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i have a dark entity invading my peace and love this entity showed up 5 days ago and is making me ill and testy its a very strong entity and very hard to get rid of it is even messing with the rest of my family and the animals on my farm i first encountered this being on this website so if you have encountered this being i am letting you know our not the only one i had to stick a crystal light amplifier in its third eye and hook it to the light grid

----love and light! 

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Comment by Karma's Helper on August 30, 2011 at 5:33pm

Comment by Jim Clarson on August 29, 2011 at 7:12pm

from what ive learned dealing with demons and other etheric energies of similar natures. it takes a realisation of the fact that you in yourself and whats inside of you have the power to overcome any negative energy attaching itself to you. realising it though can be the hard part. the most important thing to remember is that there are always those around you in energy willing to give support and help as needed for your greatest benefit. but the main thing that helps from personal experience is to awaken your inner divine flame and become that which is within you, and realise you in your own divinity have that peice of white light that whatever dark being it is cant stand to be around and will leave. your confidence and overcoming of fear and to stand in your faith of your inner divine light, and say to that being "no, I AM not not allowing you to cause me, my family, or my fluffy companians any more greif. say that firmly and stand your ground long enough for it to leave, and each moment you stay longer in that mindset, you grow stronger and brighter in your vibration, feeling and experienceing your own source fragment of the universal divine mind that is you. and you become it, experience it, and then with practise, go off and share your experiences with others and tell them your story of how you got rid of a parasitic entity that could know longer feed off of your fear because it wasnt there to be fed off of anymore. and you can be proud of yourself and thankful for the experience you were given. in the jungle book [live action rather then disney] mogli knew that to defeat sheer khan, show no fear and stand your ground. and with fire [divine protective deflective light in the mind, body and soul of the brave unyeilding defender], sheer khan was no match and fled. you too can do the same, and find the most divine aspect of yourself and become one with that part of you, living and learning with it. in this mindset, nothing can stand in your way. so know that there are those around you showing you and giving you support to acheive your liberation from this dark entity. just find your inner spark and become one with it, and you will be assured in having the power to drive whatever dark energy it is off, just remain confident, and let your inner light guides your way and shed light on the darkness around you. you can do it.



Comment by hedoknight on August 29, 2011 at 6:45pm
indeed violetray hey happykelly didnt you say you were sending violetfalme lol ne ways i also just caught the being in a crystal bottle in put him in my crystal city it has rainbow light constantally fluctuating on top of the being and an inverse sound bubble surrounds the entity nullifying its voice its trapped and it brought friends they are now trapped to then i cleansed the pathways with psy trance dance but thats just how i do it if they dont know how you do it they cant effect you as easily as by well know rituals those are well worn pathways and word spreads :)
Comment by VioletRay on August 29, 2011 at 6:05pm

Hi folks, Hi hedoknight, well I can't tell you if if it's the same energy exact signature, though very similar I'm sure.

Yes from time to time they come and test me, by manipulating my wife and my little dog and try to see if they can agitate me into anger.

Though at this point i see it as a test and love them no matter what and it goes away in good time. Unconditional love is key to solving all of these types of issues, even though most folks have no idea that people can be manipulated in such ways, though I'm sure some wonder why an individual can be nice as pie one day or minute, then rather rude or mean the next, though I know why.

Pure unconditional love is all there is that is real and these energies are here to remind us of that.

peace love light

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on August 29, 2011 at 5:40pm

Wow, I had thought that strange at the time... hmmm makes you think, doesn't it?  Gives us a bit of compassion for others, we needed to hear this, HK. 

With all the earth changes there are some wannabe "squatters" wanting to hunker down inside our etheric vehicles... I guess one should be careful about making a home for them and take appropriate steps as you have done.  Thank you for sharing, this is important. 

Comment by hedoknight on August 29, 2011 at 5:10pm

thank you happykelly as to how i protect myself i dont subcribe to whatever neone else say  in a book or real life 

because we all need new methods for these new times for this entity i have to breathe like i am giving birth b/c i am to a state of well being also if attacks continue i sleep i very strong in my sleep also i use my imagination for instance i used my light this alien entity was using very subtle possesion on all my family and friends and animal friends to annoy me and then try to influnce me when my light and gaurd was down so i thought i will create a mental light crystal and hook it to my light and dark aspects and ne time my darkness increased it would light up the crystal in the dark being the i hooked it to the grid of light i also put a reciever and inverter crystal in my third eye so when darkness was pushed upon me it turned to light  thats the best i could come up with but its been very informative this being is relentless do you remember tyler freaking out and that picture of the creepy looking alien at the end of his post its that same being i laughed at that being and my disdain allowed it to connect to me i am not gonna let it out of its prison tell we ascend either pesky little bugger

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on August 29, 2011 at 4:12pm

Hmmm I have faith in my divine protection but can you explain a little more us how you can defend yourself?  And I thought it was just me who noticed the darkness here... thank you- at least I know I am not crazy, lol.  Is it human or 'other"? 

I hope you feel better Hedoknight, you are a valued and imaginative contributor here.  Sending you the Violet Flame :) 

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