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Galactic News Update; "Don't Mind Me, I Am Just Mutating #2 { From the Chem-trail Poison }

Chem-trails UPDATE; What In The World Are They Spraying On Us Now In the last days of our Ascension Quest ?!
 This,the Last Days Of Our Ascension Quest,I had decided not to post anything but info on Ascension. But the DC and the Visitors are trying to keep us from Ascension even with only 3 wks left to go! By this I mean the Fear based MSN. The Nesara event that never happened. The wars and the rumors of War and conflicts run by the DC and of course the Poison in our Water, Air, Food and Weather controlled Super Storms. And last but not least the "Deadly Chem-trails" that are still being sprayed upon us ,"even more heavy than before". All the while our so called Channelled friends from the spirit realm and the Space ships the ''Visitors are telling us that everything is under control that soon they will stop trying to Kill us off and that they have them were they wont them ''on the run'' and for us not to worry and continue on with our Ascension Plans and that the Chem-trails and all the different kinds of Chem-trails and chem-tril dumps are all under control, that they are destorying them daily and the DC have agreed to stop, except for a few renegades. Of course, this is all " Lies" that they have been telling us now for the last 1-1/2 yrs. its just that half of the chem-trails are invisible now.
           Why are they Lying to us even in these last wks. I have been very sick, chronically sick , it never gets better or goes away and everyone around me is sick as well as new pharmacies keep popping up all around. People are dying from this new Chem-trail Poisons. I just lost another friend from the chem-trails, it was the wife of  a young man who used to be a mentor of mine sense he was very young. His wife was 5-1/2 mo.s pregnant and got a bladder infection that they couldn't cure in the hospital, she lost the baby and then several wks later the infection that didn't respond to anti-biotic's of any kind, poisoned her blood and she died from a stroke, she was in her early 20's. I told my friend Jr. that it was Chem-trail poison. I have been sick as well and I took anti-bionics for two wks and nothing happened and then waited and took stronger ones still I have this head cold, with popping ear drums, run away sinus's, sore and watering eyes, sore throat and tubes and sleepless night plus fatigue. And I see the same systems  in the people all around me. I have now lost several friends and nearly died myself from the Chem-trail poison sense they have started spraying the whole world back in Oct.98.
I have been into this "Ascension Quest" Event sense my first contact with my guides and the several Vision's that I recieved from them back in April 71. But what I am seeing now was not in the future events that I and the rest of the 144,000 light workers saw then. So the timelines have been changed, we are in a alternate Earth and or division of Dimensions. Now in the last 25yrs and have devoted myself to making this "Ascension Quest Event"and helping others, to do the same. And that happened After my guides took me to see my Creator Michael back in Sept,88. A little over a yr. after the ''Harmonic convergence''Which awakened me or jump started me, so that I could meet my Creator and then go back and finish my "Mission". I am a Rebel by Nature and in my heart for many lifetimes and now a light worker Warrior, which all together leads me to believe that something is very wrong here. I stopped posting on the crazy 3D world on the 21st, trying to concentrate on the Ascension Event. But many nights my Guides have been telling me, that someting is wrong and I must write another Update. So I was preparing in my conversations with him. Yesterday moring after I finished  catching up on my Posting here on ACC, I heard what sounded like large raindrops falling, so I thought it was going to rain again, so I went out to check things out, before I go to bed.
     Now what do you suppose I saw, I looked on the hood of my truck and my trooper and saw these huge brown drops of what looked like muddy raindrops. I had seen them before, last wk there was some on my 4x4's, I just thought they were bird poop or rain mixed with the dust from the dusty roads here. So I reached out and smeared one with my finger, it was grindy, and left a heavy stain on my truck. I then had a recall memory of doing something similar when I saw my Fist huge Spider Web Chem-trail on the 1-acre ground were I camped inJan.99. Back then I didn't realize that it was the Cem-trail s that I had heard about. Anyway I got very sick and so I went to the Doctor and recieved a flu-shot, which of course made it much worse, instead of helping. Having remembered this I quickly went and washed my hands and that finger, but a half hr. later I became even more sick than I was. So this is sort of a Chem-trail dump as I looked up into the Sky and saw these swerling Chem-trails,now that is really bad stuff. I looked at my plants and saw it on them, next to the old burn holes and the sprayed silver paint look on them. So this is what was causing the burn holes, I knew the Chem-trails was doing it, but I thought it was the silver stuff. 
Now the reports are that there is nano-bots in this new Chem-trail dumps and you don't see the Chem-trail lines like we used to, until after they form,there shielded now, must be some really heavy and deadly stuff to fall in big droplets. Oh By the way, I went back and wiped the stuff off my 4X4's  with a wet and dry cloth and it had eaten through the liquid wax and I also wiped off last wks dump and when I did it had eaten through the cheap paint job I got last yr. so that stuff must be very strong and think what it is doing to us if it can burn holes in the plant and tree leaves, cut through wax and eat through then paint. But still I try to keep positive and continue taking all my chem-trail medicine that I have made up and use to keep this Elder body alive to make it through the Ascension so I can get a new 30 yr old body.. The power of the mind is very strong, I have nearly died many times also from the Chem-trails as well but because of my mission I refused to die or release the death chemical from the brain. We all must stay strong, for as JC says ,"all disease starts and ends in the mind"
This is not the blog that I wonted to write with my guides only some of it is, but I felt I had to write it. I tried to find other blogs to post here instead, some even talked  about Chem-trails and Ascension but every time I tried to post them they would not go, so finally I just got some pics and did as spirit directed me. I know some people are not going to except this info and thats OK, its for those of us who are chronically very sick from all the poisens and especially the Chem-trails that are not supposed to be hapening but "they are". So the real questonhere is ;Why is the spirit realm and our real ET friends not stopping this from happening, like they say they are doing, just because half of it is invisible now a days and its not just here were I am but also all over the world. They know that we are already having  a hard enough time with the Ascension Event, trying to prepare ourselves for something so great that has never happened before in our Universe, so we are told. And now we are in the last days before D-day and the DC hasn't stopped.
    Of course this worries me and it should worry you to, we need to ask them why, why don't they stop all of this, so that we have a better chance of making it ?. The DC and Visitors must think that they can stop us still or why else would the continue, even though they have lost or so we are told, unless of course they haven't lost and half or more of the channelled materials coming through to us is still lies and we are playing into there hands. I guess the way they figure it, what have they got to lose if they are going to be finished anyway, why not play it out to the end. They know that we need the 144,000 light workers to make it through to 5D to be able to pull the rest of humanity into 4D. But if we are deadly chronically sick we may not be able to transform or mutate the body from a carbon base to a crystal base and change our DNA code from 2 strand to 12 strand. So if we don't reach that critical mass point of .001% we wont be able to make the transformation into 5D while the Photon Belt and Planet -X are here to help us through. So I am calling out to all of you and to all of our guides and to all of our trues friends in the Spirit realm and ET's to Please help us and "Please Stop all of this Poison of our Minds and Bodies" so that we can make this Ascension, For its to difficult and there's a chance that we may not make it. Lets Pray that God hears our prayers and Plea's.
Adonai, Love and Light, Rev. Joshua Skirvin.
PS, On you comments and replies, Please be kind !
One of the primary methods the NWO is using to enslave and kill off the population is the continual use of chemtrails. This is a very serious and very real issue and we encourage you to do your own research on this. And start looking up! They're spraying all the time.

                                 STRANGE DAYS STRANGE SKIES 


Our skies are incren the Ocean this added particulate matter is a hazard to the heal mouth. So PLEASE get yourself educated on this stuff!

Not to be confused with Contrails (normal water vapor from airplanes flying at altitude), Chemtrails are very different and very harmful. Studies have shown that the primary chemicals used in these operations include the use of barrium and alluminum. So see more of these videos on YouTube

Ten states account for about half of all legal barium released in this country:

1. Texas (17.1 million pounds)
2. North Dakota (15.7 million pounds)
3. Illinois (11 million pounds)
4. Alabama (10.2 million pounds)
5. Michigan (10.1 million pounds)
6. Colorado (10.1 million pounds)
7. Minnesota (8.8 million pounds)
8. Ohio (8.2 million pounds)
9. Montana (7.9 million pounds)
10. Indiana (7.8 million pounds)

And 26 additional states released anywhere from 1 -- 7 million pounds of CLICK HERE for one of the best resources we've found (so far) in exposing the truth (and lies) about chemtrails. 

For another extremely good (in depth) resource on this subject, CLICK HERE

Then check out these other links...


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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on November 30, 2012 at 9:02am

Well Inergi you are like me, still learning this PC stuff and the pics are great, the top one looks like a cross in the sky. And your right FW, the aluminum comes down and is inhaled and goes to the brain to shut it down to barely functioning. Also the fungi, mold and other bacteria form together and as they come down they catch new bacteria that normally never comes down to earth. This foreign bacteria then attacks our immune system, which doesn't know how to fight it , for it is a foreign enemy that it has never seen before, and has no memory to work from. So we have to re-program our warrior cell's and give them new weapons to fight with against this foreign invasion. We have to train them, especially the C-B-and T cells to fight many different kinds of enemies at the same time, if we are to survive and Ascend as planed in our mission here. Its all very complicated, but we must. Adonai

Comment by Drekx Omega on November 29, 2012 at 6:33pm

OK FW I know that it comes down from the sky to pose a threat to water supplies and agricultural land, etc....So aluminium is a definite environmental hazzard.....BUT, not the reason why the dark cabal use it....

I just wanted to state the actual reason, so that you can all see how desperate the dark are to PREVENT Human spiritual evolution....

This is an earlier link this and also describes why they attempted DNA vandalism on the travelling public using full body scanners....mainly through the DNA unzipping effects of terahertz waves...

Comment by Inergi on November 29, 2012 at 1:57pm

Here you go I found how to up load stuff.

This is a Excellent site.

he last picture is from Image Source Page:

I haven't found mine just yet . I have several Tereabite drives and forgot where I stored mine. I also love the video uploaded by Dawn.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on November 29, 2012 at 12:00pm

Thanks Dawn for the Vid.And also all of you that are bring new info into this deadly mess This is the kind of info that I was hoping for to add to this blog, instead of personal opinions that can start attacks. There is much to learn and there is always something new to add to our Chem-trail problem. I have been studing it for about 14 yrs when they first started spraying the whole world. I can spot Chem-trails in pics from the MSM and from Movies going back to the late 50s and early 60's mostly from the s.west states especially Calf. where most of the Movies and propaganda are made.Anyone else got new info, we will be glad to hear it and of course whatever means of stopping them or getting rid of them & healing.Adonai

Comment by Inergi on November 29, 2012 at 6:31am
I hear you and my Heart goes out to you and your Community and for the loss of your Friend and her Baby.
We have been getting blasted by Chem Trails here as well. I was taught how to Command my Spirit to drop my mind energy into my Heart Energy and count from 10 to one , like an elevator , until I hear my thoughts in my chest. It's takes practice. It's like submitting your Mind to work and be commanded by your Heart. Which also has a Brain..(Small cluster of Nerves behind the Heart) Then I command (Spoken word, whispers work too) the Chem Trails to transmute into harmless vapors . I also command my Spirit to talk to the Sylphs or Cloud Dragons to help in removing the chem Trails which get eaten by the Slyths or Cloud Dragons. I know it might sound weird but It works.
You need to command your Spirit. But with Love. We I first started to do this I felt weird thinking I was bullying my own Spirit So I tried asking (sheeplishly) You can't be sheepish. I respect my Spirit to understand One must Command with Love , with the Belief to know things will be done. It also worked for Storms too. Not all but some. I'm still learning too.
Oh and after I command my Spirit I thank my Spirit , and the Sylphs or Cloud Dragons I even thank the Chem Trails for transmuting into harmless particials. I have no Idea what happens, but it does.
Lately they have picked up the Chem-Trails day and night. It has increased for sure.
Here are some pictures I took with my BlackBerry
er ok I never placed pictures on here yet...I don't see a button. LOL eesh
Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on November 29, 2012 at 6:26am

Sorry to join son late, as I have been sick in bed. I see you all are still behaving yourselves. For we are here to help solve this problem so that we can Ascend. Anyway, Yes its all of the above and even more! This weapon that the DC created does all of the above plus it works in conduction with HAARP. It has been created as a multi-design weapon system that has been going on for at least 60 yrs. So lets see where we can start, We all know about the weather modification like what they did with all the super storms,Sandy, Isaac and Katrina plus all the minor storms, floods, droughts, earth quakes and Volcano eruptions. It is also designed to reflect rays back into space and thats how they got so much money to create this multi-faceted weapon, to reflect the suns charged particles and neutrino beams plus the different kinds of rays back into space , to pretend to stop or slow down the Green house effect, slow down carbon emissions or make us believe they can do all of this to get the big bucks.

B ut in reality it is mostly designed to kill us off slowly and stop us from Ascension which is its main goal. By spraying us with toxic materials of virus's man made in labs on and under the earth. These virus's work on the upper respiratory system, they mimic flu, colds, As-ma  and many other more serious upper respiratory disease's that can lead to death. And these virus's are used to make us think that the virius's that the MSN along with the CMO and WHO org. present to the world as epidemic's caused by some animal or bird every yr its a new one. They wont people to be so sick that they will spend huge amounts of money on Pharm drugs that do nothing on the man made virus. So then they do what I did and go get a flu shot which will also only make it worse! But even worse than this, the DC has a Diabolical plan using back vaccines to cause us to be sterile and create another world wide black plague but this time to wipe out billions not just millions like the Spanish black plague did. So the Chemtrail weapon and the bad vaccines work together.

As for the nanites or nano-bots,miniature robots half organic and half metal are programed also like the bacteria that they can program, to attack our immune system which is already over loaded with bad bacteria and GMO'S, and all the other poisons in our food in huge amounts, our water such as the Fluoride  which is a waste product of aluminum and Which is also in the chem-trails, which is stored in the brain as a poisen and shuts it down. Here in Belize we also have Mercury in the water from all the Dam Dams. Both these metals are poison and as such are stored in the brain where we have the most fat to keep the poison from spreading into our system. There is other heavy metals in the chem-trails designed to reflect the rays that we need to Ascend and at the same time to shut down our own natural immune system and our brain function. All these things together along with all the Fear in MSM &MSN ,TV, movies and video games, keeps most of the people as sheep, sheepals that are being lead to the slaughter.And for the light workers we are being feed lies from the DC, Archons, and the Visitors.

Of course there have been many books written on Chem-Trails and HAARP but not from all the light workers point of view, because we are also concerned with the Ascension Quest Event which is part of the Divine Plan. We have to survive if the rest of mankind is to reach a survival level to also survive. They will not make it without us and we will not make it with the help of the true Spirit Realm and the True ET friends, which are not the ones that are lying to us now. They think that we can be lead as sheep like our brothers who are sleep walkers. But they have over looked one most important thing. We are not just light workers but we are rebels and warriors! We have been preprogramed before we came to this earth for this mission and they cannot keep fooling us for long. We are to them ,not only do we know who they are but we also know what they are doing and what they plan to do not only to the sheep but also to us. They think that they can fool us and put blinders on us like they do to the sheeples and expect us to follow them to our death and not to Ascend! Well they have another think a coming! For we know that we are being lied to here on ACC and the other forums for light workers. The Visitors are very good at imitating our masters and guides, and ET friends. But we now know that more than half of the channelled material is fake, a false flag and just down reigth lies designed to lead us forward and not see all the deaths and sickness coming from the Chem-trails and all the other weapons designed to destroy us and mankind. And now ere only weeks away from Ascension ,if it happens on time, and we are still being lead forward with our blinders on. I for one no longer believe in all that we are being told, not to mind all the sickness and deaths from there poisons on us. Not to mind all the wars and rumors of wars, not to mind all the corruption and the failing economy or the Nesara Program that never happened.

So are we going to take this lying down , are we going to let them kill us off slowly and stop us from reaching our goals of Ascension? I think not! We went to school before we came here to change our battle plans if necessary, just like in sports or war, you have plans laid out but also does the opposing team or enemy. Ad what they do , or how they react to your plans means that you,they, we ,have to change plans. We only have 3 wks left now to make the Ascension Event and at the rate that we are going now, and the rate the DC,Archons, and the Visitors are going means that there is a possibility that all of us, 144,000 light workers may not make our goals to 5D and if enough of us don't make it, then there wont be a cosmic consciousness awakening of the mass of mankind to bring them into 4D. So we have to change game plans now and figure out how to make it to Ascension, so that we can activate our DNA codes to 12 strands and our carbon base bodies to crystal base to become the new Star-beings that was our Mission our reason to come here. But of course we need much help in the face of all that has happened and all the lies that have been fed to us. I still believe in the Spirit realm and Our ET friends but not all, not even half. And to know WHo is who and what is what we need to learn Great Discernment ,not only now in these last days but also in the future. For we are the Future!! Love &Light, Adonai

Comment by Drekx Omega on November 28, 2012 at 9:32pm

If you don't neutralise chemtrails using group invocation rituals, and the sylphs...and/or other technological means, you will suffer some effects from them I a potential Earth Guardian you should assume more individual responsibility in dealing with them....

Moaning at me will not help you to achieve any results, though...


As for viruses, I recommend you try washing your hands more often and stop taking you flu shots...

Comment by Drekx Omega on November 28, 2012 at 8:41pm

Yes, aluminium is a poison, BUT is not numbered among truly deadly poisons, such as arsenic, curai, bella donna, hemlock, ricin, etc...

It destroys brain function nd is far more dangerous as a compound placed in water, such as aluminium sulphate...

Yet, even when it is deployed in accidents, such as when dumped into water supplies, it is not that effective as a poison....And deploying it at high altitude makes it even less effective, as a poison....

IT IS DEPLOYED AS A DEFLECTING AGENT FOR COSMIC RAYS....and only for that reason....please use your common sense here...

Comment by Drekx Omega on November 28, 2012 at 8:07pm

A reminder that aluminium is used as a cosmic ray reflection shield, on satellites as wel as outer-earth spacecraft

Note that aluminium chaff is deployed to deflect radar.....

Chemtrails comprise aluminium salts in micro-chaff form and are desined to DEFLECT NATURAL COSMIC RAYS....Because, such rays are changing the nature of human DNA/RNA strands, and creating a race of superior beings, which the current elites will be unable to control...

Comment by Drekx Omega on November 28, 2012 at 8:02pm

A follow-up to my last message....I just noticed that posted a shortened version of my 2009 article, so I'll post the full data, from the link at IITM:


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