Manifesting heaven on Earth through solar alchemy
Manifesting heaven on Earth through solar alchemy
Mario Duguay

About a month ago I was inspired to create a movie using the magnificent artwork of the french artist Mario Duguay and the heavenly music of my friend and teacher Harold Grandstaff Moses, who I consider a musical genius. The focus of the movie would be the words of the Bodhisattva Manjushri transmitted through the director of The Hearts Center, David C. Lewis, another friend and teacher, and a spiritual genius. A bodhisattva is a buddha or saint who has earned the right to ascend to heaven but who has such compassion for humanity that he or she decides to stay upon earth until everyone ascends.

When I first heard Manjushri's vision of a golden crystal age in February of 2007, I was deeply moved, as were many others. When I first heard H. G. Moses's composition, "Love Streaming," I was also moved, and I felt that it should be the melody for a spiritual song or the soundtrack for a spiritual movie.

I first combined Manjushri's words with Mario Duguay's artwork for a slide presentation on solar alchemy in which a desire to manifest God's kingdom upon Earth was the focus of the alchemical experiment. But my speaking the words did not have the same effect as the original words spoken through David. And the printed words on the slides distracted people from really getting into the meditation with their full heart. That is the key to alchemy, engaging the heart. So I set about combining the imagery, original spoken words, and music into this video as a greater, more effective alchemical experiment. I feel that if enough people watch this video and desire the golden crystal age to manifest, they will be inspired to manifest it in their lives, and little by little, it will manifest. So, I would be grateful if you shared this article with your friends and family.

By Wayne Purdin

Alternative Religions Examiner

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