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11:11:11 Ascension Activation Meditation



11.11.11 A Crystal Ascension Energy and Activation Meditation

Join us in this extraordinary and unique Ascension Activation Meditation, as we travel in an interdimensional merkabah of Light to the Platinum Crystal from where the Crystalline Platinum Flame is anchored. Here we will meet Lord Metatron and the Cosmic Crystalline Masters who will be activating within each of us the omnipotent codes and geometric forms, as well as activating the Cosmic Crystalline energies heralding in the new Golden Age upon Planet Earth.

The 11.11.11 Earth date is a Master time frame in the Ascension process, whereby there will be a massive flood of Cosmic energies activated within the Planet as well as within Humanity! This will help to transform mass consciousness and the Ascension process enabling Humanity and Planet Earth to move more deeply towards the Fifth Dimension of reality!




Capricorn Full Moon Group Meditation


The full moon is a very powerful time for meditation. This is why for eons of time, Masters and aspirants have come together in groups to take advantage of the unique energies which are pouring forth during this high time of the moon cycle.


The soul's meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature as is all else in the cosmos… The rhythmic nature of the soul's meditation must not be overlooked in the life of the aspirant. There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the ocean we have a wonderful picture of an eternal law... the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulses lies back of the activities of a morning meditation, a noonday recollection, and an evening review. A larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and the new moon… The moon itself has no influence on the work; but the fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar centre, the energy source for all life on Earth. At such times we can make a definite approach to God, the Creator, the centre of life and intelligence. - Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey


To help you attune to Spirit during this powerful time, we have created a series of 12 Full Moon Group Meditations for you.


In this powerful meditation:

  1. You align with your Mighty I AM Presence, with humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa, by this way taking initiative to step out of mass consciousness and to hook up with the group mind of the Masters.
  2. You train your creative visualization and imagination skills, build your Antakarana, and strengthen your ability to concentrate your mind and focus your energies.
  3. You intensify the magnetic vibration of the Chakras in your head, by this way anchoring more and more light in your body through the Chakra-gland interplay.
  4. You meditate on the keynotes of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac as given forth by Djwhal Khul.
  5. You help to strengthen the link between the Three Spiritual Centers - Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity – by this way helping the Divine Plan to formulate on Earth.
  6. You are being of real service to Spirit. All minds are joined. By using your mind as a channel for world service, you are raising the consciousness of all of humanity.


Each meditation includes the Monadic Mantra, offers insights and inspiration shared by an Ascended Master, and closes with The Great Invocation.

This meditation is perfect for groups. However, even if you are meditating by yourself, you will be Spiritually connecting with the group mind and heart of all life. As recommended by Djwhal Khul, we suggest that you work with this meditation for at least five days: two days prior to the Capricorn Full Moon, on the day of the Capricorn Full Moon itself, and two days after the Capricorn Full Moon.

Perhaps some of you may get increased light upon the usefulness of the attempt if I tell you the interesting fact that—at the time of the full moon—it is almost as if a door suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed. Through that door, ingress is possible; through that door or opening, energies can be contacted which are otherwise shut off; and through that door approaches can be made to the planetary Hierarchy and to reality which are at other times not possible. – Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey

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