A second American revolution is underway but this time, it will affect the whole world and not just the United States. On a global level the “rules-based world order” (we rule you obey) is negotiating a surrender to the world freedom alliance, multiple sources agree. This can be confirmed in many different and seemingly unrelated news items. 

Let us start with the world’s response to Khazarian Mafia actor Vlodomyr Zelinski’s call to kick Russia out of the UN Security Council. This was the Russian response: “Excluding Russia from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is possible only if the entire organization is disbanded and created anew,” Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said.


That is exactly what is being negotiated this week as the G20 country representatives gather in Indonesia. Here Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will lay out the case for a complete overhaul of the UN etc. “The fact is that emerging markets are catastrophically underrepresented,” Lavrov points out.



The move to replace and revamp the Khazarian mafia-controlled UN, World Bank, BIS, IMF etc. is being backed up by an international boycott of the KM-controlled G7 group of countries. The G7 now only controls 31% of world GDP and 11% of the world’s people. This means they will lose the hybrid war now being waged against them.

As we reported last week a whole group of countries including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Indonesia have applied to join the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in a public rejection of the G7 bloc.



This is being backed up with an energy and economic boycott that will force the G7 economies to grind to an almost complete halt within a matter of months. Europe has already been cut off from Russian gas. They have also lost supplies of oil and gas from Libya and Algeria. This has been happening while “mysterious problems,” have shut down half of France’s nuclear power generators. A cut-off of Middle Eastern oil is next, Middle Eastern Green Dragon society sources say.

The United States too has been cut off from international oil markets and will use up its’ strategic petroleum reserve before the years’ end. The fake President Joe Biden’s begging mission to the Middle East later this month will not help, the sources promise.

Now Japan has become the next target after slave Prime Minister Fumio Kishida publicly announced his obedience to the KM. Russia has begun to nationalize the Sakhalin II gas project which accounts for 10% of Japan’s gas needs. This gas is about to be cut off.


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Also, Japan is going to have a long hot summer as its nuclear power plants are sabotaged. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/japans-jera-says-it-shut-down-500-mw-power-plant-due-fire-2022-07-03/?utm_source=reddit.com

Next, a cut-off of Middle Eastern oil will force Japan’s economy to grind to a halt this autumn along with the other G7 KM colonies.

This is why the G7 will have no choice but to try to negotiate a peace treaty with the rest of the world at this week’s G20 meeting in Indonesia.

In preparation for this, Russian Presidential avatar Vladimir Putin went to Indonesia last week to meet Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Sources in Indonesia say Putin offered to help Indonesia build a new capital city in Borneo. Not only that, the Russians promised this would also be the capital city for the new East Asia and Oceania region, the sources say. The EAO would be one of the seven regions that will replace the current G7 dominated UN Security Council.  


This move to create a new capital for a new regional grouping is the sort of thing that will come up at the G20 meeting. They will be discussing a complete revamp of the post-war Bretton Woods system, MI6 sources say.

This urgently needs to be revamped because the old system is collapsing.

In Europe, peasants with tractors -the modern equivalent of pitchforks- are on the warpath. This is most obvious in Holland where manure is being dumped on politicians’ lawns while borders and airports are being shut down by farmers furious with badly planned restrictions on Nitrates.


In Poland and elsewhere demonstrations in favor of a Europe United from Lisbon to Vladivostok have begun. 

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The EU regime, meanwhile, is so corrupt they are only publishing outright lies instead of real economic data. Why else would Europe’s statistics office Eurostat say this about how it calculated the so-called 8.6% inflation: “related data does not exist or are subject to statistical confidentiality.” These are the actions of a failed regime.




In the United States meanwhile, the second war of independence is raging and the fall of the fake Biden regime is imminent. Opinion polls now show that 85% of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction. They also show a huge majority thinks the “government is corrupt and rigged against ordinary people like me.” Also, other polls show 37 million gun owners are now ready to take military action against the fake Biden regime and its backers.




The gun owners are being forced to take action because the police cannot. In Chicago for example, in 2021 there were no police to respond to 406,829 incidents representing “an imminent threat to life, bodily injury, or major property damage/loss.” That was 52% of all such high-priority 911 calls. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/over-400000-high-priority-incidents-chicago-2021-had-no-police-available-send-new-data

dr Henry Makow expresses a general view of the failed KM leadership in the US when he says: “Their disdain is shown by their making Barrack Obama, a gay man married to a tranny, President. Then they have the elections manipulated and employed a senile pedophile, criminal and traitor with a perverted pedophile son.”


As one NSA source notes, anyone in the military and government who still supports these people is “a mushroom kept in the dark and fed bullsh*t.”

“These people have no regard for human life, they fill you with FEAR PORN because it fills their pockets. Vanguard and Blackrock are among the largest shareholders in Bavarian Nordic, maker of the monkeypox vaccine Jynneos. The largest shareholder is Invesco, which “coincidentally “Works with the World Economic Forum. The stock started soaring on May 9, 2022,” according to a Mossad source.


This kind of realization causes more and more advice to abandon the sinking ship of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

For example, Jeffrey Sachs, a super insider, recently went rogue and provided some valuable and actionable information to free the American people.

In particular, he has identified the following individuals as key figures in the would-be KM world dictatorship:

Leo Strauss, a political scientist at the University of Chicago, and Donald Kagan, a classical scholar at Yale University. Neocon leaders included Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan (son of Donald), Frederick Kagan (son of Donald), Victoria Nuland (wife of Robert), Elliott Abrams, and Kimberley Allen Kagan (wife of Frederick) .

Sachs, who calls the KM “neocons,” says their “views are based on an overarching false premise: that US military, financial, technological and economic superiority puts it in a position to dictate improve conditions in all regions of the world.”


He also came as close as he could get to the charge of attempted genocide (I assume he fears for his life) when he said

“I chaired the commission for the Lancet on Covid for 2 years. I’m pretty sure it came from a US biotech lab […]. We don’t know for sure but there are plenty of evidence. [But it’s not being investigated, not in the US, anywhere.”


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Sachs isn’t the only high-level insider to defect in recent weeks. Jeff Bezos has also come out and castigated the fake Biden writers with this tweet about inflation:

“Ouch. Inflation is far too important an issue for the White House to continue making such statements. This is either sheer misrepresentation or a profound misunderstanding of fundamental market dynamics.” https://t.co/XgKfEICZpk

– Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) July 3, 2022

We also see senior KM agents running to the Pope for protection. Last week, for example, Nancy Pelosi and her husband visited the avatar of Pope Francis. However, they failed to obtain protection. Vatican expert Moynihan reports: “The Pope did not give Nancy Pelosi Holy Communion. But that’s what she wanted. She wanted to receive Holy Communion from Pope Francis herself, but she couldn’t.”


In other words, Pelosi will have to go directly to the Creator to seek forgiveness for her many sins.

We also saw Elon Musk share a picture of himself and his family with the Pope after 9 days of silence on Twitter. The pope he poses with in the picture looks more like the real thing than the avatar who played his role. Our Vatican sources say that Musk has received protection. However, this could be overturned depending on how he behaves in the coming months, the sources said. He also has to speak publicly about his relationship with DARPA.


We also received this reader’s account of US President Donald Trump:

I was at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, NY earlier this month in the same room with President Trump, Rep. Elise Stefanik and Rep. Claudia Tenney.

Their discussion focused on the primaries, where most of President Trump’s supported candidates did well.

The main issue he highlighted was the integrity of the elections: paper ballots, voter identification, counting here in the US, postal voting only for military deployed overseas. Protecting the border also continues to have the highest priority.

He dismissed the fake news that called voter fraud a “big lie,” said a few kind words to a dozen other notables, and drove off in a caravan of Chevy Suburbans. I’m pretty sure that was the real man.

There were also some serious actions by military White Helmets in Carolina last week. The news reported a “mysterious earthquake swarm” centered around the Ft. Jackson was filming in Carolina.



According to CIA sources: “The White Hat Military Alliance knocked out several DUMBS with special explosives that made themselves felt like small earthquakes. An entire underground tunnel system used for child trafficking and the transportation of nuclear materials was destroyed as far as the Atlantic.”

Speaking of “white hats,” Japanese military intelligence sent us this photo to support their claim that actor Bruce Willis is now playing the role of prosecutor John Durham in real life, who “hunts down the bad guys.”


In addition, numerous activities that can only be described as “otherworldly” are reported throughout the world.

For example, on July 3, when the CERN collider was commissioned in Switzerland, this “eye of fire” appeared in the Gulf of Mexico. British Petroleum claims it’s an “oil fire,” but German intelligence sources insist it’s some sort of portal that has opened up.

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If that wasn’t weird enough for you, how about this one: a video of what appears to be reality split into two.

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And of course more off world craft are popping up every day it seems. “It appears they are gathering for an important event,” speculates a CIA source.

Here is a selection of the many recent sightings.

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In an effort to shed some light on this matter, we reached out to the public relations department at defense company Northrop Grumman to discuss anti-gravity vehicles, but they didn’t get back to us. We will try again and hope to get an answer this time.

In conclusion, as always, we find that while these things are fascinating, until they affect our daily lives, we must focus on liberating the planet ourselves and not waiting for the magical help of little green men.



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