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Change Your Perception, Change the Reality

P'taah: You deserve it all and whatever you create is wonderful. Your reality depends entirely on how you perceive it to be. Change your perception, you change the reality. Too simple? Change the perception--change the reality.

For as long as you perceive lack--whether it is lack of love, lack of money, lack of a good job, lack of a new car, a better house--for as long as you perceive lack, you will simply bring forth to you more lack. For as long as you perceive your life in segments--this is my spiritual life, this is my real life...


Yes, I know all of these spiritual truths, but I lack money, I lack an exciting mate, lack, lack lack. And the lack is all based on fear of not being enough. And for as long as there is the fear of not being enough, you will bring forth that which are more and more situations to show you that you are not enough, hmm? Does this makes sense? 

When you change the perception, you change the reality. The fear of not being enough, the fear of lack, has a vibrational frequency that draws to it more of the same. 

When you can see yourself in the abundance of all wondrousness, when you feel the joy, the tranquillity, the excitement, when you are in the place of laughter and play, the energy, the emotional energy of joy, of laughter, brings forth more of the same. 

The next time you find yourself in a perceived lack, stop and ask yourself what really are you lacking and what does it FEEL like? It is your emotions attached to the idea that create the reality. Make sense? All right. 

Q: I just wanted to ask about changing the perception. It sounds easy in theory but hasn't been easy for me to do. 

P'taah: All right, the question was, how do you change the perception? It is easy in theory but not quite so simple in the practice. All right. We say to you as you go about your day-to-days, when you find yourself in a repetitive pattern, when you find yourself in negative judgement about somebody or something out there, ask yourself, "What do I believe about this situation?" 

Much of the time you hold old beliefs that really do no longer serve you but because you are not in the habitude of questioning those beliefs about reality, about society, about who you are, about simply what you do by rote day to day. Because you have always done it thusly and family have always done it thusly, you think that that is the way it is. 

And very often it is not the way it is. It is only the way you believe it is. The more you question what you do and why, the more that you come to know that which are the limitations of these old beliefs. Does this make sense? 

Your beliefs about who you are and about reality really are the base of your perceived world. We say to you that everything is a perception. You see? Everything is a perception about reality. 

Each of you, if you like, is the central sun of your own Universe. That is, your beliefs and thoughts and loves and desires and fears actually form what you perceive to be your world, your universe. But each of you perceive it in a different fashion. Of course you hold common beliefs--that is the beliefs that are part of the collective consciousness of your peoples, of your culture. But families also have collective beliefs. 

In other words, you form by your beliefs, by your patternings if you like, your own mythology. Until you can see how you believe stuff that creates your reality, it is difficult to change the perception. So we say that the first step is to look at what you believe. 

And then it is to look at the feelings attached to those beliefs. Where the feelings are that of love, of joy, where the feelings are playful--sometimes of course it is completely neutral. In other words a lot of those ideas and beliefs in truth do not hold any upsurge of emotion--love or fear. It simply is as you would say. As you go about your day -to-days in the old routine, much of it does not carry with it the significance of emotion as such. 

So we say the more that you become aware of the emotions attached to your ideas and beliefs, then you can see what is fear-based. What are the fears underlying certain beliefs? And how those fears impel you into a pattern of behavior. 

When you are in the emotion of the fear, that is your power place of transformation. and we have given forth to you the Four Keys of Transformation. The first thing is that with fear--and we remind you that everything which is not love is fear. You have different names. You segment fear. You call it anger, jealousy, possessiveness, lusting after power, control, manipulation all of those things really are simply based on fear. Violent behavior, wishing ill of others, envy--all of this stuff, all of it is fear based, and all of it can be transformed.


ART BY: Peter Westermann

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Comment by Marique on April 25, 2014 at 4:21pm

Great share.  This is so true..You draw to you either the negative or the positive.  Being grateful of all the good things in your life and not dwelling on the negative makes all the difference.  Each day you see a little more to be grateful because you are seeing the world with grateful eyes and that is what you draw to yourself.  If you concentrate on and believe that the world is sinister and everything poses a threat, that is what your reality will be for you.  It has taken me a long time to realize this.  Thank you for this awesome post, a great reminder for me.

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on April 23, 2014 at 7:01am

Dear Ben,

Yes, Every thing depends upon our we take it is very important....

Same incidence one becomes Happy and another will feel sorrow...and difficult situation..


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