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Going Home
I start this article with a question. It’s one you need to answer intuitively and quickly without ‘thinking’ through any fixed ideas, belief patterns, fears or attachments to the third dimension.

Here it is:

Do you feel your work on Earth is nearly finished and soon you’ll be going home?
Did you answer intuitively - without sifting through any mental patterns? If so, your answer will probably place you into one of two groups; either the original Starseeds and Lightworkers who came to Earth long ago - or the more newly arrived Lightworkers.

Most of the original team are ready to go home. That is unless they have inadvertently started creating a scenario that’s different to their original plan.

The newer Lightworkers are still exploring new ventures to get involved in. It's possible for the original team to also be looking for their next lot of work, but this can be a habit.

Recently I was on a mission with other Lightworkers in the mountain areas of the United States, including my first trip to beautiful Alaska where I saw the Northern Lights over Denali Mountain.

Some of us discussed the idea of ‘going home’. From some comments made, I wondered if all of us fully understand exactly what this means and how we achieve it.

Someone said they wanted to stay around to see their grandchildren grow up. Another said they thought there was still a lot of work to do on Earth so they were staying.

Someone else said they’d built up a large clientele and didn’t want to let them down. Someone expressed a desire to stay for a long time - but when this was further examined it turned out they had a fear of leaving, which is quite a common thought but one that’s rarely addressed.

None of these reasons or any similar ones actually mean anything within the concept of completing our original mission and going home.

During that time in the mountains, I was shown many times just how perfect our creations are and how each of us experience in every moment exactly what we need.

I listened to many Lightworker’s stories of patterns they kept repeating. I know it can seem that for us to create a better life we must have a high spiritual understanding.

However, I believe we can do it just as well by applying the few basic principles that we all know about. These ‘must know and apply’ daily spiritual actions can bring great joy to our lives - when, and only when, we act on them.

I want to share with you ideas regarding these spiritual ‘basics’ and the preparations we need to make for leaving. For both are intertwined. It may be a shock for you, but if we don’t apply the basics, we can’t go home anyway.

Simply put, if you’re not experiencing joy, happiness and contentment, with ease and grace, yet you intend to go home sometime, it may really be time to take charge of your future and put in the discipline that is needed to allow that to happen.

We each made agreements (contracts) when we came here to assist Earth with her Ascension process. For Lightworkers who’ve been here for some time, agreements include completing your chosen Lightworker role here; reviewing your personal progress on the spiritual qualities you wished to enhance in this incarnation; cleansing the lower subtle bodies from any dense energy so as to raise your light vibration sufficiently; connecting with your Twin Flame and returning home.

For these Starseeds and millions of Lightworkers who arrived here a long time ago, the time frame for departing is pretty much ‘now.’ In fact, all lightworkers have the same agreements as above, but the more recent Lightworkers may have a different time frame regarding their departure.

But they also plan to go home when their work is done. We know deep within what we originally planned and we can check this. But when checking it, we won’t get an accurate answer if we have fixed ideas or emotions in that area.

Instead, we will get an answer that fits our reality. So, we need to push aside any reactions/ thoughts/ patterns/ emotions before we check.

Going home is not something we need to ‘think’ about. Usually, being in each moment of Divine order is sufficient and what is meant to happen will happen.

You may be getting signs pointing you to the idea of ‘going home’. Maybe your work is wrapping up; you may feel a pull to complete outstanding things; to repair rifts in communication or to lay out a comprehensive plan to make your departure as smooth as possible for family members.

We know those left behind are often upset so it can be useful for them not to have to figure out your affairs and have to clear out all the excess items from your home.

Perhaps have a look at the state of affairs you would be leaving behind and see how you’d feel if you were left with that job of sorting it out!

If it feels right to do so, may I suggest you create a folder to be stored where family members can easily find it. You can do this regardless of whether you think you are ascending with or without your physical body.

The folder could contain your Last Will, include mention of any special items you’d like certain friends to have. It’s also an idea to obtain an Enduring Power of Attorney.

This gives someone full power to act for you in medical and financial matters. This can be arranged cheaply through a solicitor, but as they all charge differently it’s best to check a few.

As the idea is to make it all easy for family members after you are gone, make sure your paperwork is in order - clear, logical, easily understood and with clear headings. It can be helpful to have it all typed unless your writing is very easy to read.

In your folder include full details of all bank, building society and credit union accounts; arrange to have internet banking and leave your user name and passwords so family can move money straight into their accounts; list the value of your home and list the good selling points, what new items have been added and what repairs may be needed before resale or renting, plus note any good real estate agents in your area; your preferences about cremation/burial; info of possible donation of organs; whether you’re happy for your ashes to be scattered at some favourite place or want a full service (think about whether you will care about ‘ceremony’ once you are gone!); get your filing cabinet or good filing system in order; get rid of clutter in your home including old photos and china you know no-one will want; maybe create a CD of favourite music to play for your send off; get your address book up to date; list all email addresses and passwords; write your goodbye message to spiritual friends and a ‘normal’ message to others not tuned in.

Clearly mark which message is to go to whom and put these on a computer memory stick with email addresses ready to be sent out - and write addresses on envelopes to the people with no email; make a comprehensive list of all the Services you are connected to with addresses and contact details to notify about your departure; Internet provider; antivirus paid protection; various club memberships; water rates, charity subscriptions; direct debits; Centrelink details if applicable; Medicare; doctor; physiotherapist; healer; masseuse; website host; solicitor, passport details; personal messages to siblings, friends, parents or children; Premium bonds or shares; life or other insurance policies, details of any outstanding legal matters, electricity and gas supplier; council rates; mortgage; Body corporate; car insurance company; NRMA/RACQ/AAA roadside assist; telephone; mobile/cell phone; magazine subscriptions; car make, model, year, registration/tax date due, current market value and any new work done. Include where relevant, all user names and password details and exactly what actions need to be taken in each case.

Make a list of passwords to various social sites you may have joined such as eBay, Face book, forums, etc. in case your family want to deregister these.
Steps you need to put in place spiritually to go home:

1. Bring any dense energy in the lower bodies to a sufficient level of light to be able to ascend. The lower bodies refer to our emotional, mental and lower spiritual body. For Lightworkers ascending with the physical body, that body would also be included. We are constantly attracting situations in our lives to produce specific reactions we need to become aware of, so that we can let them go. If there was ever any one point I wish to make, it’s that point.

I continually see people, including many Lightworkers, ignore their reactions and then wondering why they keep attracting upsetting events into their life. By the way, in case we’ve forgotten, if we miss an opportunity to release something, we are shown it more strongly next time. Makes perfect sense to me. We are saying, ‘I didn’t get it, so next time really hit me with it’.

We are perfect creators and the universe supports that. If you fully handle a specific reaction, the universe will stop creating situations to show you that. As the reaction is no longer there, we don’t need to be shown that specific lesson again. The universe only presents us with things we need to see.

We need to release our unwanted reactions to all of life situations, whether personal situations or a world event. I frequently hear comments such as “I’m upset about…”, “I’m really worried…”, “I feel bad about …” with seemingly no realization (or it could be laziness or a lack of discipline) that these feelings are there to be observed and released.

I remember at a festival in the 60’s, where some people were wearing badges that said, ‘I can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought’. I thought how clever that was, because it’s a truth. We can’t allow ourselves to wallow in dense energy produced from negative thoughts and judgments. I have a handling procedure to release reactions on my website.

2. Everything must be balanced. Before you can return home, you need to be as equally happy to stay here as you are to leave. So find the balance point of 50/50 in everything; Internal/external focus; head/heart; male/female; grounded/spaced out; mind/body/spirit; karmic balance; etc.

3. Stop all criticisms and judgments of yourself and others. In fact, everything. It’s fine to perceive things, if you don’t add judgements to it. Judgement only exists within the 3rd and 4th dimensions and holds very dense energy. Stay in a space of unconditional love as much as you possibly can.

Don’t let yourself be drawn into the emotional body or the ego as they will happily take over your life.
Self Test - When seeing something unpleasant on the news, do you ever think, ‘Isn’t that awful’ or feel affected by it? Do you know what happens when you respond in that way?

Here are a few things it creates. You just got drawn into your mental/emotional body and dropped your vibration into the limited 3D perspective. You failed to acknowledge or trust there is a higher picture to everything.

You chose to lessen your light and therefore the value of your contribution to the planet. You added dense energy to your aura. You ignored your contract and your commitment to your fellow team workers. You lessened light to the planet which incidentally has an effect on the whole universe as everything is connected.

That may seem to be a harsh view but imagine the effect it has on you, as well as the ‘whole’ if you do that often. And do you know what else, ‘Whatever it was you saw or heard, it is not awful!’ It might seem to be if you only look at it from a third dimensional perspective.

But if you look at the higher, broader picture of that event, you would see how perfect it was. Compassion is an interesting area. There are different kinds of compassion. The type of compassion often experienced by humanity is a feeling in our distorted emotional body.

May I suggest spiritual compassion would be the most optimum way to go? It’s also a good idea as we are transmuting our emotional bodies.

Spiritual compassion is an understanding from a higher perspective. From a place of spiritual compassion you can offer the correct level of help needed, while at the same time holding a higher understanding of perfection in all things.

That way you don’t allow your own vibration to be affected and can maintain the level of light needed to carry out your work in the most optimum way.

4. Recognise you are a creator. Everything that happens in your life, you created/agreed to, sometime, somehow. No exceptions. None! Ultimately of course, that means there is no need to forgive others for doing anything to you (other than its use as a stepping stone to higher truth) because you are not a victim and no-one has ‘harmed’ you without your agreement.

He/she/they didn’t do anything to you. I know it’s hard to imagine that we actually create tough times, but we do! You attracted/caused it for your highest spiritual growth/exchange or learning.
We need to understand how the universe works with reality.

What some people may not realise is that your reality will be constantly confirmed in your life by material you read, people you meet and events in your life.

When we don’t understand we are creators attracting events within our chosen band of reality, we can easily think the ‘proof’ we see means we are right.

The ‘proof’ we are seeing is just the universe fully supporting your beliefs; supporting the creation of your reality. It obligingly does this for every single individual on Earth. That’s why we all see different worlds out there.

To find your own belief patterns, just look at your life. There it is, clearly right in front of you. If you feel people are lovely, trustworthy, friendly, honest and helpful, that is what you attract in your life.

Equally, if you feel you can be robbed, conned, involved in accidents, lose things, be cheated on, and guess what? If you feel the world is going to end in disaster then the universe will give you lots of material and scientific reasons to confirm this and back your reality.

Those with the view that the world is doing just fine, will equally find lots of evidence to back their theory. Just think how often people happily produce ‘evidence’ to friends to back their theories, delighted they have been ‘proved’ right.

This section is for the Lightworkers who channel the higher light realms. It seems a little known fact that Universal Laws apply to channelling.

The Ascended Masters must comply with Universal Law when channelling by adhering to the belief patterns of the individual. Their communications will back the persons own reality quite convincingly because they are required to remain within the level of truth that person has chosen as reality.

That is the Law. You may feel that’s a bit unfair as it seems as though you are receiving an untruth, but in fact they are allowing your own evolution by supporting your chosen level of truth.

The higher realms have no right to change your evolutionary progress. You are not being told a lie - you are being told a truth within your chosen band of reality.

The creation of reality is quite a profound truth. It stems from the concept of being a creator. There are three main bands of reality on Earth with a variety of shades in each.

Everyone has chosen one of these three bands, through the creation of their thoughts. People in a specific band have the potential to experience anything created within that band of reality, but will only experience things they personally conceive as ‘being possible’.

Somewhere, sometime, we need to have agreed to all the things that we experience or show up in our lives. Thoughts create the ‘possibility’, which allows it to happen to us.

For example, if you believe the Earth is going to have lots of earthquakes, you have aligned yourself to that as a reality.

What you are really saying is, ‘I’m a Creator. I can choose whatever reality I prefer for Earth and I’ve decided to choose this one’. Once agreed to, it’s possible for you to experience it.

You will obtain lots of proof you’re right, including channelled material you receive or are drawn to read.

If you change your beliefs - really change them - you will start to receive channelling that confirms your new reality. When you shift an old belief pattern, you will observe a change in communication from the Ascended Masters. It is not the role of the Ascended Masters to change your mind or force you to a different level of truth.

Thus they can’t channel concepts that violate the existing reality level of the individual. This law applies because when a person channels they are surrendering to the data coming in, so aren’t really in the best space to filter and reject what isn’t acceptable to them.

That law does not apply to trance channelling which is a different agreement as it is done with a channel in an unconscious state. A person acting as a trance channel has no conscious awareness of what is being delivered through them. The only way they get the material is to read or listen to it after.

They then have a choice as to whether to accept that reality or not, the same as others seeing or hearing that material for the first time. Our Ascended Masters generally don’t trance channel, but there are some well known trance channel masters such as Lazarus, and Bashar who channels an easy, humorous and high level of truth through Daryl Anka.

5. Complete your contract.
The above points are the main ones regarding the spiritual steps needed to return home. Your contract timing may have a relevance to agreements you’ve made with your Twin Flame and other beings from your ‘home’. Ultimately though, time is an illusion and everything is perfect.

I’d love to tell you there are shortcuts to all this or that you’ll be scooped up to ascend without having done anything to get yourself into a space of mastery, but I’d be lying. Going home really is a ‘do it yourself’ affair.

That datum applies to every lightworker on this planet regardless of when they plan to return home - a level of mastery is required.

If we feel we’re getting close to our time of departure, it may be worth checking we are applying the basics and creating a fun and peaceful life and that we are in a positive, non-judgemental, grateful and loving space, spotting our reactions and transmuting them with light.

There is always a choice and there is no right or wrong way to do anything. It is all about growth and learning, so it’s all perfect. We could also choose a life of drama, attracting lots of events for growth and learning in a 3D existence. Each choice has a different outcome.

The beauty of it all is that it is entirely in our hands. How perfect is that?
May the Light of God continue to surround us on our chosen paths,

Sandy Stevenson

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