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September 24

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My entire mission and life purpose on this planet is dedicated to infiltration of Mass Media with the Vision of Heaven on Earth. Unity Consciousness is on the rise and those of the highest vibrations of love will be lifted into this new world. We must awaken NOW!!! For there is no other time. The Time is NOW!

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Metatron, Uriel, Melchezidek, Mahavatar Babaji, Saint Germain, Merlin, RA, Jesus, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Pleiadian Emissaries of Light,

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  • .:.*.:.*.:.*PEACE BE WITH YOU THIS DAY AND ALWAYZ*.:.*.:.*.:.

  • Happy You Moments.

    Peace and Love.
  • Thank you for the acceptance of my Light rays. I AM PRESENT, I AM ACCEPTANCE, I AM ALLOWANCE, I AM FAMILY, I AM LIGHT, and I AM LOVE.....
  • Evangeline, yes let us stay in touch through the journey. Have a good time in the Red Rock Country of Arizona when you go. I've gone up to Southwestern Colorado for the Summer myself and probably won't be back in Arizona until the Fall. If you would like for me to participate or contribute to your council for your City of Light (in some way), just let me know how I can be of help. If there are any things that you might want to dialogue about with regard to creating truly Spiritual Community, I would be happy to do so. I send a pulsation of The Christed Love of Kuthumi, jim
  • I want to know what it is like to have my heart and soar like the bald eagle I love so dearly here. She represents what I dont have but want badly which is freedom and independence. Paul knows how badly I want to be my own person on my own terms.
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Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy commented on Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy's blog post City of Light Intentional Community
"Yes!!! We have identified the first property in the Mt Shasta Area. On this particular property we are creating the prototype mini version. Fully sustainable and off the grid complete with an Aquaponics food growing system. The property also has an…"
Jan 22, 2011
Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy left a comment on Saint Germaine & The Violet Flame Focus Group
"St Germain, I shall see you soon back at Mt Shasta. Find me. :)"
Jul 2, 2010
Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy commented on Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy's blog post Signs in August
"Some more information... I just spoke to a friend who told me about a doctor last night who has been preparing for these coming times and explained Solar Flares as being the major concern. Explaining how these flare kill off bacteria within the body…"
Jun 9, 2009
Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy left a comment for James Oliver Cyr, M.D.
"That sounds wonderful. I am working on putting together an online location specifically for City of Light Council members so that we may communicate throughout the summer as well as on a continuous basis. As soon as this forum and group is set up I…"
Jun 1, 2009

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  View Full Articles @ https://www.universallighthouse.com/blogPlease Use your own "Personal Discernment" on all content posted. What doesn’t resonate for you, May well be, a message for someone else.The Grammar and Punctuation are corrected for the…
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Here in the non-physical realms we watch with intense joy as humanity’s collective awakening proceeds rapidly towards its magnificent divine conclusion.Your awakening, as you have been told so often, is absolutely assured, so release any doubts to…
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"Correct Drekx, they are in great Fear now, for they have never had a uprising such as this one to deal with before in the many thousands of years that they have been in power over us and enslaved us, for this has never happened before that we would…"
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"The X22 reports are very accurate and the plan of the patriots is indeed working.....Salutations to President Trump and the Earth Alliance......

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The war may have been won, but we are still dealing with the dregs of Humanity; the bought-and-paid-for minions who can’t stand the thought of losing their obscenely opulent lifestyle and status. Their drugs of choice. Their protection and…
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