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  • @ Montana - happy to help out

    @ Jimmy - i'll work on that, probably start with Pleidians aka Meier aliens.

  • Jack, Thank You!! This Information Helps!

  • Here's a very simple answer - but let's get some definitions out of the way first. For the purposes of this answer, I have to adopt these classical models of these alien races. However, I should state that what I am putting below are gross understatements, and are only reflecting the classical models of each alien race. You should know that personally, i have a completely different definition of these aliens and their motivations.

    But to answer your question, I had to sort of draw a line in the sand and chose their classical definitions, else we'd be here for weeks while I went on about each race in careful detail - all of which would lead to proving there is no god, devil, or aliens per se, and that there are no conspiracies or abductions either.  SO that being said, here's the classical definitions and an attempt to answer this with a simple answer.

    The Greys

    The Greys are aliens from the Zeta Reticuli who visit us from outerspace. They have the classical alien look - large craniums, small pointed chin, huge black lidless eyes. Every grey looks like a clone of each other. The Greys are part of the abduction scenario. Greys are thought to either be from Orion's Belt (Zeta Reticuli), or might possibly be from our own future as time travellers. It is usually thought that these aliens are known about by our governments, but there's a conspiracy to cover up their existence. These are the same aliens seen in Alien Autopsy video and are the same aliens from Roswell. These aliens appear to be performing some kind of experiments

    The Reptilians

    In classical UFO lore, the Reptilians are aliens from the Draconi cluster, and are said to be the natural evolution of dinosaur into humanoid evolved life. These aliens originated from outerspace, but have taken up residence "inside" the hollow earth (a parallel dimension coexisting within the same space as our planet, but on a different frequency or dimension. These aliens are MIBs, have infiltrated our government, and are part of an over-reaching global conspiracy, and are completely focused on enslaving the human race.

    The lore of War has many faces

    Based on the above (VERY simplistic biographies) here are several scenarios:

    • The greys are from our future; the reptilians are from a parallel future where dinosaurs evolved instead of mammals - they are fighting over time-space probabilities over who should "inherit" the planet
    • The greys are from Zeta Reticuli, and are here to stop the Reptilian race from meddling in the Great Grey experiment (humanity and the cultivation of our DNA)
    • They greys are from Zeta Reticuli and the war between them and the Reptilians spans many planets across eons of time and the Greys are (the basis for) angels, the Reptilians are (the basis for) devils

    This third concept is probably what "Satan" (I don't believe in Satan) has to do with this. The idea is that we've been visited by aliens since the dawn of time, and our mythology and our religions were shaped by interactions with these creatures.

    From what information I have gathered, I believe that there are far more races than this, and while all three of the above theories are entirely plausible, none of these are actually "true".

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