8109264456?profile=originalthe "child de-exposure trial" 5.23 Shinjuku demo children of decontamination Sat

My child said, 50 bags in the garden and "seems bombs are buried."

May 23, in front Shinjuku Alta from 13:00

Let's protect the health and all the children of the life of a child de-exposure trial "radioactive contamination sites! 5.23 Shinjuku demo "

Is performed, about 250 people participated, was marched to appeal the Shinjuku downtown to soak the attention of a lot of citizens and "Let's protect children from radioactivity!" "White guarantee the evacuation of the right!" . This demo is a very innovative demonstration that plaintiff of your "child de-exposure trial" for the first time participated in the demonstration appeal in front of the camera, and the strong feelings of the plaintiff's everyone was impressed strongly to everyone of the participants I think.

Hasegawa's lead plaintiff, "stood up to protect the children. Their children stood up for the children of Japan not only." Powerful appeal that, compelled by forces beyond one's control and stood up feeling you think the mothers of the children, by all means videos Please see. In addition, Kudasari rushed Taro Yamamoto of the House of Councilors, which had received a message appears to be difficult participation hurriedly, even though such things for granted that release the child from there, "radioactivity is dangerous, not why sued in court this The vanara as either "no, we please to the appeal with easy power to understand as usual.

Why, such a trial, and what it must take appeal.For its absurdity, and I would like to have to think.Exposure limit of one year is "within 1mSv"This includes Japan, consensus of exposure defense of the world.However, after TEPCO nuclear accident, politics tolerate exposure of year 20mSv,Order to return the people even in the land of the number,Settlement that you want to budget.I was opposed to the bill, among the lawmakers who are 700 people,Including Yamamoto Taro, four people only.The government, the National Assembly, has already abandoned the large principles of protecting people's lives and property, and say politics.Now the impact on the future by TEPCO accident, clearly and declarations can be who or liar of only,Or person of vested interests side of nuclear power, you only have to speak in the atmosphere is not knowing reason.This is because the impact on the human body of long-term low-dose exposure because I do not know the scientific.Even among experts, it is divided safety and danger.Against those that do not know how safe or dangerous, it must send the day-to-day life on the basis of the precautionary principle,If the conclusion is issued it was a danger in the future,To beyond the point of no return even when it is aware of their own body upset, everyone does not take responsibility.Adults protect children.Politics protect people.Because the natural thing is not made, there is no other to appeal to justice.Japan's current situation that must bother cause to trial,When the current is not a party, you even have thought, ahead, truncate sure.You are a big company management's son, as long as it is not a young lady of the famous politician,By changing the form, you also truncated someday.So, I want to change.Everyone in truncated not society.So at trial, I fight.Anyone and does not cause truncation.Civil side occupy the overwhelming majority.Everyone if Tsunagare next, the situation is changed.Whether, on the day, I want you to gather, the extent permitted by your time.I want you to listen to the voice of the party.And as my problem, I want you to spread to people around this trial.Whether, thank you.

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