For almost 10 years now I have felt a calling to find an intentional community called City of Light. I have spent many years looking for it on the internet and still have yet to find it. A few months ago a loud booming voice said the reason you can't find it it because your supposed to help create it. Since that time we have now built a council of those whom would like to see this community take shape. So far 12 have felt a significant calling to see this happen and have joined as part of the council and over 100 have shown interest in creating this community. We have wanted to include so much within this community, sustainable living, earthships, recording studios, music, dance, healing, RAW living foods, superfoods, Organic Farming, retreat center, RV park, camping, Video Production, Internet Television, Telecasts, Conferences, Webinars. Now where should this be built is the question? We have been looking at numerous locations. Six of us currently on the Council have each on our own felt a calling this summer to scout out locations. We are all keeping our eyes, hearts and minds open to what shall be revealed. Soon we will all know where it will be. Some times are coming which will all lead to a great transformation but it may become necessary to have a sustainable community type living environment. This particular community will be dedicated to a Multi-Media effort transmitting messages on a global scale via the internet, music, books and videos/movies. So far 4 of the families are involved in the conscious music scene and are touring musicians, 2 of the families are well versed in Ancient Mystery Schools, 2 of the Families are healers, 2 Families are RAW Foodist, 2 Families are well versed in Sustainable Living and Construction, 2 Families are Super high tech with WebDesign, Graphic Design and Internet technologies. Build it and they will come... :)In Great Love and Sparkling Light,IAMPureEnergy
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  • Yes!!! We have identified the first property in the Mt Shasta Area. On this particular property we are creating the prototype mini version. Fully sustainable and off the grid complete with an Aquaponics food growing system. The property also has an artesian well that produces 45 gal per minute of fresh drinking water. Once the prototype is completed (Mid Summer) we begin the full community which will also be located in the nearby area but on a much larger piece of property. The prototype will continue to operate as a research center, educational facility and Food and Water production. This particular land has such great usage and zoning that it will serve as many uses for the larger community. More information will be available soon. We are in negotiations on the land and are only a few months away from acquiring it.
    This is sooooo exciting!!!
  • We CAN and We WILL... Together this vision can become a reality. Many of us are being called to do this at this time. It is the way we are to live upon the New Earth. Soon, Soon Soon... :)
  • Well, about two years ago, Beings of Light visited me. Since that day, my life as changed. For some reason I think They were coming from a place called Agartha and also that something very important and special should take place in 2012. Look with Google for a site called "" and then go for "Galactic Federation". Some articles are written in Holandese ( I dont understand it) and some are written in English. Basically they say that great changes will take place, including new technologies to produce power, light and more.
    So to be perfectly frank with you, it's a little early to try to built a "City of Light" because the technologies to build it are not yet available ( mostly because the Dark Forces have confiscated them). Your vision in America ( Appalache) is a little blurred because of the growth of the USA. It started gently then continued with a war ( the so-called Civil War) and look that America is still at war today for a reason or another...
    A great deal of energy is beaming down on our planet from the whole Universe. Take as much as you can to grow your Self and try to unite as much as possible with the very Source. But dont make the mistake to use these Energies to build something material, not yet. First you must build you Spiritual Body. And then remember what Jim Morrison used to sing in an American Prayer:" I prefer a feast of friends to the giant family."
  • P.E., I just got your note. I see some similarities in what you are desiring to create and The Spiritual Sanctuaries and Healing Centers that The Ascended Masters are backing me to create. You can get a better idea of my vision and intention by reading "White Wolf Sanctuary" and "Road Map to The Sanctuary" on my site: I was told (because I didn't remember) that I've been creating the thought-form of these communities for lifetimes. The White Brotherhood are guiding and protecting and overseeing the whole project, which I call The Sanctuaries of The Masters, the umbrella organization. I've been informed that they will be like nothing The Earth has ever seen before, and they'll be utopias within a utopia (after The Dimensional Shift into 4th Density and the Aquarian Age). You can read the goals and guidelines in the above pieces, and I'm sure you will have your own intuitive input from Higher Level when checking it out. All of these many Spiritual Communities will be interconnected in consciousness and protection from the agenda of The Dark Brotherhood. They are considered to be critical to The Plan of Sanat Kumara and The Hierarchy for this planet and its future course in the next Higher Level of Expression to which it is moving shortly. I would be happy to dialogue with you or anyone about it. I send pulsations of Christed Love from Kuthumi (The Source of my being) to anyone who reads this, jim
    Kuthumi Hands
  • Part of the concept is to have a part-time stay available for those wishing to visit. As soon as we have more information with location, dates of opening and construction finalization of living areas you will be sure to know and hear about it. I have been waiting a long time to visit and live in one of these cities of light as well.
  • I believe there will be many cities of light all over the world. One of the idea was to have multiple locations with a type of community share vs. (timeshare) where people/families could travel between the different cities of light.

    I haven't heard of macro society and will have to research that concept.
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