Dr. Angela Barnett

The Moon itself has been called the Engine of Ascension by Bashar and others in higher realms. Mary Magdalene named her company Lunar Visions in 1994 because I received the message that it is the Moon who is the eyes of the Sun. We are given the Light of the Sun through the Moon. Only those with fourth dimensional eyes can see God's Design in this way.

This year 2018 is the year of two Blue Moons.

A Blue Moon is rare, but a double Blue Moon is extremely rare. This type of event only happens one time in a century.

Of course, a few of us know that the year 2018 was always known to be the year of the NEW BEGINNING.

We moved into the fourth harmonic universe on September 7 - 9 in 2017. That was the very beginning of the time of Earth's transformation. This was the beginning of the time when light would begin to flow back into the Consciousness of the Grids of Earth.

God created Grid Keepers to watch over the Grids of each planetary body in His Universes. Grid Keepers are Entities in the Cosmos together with Cosmic Creator Beings, Elders and Deities and the Angels.

Grid Keepers are the part of God's Consciousness that allows God's Light to Flow through the Planet as the main Source of Energy. Without the Energy of Consciousness there is a Darkness.

Dr. Angela Barnett

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