This document is created by Manne Lindberg and Maria Bertram, who run the global Mother Earth Network in Sweden outside of Stockholm. More information about the network follows the channeling.


Maria Bertram is a medium and channels guidance from enlightened civilizations of the Galactic Federation regularly. Some of the channelings we have published through the Mother Earth Network, while most of them have been private spiritual guidance. She has achieved her clear channel through intensive spiritual development work for many years, mainly through deep grounding with the female energy from Earth’s interior.


Since many years we have read many channelings from other civilizations through other mediums and found that the information doesn’t always correlate with our channelings, and is sometimes directly contradicting our messages – even though the messages sometimes come from the same source. The main difference between other people's channelings and ours is the absence of messages about the inner spiritual development and the absence of messages on the importance of grounding – something which our sources give the highest importance in their channelings. Instead the focus is often on the changes due to external events and dates.


Recently a channeled message from enlightened extraterrestrials in the Pleiadian Council from July 27 were spread on Internet, telling us that now is the time for their first public landing, and that it will take place August 4th, 2012 during the Olympic Games in London. The channeling has gone viral on the Internet and has created large expectations. Subsequently, several other channels that channel other enlightened civilizations have also received the information that they’re planning to land during the Olympic Games on August 4th. In relation to this, we were contacted by people asking us what we thought of the information about the alleged landing.


The message didn’t correlate with our previous messages from the Galactic Federation about the future public landing. As we read the channeling, we felt that the message was incorrect, and that channeling also contained other incorrect information. On the other hand, Maria felt the Pleiadian Council’s presence in the text, and they contacted her and said that they would like to bring out a message to humanity through her. They confirmed that it’s true that they have contacted the channel in question to convey a message, but that the message unfortunately was filtered and manipulated – and that it's not true that they will land during the Olympics.


We performed a channeling with them where they, among other things, brought up the reasons that channeled messages on Earth often become filtered and manipulated, why humanity is not ready for public landings yet, and the necessary work with spiritual development before the transition to the New Spiritual Age. Since it was a very long channeling, which we don’t have time to publish it before August 4 (the alleged date of the landing), we choose to publish an excerpt of channeling now and then publish the channeling in its entirety in the coming weeks, as soon as we are finished with it.


We do not in any way wish to diminish other channels, because they have an incredibly important role to fill due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age. We know how challenging it is to work as a medium, and how difficult it is to convey pure messages. But we must focus on our life tasks and spread the messages that we are meant to spread, regardless which messages other channels spread. Humanity has a right to know what’s really going on.


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Presentation / The channeling filter over Earth / Why humanity is not ready for a public landing / The presence of spaceships on Earth / What would happen if you met us before you were ready / Reasons to the manipulated message about the landing at the Olympics





Maria begins by describing the person who contacted her:


It’s a human-like man with a large, shining smile. He has middle-brown hair that goes down to the ears, and a fringe that hangs down. He has very intense blue-green eyes and bright skin. He says his name is Kaleidos. He has very powerful bright light-energies in his aura, combined with a reddish-purple female energy. He looks almost fluorescent, due to the extremely high frequency energy he emits. It almost feels as if I would get an electric shock if I touched him. He smiles at me, and I can feel the immense love he radiates, like a gentle breeze coming towards me. He begins to speak:


We belong to the Pleiadian Council. It’s a collection of many different civilizations that live in and around the Pleiades, who cooperate for the development of Earth, humanity and the Cosmos. We have been engaged in the work with Earth for eons of time. We have been with you since the birth of humanity, and since the birth of Earth. We are closely related to you. Humanity on Earth has close family connections with most human civilizations who are members of our Pleiadian Council. We are also part of the Galactic Federation.


-So you are a human-looking?


Yes, most of us, but not all. We represent a large group from many different civilizations that are both human and non-human.




We have discovered that there’s like a filter over the Earth, which has been strengthened recently, which leads to all form of channeled messages becoming weakened and distorted, making it increasingly difficult for us to get in touch with channels on Earth to bring forward our message to you humans. And there are very, very, very few channels that are so pure that they can convey information that’s completely correct or more or less correct. But what has happened is that the channels that previously channeled messages that were at least 50 or 80 percent correct has today diminished and become so erroneous, so distorted and so confused that it sometimes is not even 10 or 20 percent of what is conveyed in messages, which is correct. This is also what has created the chaotic and confused situation with channeled messages on Earth.




We will not perform a public landing on Earth during the Olympics. Nor will any of our enlightened friends. It is due to the simple reason that humanity is not ready for it, and that the time has not come yet. The energies on Earth are not the right ones for the first major official visit to take place. That day, when the visit will take place, it will happen together with the very most enlightened people on Earth, who have reached highest in their spiritual development. It will happen together with tomorrow's representatives and leaders of humanity who will bring humanity into the New Age. It will not happen during any event that is linked to the Matrix [such as the Olympics].


There is no set date for when this first official landing will take place. All we can say today is that the visit will be performed when it's supposed to happen and where the energies are right, in the infinite now. The only answer we can give you today is that we believe it might take a couple more years until this visit will take place. It may be that the visit does not occur until after the final transition to the New Spiritual Age, but more than that we do not know [in the full channeling, Kaleidos tells that that Transition is likely to occur around 2015, but probably not later than 2017].


However, there’s a gradual escalation taking place, where we gradually show ourselves more and more openly to the Earth's inhabitants, and of course such performances can also take place at various types of large events such as the Olympics – in the same way that it can occur in many other places and on many other occasions around Earth. We are present there, just as we are present in many other places. We are much more present than you think. We are present in many more places than you know and can identify. If all of us would become visible at the same time, people would be shocked to see all the ships, both large and small, that are present all over the Earth. You would realize that the whole sky is practically completely full of spaceships of various kinds.

We also want to comment on one other thing that is said in the channeled text. It says that we have a mother ship that is four times larger than Earth, and that we came down to Earth at one point, creating an energy change there. This is completely incorrect, and indicates a lack of knowledge about energy reality that we are in. If a ship of that size would approach Earth, it would have enormous consequences for the Earth and the entire solar system. It would result in massive disruption in Earth's energy system – and Earth would turn herself inside out and be completely destroyed. It would also affect the spacecraft in a negative way to come that close to the powerful gravity of Earth, Earth's magnetic aura. This is because the strong light frequencies that run such a gigantic craft would knock out Earth's energy balance and create a powerful counter-effect. The gates of Earth's interior would be opened up and large quantities of concentrated black feminine energy [magnetic radiation] would gush out, which would lead to Earth's gravity becoming many times stronger.

The largest types of mother ships that come and visit the Earth from us today are about the size of ten football fields. Then you can imagine the approximate proportions.

-Are you present on Earth right now?


Yes, I am now on our mother ship, which circulates around the Earth at the moment. But of course we have a variety of vehicles of different sizes that circulate around the Earth and are landing at different places.


-Do you meet people when you land or is it mainly landings where you are invisible?

It’s both. But it is mostly invisible landings. There are times when we show ourselves, and times when we choose not to show ourselves. It's very, very important to us that the breaking of quarantine on Earth, when humanity is welcomed into the cosmic community, happens in the right way. We believe, and this opinion we share with the entire cosmic community in the network that we collaborate in, that Earth and her inhabitants are not ready for public meetings with other civilizations at that time. You must understand that when we come and visit you we carry very, very powerful energies with us that affect Earth, but most of all it affects the people we meet, through our presence. Once we will make ourselves visible to you, and show ourselves to you in your area, you will be able to tune in to us, and that would, in the current situation, mean an enormous energy-clash for the people who are not in any way ready to meet the high-pitched, powerful energies that we bring with us. It would simply not be good for you. Humanity as a collective is not mature for such visits yet. Humanity is way too ungrounded and is carrying too much heavy karma that she has not addressed and processed. She is carrying so much insecurity, fear and paranoia – which block the higher spiritual understanding and insight. This makes it very difficult for humans to take in higher spiritual messages, and to open their hearts to us and to communicate with us on a higher spiritual level.

-Does this apply for the small minority of people who have awakened spiritually and are working with their spiritual development?


Unfortunately, there are so very, very few people that are ready for physical meetings with us than what most people think. It’s important to understand that all people that have had spiritual awakenings and are working with their spiritual development would be affected in a very, very powerful way by the meetings with us. When you are in the spiritual transformation process currently happening in people on Earth, one is so incredibly transparent and sensitive to energies. This means that if they don’t reach up to the frequency that we represent, in their own spiritual development, then our presence could interfere with their process in a way that is not good for them. Therefore we choose to wait and to make contact when individuals are ready to meet our energies. This means that the humans in the little, little group of spiritual people who are open to contact with us, who actually has started and are in a spiritual process, who have opened up and started a cleansing process where much of their karma has come up to the surface – will also be much more sensitive to meetings with us. So it was actually easier for us to meet with people 50 years ago than it is today. It may sound like a paradox, but it’s not. It depends on this tremendously powerful energy-transformation that is happening on Earth today and that takes place inside of people due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age. Since there are so many people who are not ready for our energies, because humanity has not come as far in their spiritual development as they were meant to, so we choose to wait until humanity is ready for these meetings.

-What would happen if the energies would "clash" when people who are not ready would meet you?


Above all, there is a risk that it would activate a lot of fear, panic and paranoia in humans – and that humans wouldn’t have the capacity to open their hearts to us and trust us and our message, and our will to help. The majority of people on Earth today carry very large destructive fears within them. They don’t have the ability to distinguish between the civilizations that come to visit that are at a higher state of consciousness that comes with good intentions, and which ones are in a lower state of consciousness and not of equally good intentions. This is an ability that only very, very few people on Earth have. This breeds a tremendous amount of insecurity and fear, and it breeds a lot of internal conflict in humans. This means that humanity is not capable of handling this type of visits. We want the conditions to be the very, very best when our first public landings take place, and that humanity and her representatives, the new leaders of humanity – which will then be in an enlightened state of consciousness – are ready to meet us with open hearts and open minds in complete love. These leaders will have the ability to distinguish between the civilizations that have a higher state of consciousness and which has a lower state of consciousness. It's enlightened masters living in physical bodies on Earth today who are waiting to show themselves in the public light, and they will also do that when the time is ready.


-What are the reasons that a channeled message saying that you are going to land the Olympics comes forward? Is it from people's subconscious wishful thinking, or are the messages coming from beings who consciously want to spread disinformation, or is it a combination of factors? It's very specific information that is given.


It’s important that you understand that even very, very specific information may be wrong and may come from the wrong source, so to speak. The question can be answered on several levels. There are a variety of factors that interact here. One aspect is humanity's immense longing, that we feel very strongly, to finally become full members of the cosmic community. You yearn to be part of us, you’re longing back to your cosmic origin. It’s something completely natural that you do. Many of you, especially you in the spiritual world who have a spiritual belief, are daily being exposed to questioning, diminishment and other kinds of challenges. You long to have the "hard evidence", to finally be able to show the world that you have been right all along. You can’t wait to finally stand face to face with your ancestors, your friends, your family members [Manne’s and Maria’s eyes tears, since they come in contact with this longing]. It’s this great longing that makes you wish for, and also to take in this type of message, because that is what you want to hear. That's what you yearn so much for. Many humans on Earth are carrying a very great sorrow, that they may not even be aware of, a desire to return to their cosmic origin because they have lived other lives, other times, on other planets, and that they miss their families and the communion that they had there.

Another aspect is that there are beings who are trying to spread disinformation, to feed their egos and steal people's energies. They feel good when they feel important, so they make up information that they think people want to hear, information that they think people are interested and can embrace. They can also give humanity misleading information in order to lead humanity the wrong directions, providing information that gives people certain hopes that are then crushed. It can create a lot of disappointment and scepticism in people when these big promises are not met, that is when they will not come and land during the Olympics.

There are very large blockages, both in people's personal energy systems, but also in humanity's collective consciousness, that leads to a lot of doubt and fear of being deceived. You don’t really trust your own intuition, and you don’t really trust the messages you get. This is a challenge of people's ability to take in higher spiritual messages: “What can we trust and what can we not trust?” It will be an important lesson for people to experience getting inaccurate information, to learn to distinguish between the different messages and what is true and not true. This is a long learning process that we as humans have to go through when developing our mediumship, to learn to distinguish between what are clean and what are unclean messages. This experience can actually help humanity. It can be a very important lesson in the spiritual development process, to better learn to distinguish between the different messages through getting a stronger sense of what feels right and what does not feel right.

This was an excerpt from the full channeling, which is about three times as long. In the full channelling, Kaleido brings up how the channeling filter over Earth is being removed, a new energy wave on Earth, how to purify your spiritual channel and strengthen your intuition, the illusion of time and specific dates, people's fear of malevolent civilizations and how to heal it, the necessary work with spiritual development and grounding due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age, the energy changes that take place December 21st, 2012, and more. To get the full channeling sent to you when it is ready to be published, sign up for the Mother Nature Network newsletter at:




The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. We, Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, run the network from Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Our life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth. Maria has for many years channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, spiritual masters, angels and representatives from other civilizations in Cosmos. Besides spreading channeled messages, we’re also spreading instructions to a healing technique, Mother Earth-healing, in which you ground yourself in depth, which is a precondition for spiritual transformation and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. The network also holds lectures in Sweden with, among other things, public channelings from different sources. Everything the network offers is 100 % free. Read more about us on the network’s website, where you can also sign up to become a member and receive our newsletter – with reminders and instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, our future channelings, publications and other updates. You’ll find the website at:

















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  • ..this message makes a lot of sense..whether its from a channel, an ET...or from the mind and imagination of a human... (and i didnt read it all..just bits and pieces here and there)...

  • This message seems full of dismay for myself..

    How can you prepare people when the dates range from

    the 4th Aug to a date as far away as 2017..

    Its making our work impossible..

    Some say get ready others say time is no problem..

    I just want you to speak and resonate as one..



    This message is practicall useless and a sad culmination of a

    very frustrating 2 weeks..

    Yours Dissapointedly


  • it's a bit of a bummer, i certainly entertained the idea of a landing at the olympics, but i did get a strong feeling that it wasnt going to happen. 

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