"Warning! Warning!
If you read this book and apply the teachings of Master Rananda it will cost you your life... if you do not read this book and therefore do not apply the teachings, it will cost you your Life... If you say to me that It is God you want (and I guarantee you It is not what you want...) you will certainly discover yourself to be a hypocrite and a liar along with the thousands who are professing their longing for Enlightenment... and so, there you have it."


"I am teaching an experience that is not of your own making" - Rananda


Quote from "The Foolish Journey into Fear Ends Here - The Lelystad Teachings",  ISBN 978-9-078-58205-2, Price €19.95

This is a REALLY valuable book for all who want to Wake Up (and hear the truth...)

See also: http://www.mom-nederland.nl/Foolish%20Journey.html


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