Beauty and Perfection 2

Beauty is the natural state of all created things.

Everyone speak of beauty, some of us even spend
thousands and millions ofdollar in the name of beauty.
Beauty of self, a beautiful wife,husband, kids, house ,
car and everything else that we desire orchoose to have.

A short story i wish to share with you my friendson the
subject of beauty and perfection.

I work at a tireshop in beautiful mount Shasta, CA
One day like any regular day i'mthere working with my co-worker,
we were putting four new tires on avehicle. The rule is whenever we
have new tires going on a car, newvalve stems are also required.
As i was working i keep noticing howmy co-worker for every
new tire would put a new valve stem with oneof those used caps we have
instead of the new cap that came with thevalve stem, i said what are you doing?
why don't you use the same capthat came with the new valve stem, he said;
it does not matter if iput the new or a use cap with the valve stem because
people don'tcare, people don't pay attention to little stuff like that, i saidreally,
how would you feel if you go to a car dealership and you buy abrand new car after
all papers are signed and the car is brought outto you with four used tires, how would
you feel, he said that'sdifferent. As i continue working the word Beauty stand out in my
mindfollow by those messages:

Beauty does not just happen, it takesall the pieces or particles of a car, of a house, of a flower,
of apicture, of a person or whatever that may be beautiful to you playingtheir roles and coming together to create beauty. . . I was standingthere in gratitude and i said to myself i got it.

Follow was theword perfection,
that it is perfection in seeing all the pieces thatcame together working in perfect harmony and knowing even before thepieces came together they decided or chose within themselves to love, tounderstand, to agree to play their roles and see that they all areequal to one another and without one another the picture or the carwould not come together.

For example a flower is not beautiful byaccident, it took the love, the
understanding and the agreement ofeach particle coming together playing their parts.
In the valve stemcase or the brand new car without the pieces doing their part by comingtogether we would not have a beautiful car.

Beloved friends itdoes not stop here. The world we live in. Our beautiful Mother Earth.
Sheis not beautiful by accident; it takes all the particles, elementallife beings, the angels,
spirit nature, the invisible ones, the onesbehind the scene doing their part.
It takes me doing my part, youdoing your part, they doing their part, us doing our part.

Itstart with each one of us doing and bringing our own life, our ownthought, our own body/health, our own house, our own family in order. . .Stop saying i don't care or the little things don't matter because theydo. Start by paying attention to the details of your life because thosedetails or particles of your life they what create beauty andperfection.

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  • What a beautiful loving message !
    Thank you !
  • Perfection is all in the detail, for example the flower that you see, from the stem it springs from from, the earth that supports its growth, along with the elements that nurture natural development. Perfection in my view is only obtained when the smallest action contributes to the bigger picture and if you think perfection has been obtained, then we can assume that their would be nothing to wonder at.
    It is in the smallest thought that the steps to perfection are taken and the beauty of the journey is the inspiration that inspires its attainment.
  • i love this post Eric! ~thank you!~ (& please, tell me the name of the tire shop/mechanic where you work, i'm taking my car there! ;0) i absolutely agree with you regarding details & beauty. in all it's smallest of elements, it is like an agreement, and such an organic, natural occurrence; much like the construct of a snowflake! i believe our ability to perceive it, let alone, appreciate it, has alot to do with our personal~inner vibration~ like, a rhythm or song, an instrument! you are either "in~tune" with your environment & universe, or not. i bet you'd be good company to go to an art gallery with! ;0) i am fortunate, my mother always raised me to slow down, to be able to notice the tiniest details of things~ smells, sights, textures, picking sounds out from others (i can hear birdsong on the freeway~if i only listen). perhaps it is innate? perhaps it has to do more with intuition? perhaps it's more neurological? or, maybe our ability to enjoy, respect, cultivate and honor the "details" and "beauty" that longs to manifest itself in all things~ in US!~ is like a quiet sleeping tiger, only waiting to be roused! ~
  • It is the little things or details in your life that creates Heaven or Hell.

    The choice is yours.
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