience in this life and other lives.
6. Continue to breathe in green light from the Earth and breathe it back into the Earth.
7. You can always ask your team of light to be with you and to assist you.
8. You will feel when it's done. Trust yourself.
NOTE ..I'm sharing this process in case it helps even one person. Please only take it if it resonates. Otherwise leave it. So far everyone who has done this has reported amazing results! You're more than welcome to share if you like. Blessings..

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