Dear Friends,

We are currently experiencing the opportunity to be a part of a massive vibrational shift on a global scale. Many of us, who have experienced a personal awakening already which in my case suddenly shifted what I had come to accept as 'normal', may not find this current Covid-19 related situation as shocking as those who are not yet awakened.

Which brings me right to my point. - I am calling all Walk-Ins to share their experiences with those around them, for it might make the current situation, people find themselves in, easier for them.  I know that this is part of my mission for which I walked into this physicality many decades ago.

If you are on the path for a while, you might have been aware of the disconnect between living aligned with Natural / Universal Laws and how life has been lived here in the 3-D.

I used to once have a blog on this great Ashtar-Command platform during the late 1990s, when I lived in rural Canada. It took a while to have access to the internet, and it was slow and hard even get and stay connected regularly. Sadly I lost touch.

At the time, when I was connected, I was so happy to be able to correspond with people, who also had had walk-in experiences. Those the exchanges made a big difference to me.  Thank you to all of those who so courageously share with me what they had gone through. It was the help I needed and I will  never forget your kindness and generosity and patience with which you wrote and explained what I didn't understand the first time around. - The integration of head and heart still gives me trouble at times.

I walked into this body during my early 30s, when western medicine had given up on me and had sent me home to die. As a young mother at the time, death just was not an option; especially since no one could tell me what I was going to die from.

It was very difficult initially to integrate the  experiences I had during a couple of Near-Death-Experiences (NDAs), especially since no one in my immediate family and surroundings was believing what I was describing.

At some point I found myself in a space of light, surrounded by 12 beautiful, tall beings, who had platinum coloured chest-long hair. They had big Almond-shaped eyes, possibly twice the size of mine, with pupils of the most amazing blue. 

There were four beings by my right and left side, two by my feet and two behind my head. - I was lying on a white table, which was covered by a glittering clothes, similar in color to the overalls the beings were wearing. The fabric was sparkling like a very expensive Opal would, when hit by sunlight. I had a white body, the same shape I was used to from Earth. I felt incredibly safe there, surrounded by these beautiful, youthful looking Andromedans.

The being closest to my right shoulder communicated with me, without moving his mouth. I was excited because I realized, Yes, I was capable of telepathy. I was told by the being that as a 7-D consciousness scientist from the Constellation of Boötes / Andromeda Galaxy. I had volunteered to anchor higher vibrations on Earth. Therefore, I was now experiencing a soul-fractal exchange, helping me to in time, heal my broken physicality, so it would be one day strong enough to anchor massively more powerful, ever increasing higher vibrations in this physical container.

I was given 2 Missions:

1) to raise the my then tiny children to the light

2) share my story and be of assistance to other "Walk-Ins"

Thankfully I can say, mission 1 has been successfully completed in spite of all past medical predictions.

What was once predicted, namely that I would most likely never see my kids graduate from Kindergarden thankfully never happened, because I chose to believe something different. Thankfully all of them graduated from university and are now living their life guided by their inner guidance. -

The very first time I spoke in public about my contact with the 'A', as Alex Collier so lovingly calls them, was four years ago. I had been very reluctant to do so, for like many of you, I am sure, I have had to go through some very tough times at some point along this path, and was guided to lie low for a while, until my children had reached adulthood and besides the divine plan had to be followed, also.  So I did.

Lately my contact has been saying. It's time to write and time to reach out and connect people with information and share my contacts and offer support where support is being requested.

Hence I am reaching out to you today. If this resonates with you please feel free to respond, join the group or email me. I am learning how to organize regular Zoom Meeting for my Toronto Experiencer's Group and all those interested.

I am also about to release my first 3-book within the next couple of months together with an offering of on-line Intuitive Awareness Consulting and Workshops. The writing of my detailed walk-in story and how it shock up my what one might have considered to be my “perfect stay-at-home-mom” life, is next on my to-do list.

I will keep you posted.

Most importantly though, its also part of my mission to create a space for Walk-Ins to hang out, support each other and spread the love. Those who have been further along on this path know, it can be very tough to integrate higher awareness into a lower resonating body and environment.

Regardless where you are at, please reach out. We are all in different spots on our journey, and we can learn from each other. The more I learn the more I know that there is even more to learn.

The Sufi Philosopher RUMI once said: “When I thought I was smart, I wanted to change the world. When I thought I was Wise, I knew I needed to transform myself.”

A path which I believe I will be on forever.

I am very grateful to all the wonderful people, who have been helping me and are still helping me along the way: some of whom I only met once, and whose name I never knew …. yet I want to let you know I appreciated them; and  I know I am standing on the shoulders of those, who came before me...

My intend is it to pass it forward the best I can for I know many lights make light work lighter…helping the planet and all its creatures heal faster.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

With Gratitude, Love & Light to you and Yours,

Hildegard von Boötes

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