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Benjamin Fulford — January 6th 2020: Desperate Zionist Move to Start WWIII Backfires Drastically; Part 2

[Below is the remaining portion of Fulford’s update this week]

Another indication the U.S. Corporation is desperate for funds is the fact that NASA (Not A Space Agency) is seeking survival money from Japan.

The U.S. Corporation was able to fool China and get funding to keep its operations going after the Lehman crisis by promising a black communist president—Barack Obama.

This time may be different, because so far only the Federal Reserve Board is buying U.S. stocks and U.S. Treasuries.

However, FRB funny money is not acceptable for the U.S. Corporation’s international payments that are due January 31st.

The fact is that U.S. debt is soaring, while population bombs and denying reality with funny money are not going to solve the problem.

What the American people need to understand is that the world is trying to free them from the U.S. Corporation’s Babylonian debt slavery and restore the Republic of the United States of America.  This will lead to a huge jump in U.S. living standards, similar to the near doubling of Russian living standards that was seen after Vladimir Putin kicked the Khazarian mafia out of his country.

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Even if the U.S. Corporation is funded past January 31st, the world is headed for extreme turbulence and a major purge as the Zionist beast is put down, Pentagon sources say.

The situation in Iran has distracted from many radical events taking place elsewhere in the world.  For example, the Zionist press is ignoring the news that their Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed “president” Juan Guaidó has been removed from his post as chief of the National Assembly, as multiple Venezuelan media outlets have reported.  This means they will not be able to use Venezuelan oil to pay their bills.

Meanwhile, the massive wildfires threatening Australia are now being labeled by Australian police and military sources as a deliberate attack on that country.  This arson is being accompanied by a huge corporate media campaign aimed at trying to force the Australian government to pay a carbon tax to cabalists, Australian secret intelligence service sources report.  Police say most of the fires have been caused by arsonists and not by “global warming.”

Also, as in California, some of the Australian fires look unnatural.  Why are only the vehicles burned, as seen in the picture at the link below?

France, for its part, is facing a revolution as the Zionists try to keep themselves afloat by stealing French pension money just like they already stole Japan’s pension funds.  The massive strikes and year of demonstrations are only intensifying as French living standards continue to plunge under the regime of Rothschild-slave president Emmanuel Macron.

P3 Freemason sources say France will experience regime change in 2020.  “It’s a good time to invest in guillotine futures,” one source joked morbidly.

The P3 have also revealed a bit more about themselves.  They say the P1 was created two centuries ago and was replaced by the P2 sixty years ago.  The P2 has been replaced by the P3 in 2020.  The biggest difference between P3 and P2 is that the P3 has no Mafiosi in its membership, they say.

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The P3 are saying the Germans under Angela Merkel are now the main obstacle to world peace and the creation of a future planning agency.  This means Merkel will be under great pressure to resign in 2020, one of the sources says.  This will be seen in the form of an increasingly destabilized EU, they say.

The other underreported but drastic event taking place is secret warfare between the Chinese and the Khazarian satanists.  China’s food supply is being hit with “pig ebola” and “army worms,” and now Chinese people are coming down with a SARS-like disease.

Also, Taiwan’s top military general was killed in a helicopter crash that was almost certainly a murder.

The Chinese are responding to these attacks by using scalar weapons technology to hit certain Americans, according to British Intelligence reports.

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The Zionists are also now rattling their nuclear sabre as satanist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accidentally on purpose says Israel is a “nuclear power.”

They have also been making multiple threats against Japan recently, claim Japanese right-wing and other sources.  The latest is a renewed threat to use directed energy weapons to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt.

The Gnostic Illuminati and others threaten to retaliate against any new attack on Japan by blowing up Washington, D.C., Rome, and Jerusalem with 500-megaton nuclear bombs.  Also, the Khazarian mob was reminded that hundreds of earthquakes were reported in the Island of La Palma immediately after the March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima.  If La Palma’s precarious rock formation falls into the sea, the East Coast of the U.S. and Southern Europe will be hit with a 100-meter tsunami.

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Despite all these threats and counter-threats, we must not forget the reality that world peace is far more likely than world war.  The people of the world overwhelmingly reject the attempt by the Zionists and their counterparts in Iran to provoke WWIII.  The U.S. military and European allies are rejecting calls for war with Iran.  The Chinese and Russians are also telling Iranian hardliners they will not be fooled into WWIII.

Iran’s government has been in peace talks with Saudi Arabia and the U.S.  That’s why Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently visited Japan.  After the attack on Soleimani, the Gulf States including Saudi Arabia called for peace.

Certainly there may be more provocations by the Zionists as their satanic project collapses around them.  However, they have lost the ability to fool and manipulate the world’s military forces into a world war.  This means the writing is on the wall for the Zionists, and it reads “Peace on earth, goodwill to men.

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Stillness General Comment on Fulford Reports

I decided to add this general comment to all Fulford reports since I frequently receive the same questions about them. 


In response to many questions and comments I receive from people wondering why I share these reports, I offer the following. 

Speaking as someone who has been following Fulford’s reports since 2011, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. That is to say, he seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface. 

The predictions and statements Fulford makes sometimes are highly accurate, whereas, in other instances, they are completely unfounded. Instead of looking to Fulford as one who is “tapped into” some greater truth, it would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time. 

This of course extends to all sources of information. Fulford, like all of us, is only human, and can make mistakes. But that doesn’t detract from the work he has done to spread awareness and move things forward to a brighter future for humanity. 

Discernment is the process of understanding what something is, which in Fulford’s case, means entertaining his reports without believing them blindly, and then doing the follow-up research/fact checking to determine what actually happened. In this way, it is a real-time discernment exercise.

The fact that so many people continue to read his reports despite their sensational and wildly inaccurate nature at times—while also being accurate and poignant—means the people he receives information from are probably using him as a mouthpiece to speak to you—the reader who is on their awakening path. As such, blind belief or callous rejection are not our allies but critical thinking and open-mindedness are. 

As I have said before, if he is serving as a mouthpiece for various groups working to change the status quo or agents within the Cabal, we can decipher the data as if it is a form of awakening propaganda—information that certain players want to expose the masses to. What effect this has on your personal process is largely up to you. But I would suggest taking an active role in discernment and not falling into the trap of total acceptance or rejection.

[This is the full update]

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on Monday

I just put that out there to warn people from living on the east coast. The DC could cause it to go any time and our ET Allies may not be able to stop it in time. I believe the old saying is '' better to be Safe than Sorry''. It has nothing to do with Fear but has to do with being prepared and Safe. Our Power lies in Safety and not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are all one. Adonai

Comment by amparo alvarez on January 10, 2020 at 4:54pm

This paragraph is key to our success: "Let's keep focused on what we want, not what they want.." They know this that is why they want us to stay in fear and confused so we cannot focus our power to create our future...

Comment by amparo alvarez on January 10, 2020 at 4:52pm

I know that what you say about the crack is true...I read about if many years ago and the possibility of it falling into the ocean...but I will also tell you that that won't happen...It won't be allowed to happen and it for some reason there would be an immediate threat there would be a massive intervention of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters of the Light...Let's create our own reality and not allow the dark ones to decide it for us...We all together can do it...It is a matter of understanding our power and use for our benefit and the benefit of all life on earth...Let's keep focused on what we want, not what they want...Blessings

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 10, 2020 at 10:24am

{''Also, the Khazarian mob was reminded that hundreds of earthquakes were reported in the Island of La Palma immediately after the March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima.  If La Palma’s precarious rock formation falls into the sea, the East Coast of the U.S. and Southern Europe will be hit with a 100-meter tsunami.''} 

This part is true, for I spent the winter of 78-79 there in the Canary islands and that island has a huge crack more than a meter wide in some places at the top and goes down very deep and the island is very high. And below it on the sea bed is a nuclear dump of stored radioactive waste. So whenever it does go, not only will there be a huge Tsunami  but it will be radioactive water as well hitting the east coast of the US and Europe and Africa. That's why I stay away from all the east coast and always live a hundred miles inland. You can ck out my story, I posted a blog that I researched, here on this site back in 2011.So stay away from living near the east coast, huh! Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 10, 2020 at 9:47am

Take a good look at the pic and you will see the damage to the truck and boat was done by a DC laser weapon by looking at the trees next to it are not burned or scorched.enjoy, copy,send out. Adonai


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