Changing the Narrative by Which We Live

Earlier today, I came across an interesting article at, where theologian Martin Palmer is interviewed.  He offers a fairly simple world view, where sustainable agriculture and impending ecological collapse are concerned.

In a nutshell, he says the flying food in from other places is not sustainable.  Hmm...  You know what?  He's right!  The problem is, these days, most of us city-dwellers give little thought to how our food came to be at our grocery store.  The Archbishop of Canterbury during WWII is quoted as saying, "We're only three meals away from anarchy."  Hmm... I would have to agree with that one, too.

Anyway, where I am headed with all of this is Martin Palmer's notion that we live our lives as part of a narrative.  He further presents evidence that each time we stop believing the current narrative, our societies collapse.  In the past, it took 200 - 300 years to create a new narrative.  This time, we simply do not have that amount of time.  We need a new narrative, now.  If you're reading this, chances are that you are already feeling this.  After all, it is 2012--the Era of Ascension, right?  The multitude of Occupy movements across the planet are attempting to create our new narrative--one that is all-encompassing and embraces us all, not as masters of the universe, but as part of something much, much bigger.  

Take a look around you.  Read a newspaper.  Check out your local TV news.  So much of what we see no longer makes sense. The old narrative in which we have been living no longer fits--we no longer believe in the story that we have been told about how life works.

What is the story in which you wish to live?  One where there is peace, love, and abundance for all?  Where we are part of a galactic society, where we are all citizens of this planet?  Where we have renewable resources that do not cause illness or pollution?  Where we are all caretakers of the planet, able to feed and clothe every single soul on this planet?

Now is the time to focus on the kind of world in which you wish to live.  The Occupiers are out there, spreading the word, but it is just the beginning.  We all need to do our part.  Refuse to focus on disease, lack, poverty, and suffering.  We have been doing that collectively for far too long.  The new narrative also has a new theme, as the universe prepares to stop expanding from the Big Bang, and begin the Great Collapse, the dominant energy is shifting from masculine to feminine.  Essentially, this means we no longer need to "make things happen".  Instead, we need to "let them happen".

Food for thought.

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