God guided me to make precious metals salts (gold, palladium, platinum) and take them internally much like I think alchemy would have approved of, and then meditate for the world to wake up using crystals and intentions.

Evidence for this probably working EXTREMELY well is here: http://alchemicalwakeup.weebly.com/ where I posted my emails that I was about to do the meditations and then infowars reported 6 times the traffic spike they'd ever had in 20 years. I've documented similar things for about a year now.

I have a fundly page where people can contribute to this effort by helping me afford the precious metals and larger crystals to do even more potent meditations in this vein. You can also find instructions on how to make these salts yourself at that site which won't show up on google, which if you use them you are totally responsible for what happens to your health, but I've not had a bad thing occur yet.

The fundly campaign is at:


and 20 dollars really goes a long way, or 2 10 dollar donations, as it takes but a gram or so of precious metals to really pack a big punch (it appears) in waking up the public with these meditations.

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