Two basic astrology horoscope charts are used in this project: Mark David Chapman and the MKULTRA time of the beginning work day (or doors opening) at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The 1947 horoscope of the C.I.A. is irrelevant; MKULTRA was a secret and very separate section of the CIA. This secretive section known as MKULTRA was an illegal domestic program that trained people (especially in psychiatry and psychology) with the use of brainwashing activities (combined with the use of LSD and other drugs) that enabled one to force an uninformed person to commit actions against their will (and mostly in the U.S.... REMEMBER THIS: if MOSSAD or MI6 (OR CHINA) do the spying for the CIA in the U.S., it is legal. But if the CIA does it, it is illegal. Thus this was a very illegal thing going on with MKULTRA). And yes, creating a patsy with such brainwash techniques to do a murder (as well as allowing participation in various sexual orgies [or committing an assassination of someone whose politics you don't like]) were reported to be strong possibilities that were allowed to be utilized for the research with the MKULTRA section during the Age of the Red Scare. Note that Charles Manson stated before he died that many in his circle of associates outside of Spahn's Ranch in L.A. (at the time of the Helter Skelter murders) were a part of or were connected with the Central Intelligence Agency in some way. Below are the horoscopes of MKULTRA and Mark David Chapman:



Below is the composite chart of MKULTRA and Mark David Chapman:


And below is the same chart above but with my notes. Highlighted in yellow below, Chapman's natal Venus fits on the Moon Square Chiron of the MKULTRA program. Thus, it is probable that Chapman may have at one time made friends with employees from the MKULTRA program (and probably in Hawaii, where Chapman was committed to a state psychiatric facility that was [at that time] not far from a U.S. Navy base known for high level security work [as was the case with most military bases in Hawaii at that time]). Highlighted in pink below, Chapman's Mercury in Gemini (in the secretive and spy-ruling 12th House) forms a strong Trine with Chiron in the 8th House. This seems to define Chapman's "harmony" (Trine) with MKULTRA as being defined as  "secretive communications with others working in espionage type-work or high-level surveillance security work."


Highlighted in orange above, the MKULTRA natal Sun ("the C.E.O., the boss, the person running things in the activity or organization") forms a Square with Chapman's natal [Jupiter Conjunction Uranus]. This placement may have indicated Chapman's many long-distance 1970's travels were probably financed (partially or whole) by the person running MKULTRA. This is very possible considering the type of low-pay work Chapman did to make money, and thus this expensive travelling bill was probably provided by or partially provided by someone else (and Chapman reportedly did a lot of long-distance travelling throughout the 1970's that would have been very expensive in that timeframe). One person does stand out in this timeframe: George H.W. Bush was the director of the C.I.A. from early 1976 to the end of 1977, and Chapman was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Hawaii (Castle Memorial Hospital) in 1977 for clinical depression. Lennon murder researcher Professor Peter Dale Scott said that Mark David Chapman possibly went through CIA-developed behavior modification at Castle Memorial Hospital when he lived in Hawaii; information about a secret naval base reportedly near the hospital at that time is currently unavailable and non-existing. Interestingly, Lt. Arthur O’Connor headed a New York police district of one million people, where Lennon had lived. He told Fenton Bresler that he studied Chapman intensely and he “looked like he could have been programmed, and I know what you’re going to make of that word! That was the way he looked and that was the way he talked.” O’Connor was reportedly the second New York police officer to make that assessment. As mentioned earlier, the natal Sun position can sometimes represent "the C.E.O., the boss, the person running things in the activity or organization" in a corporation, partnership, or proprietorship chart.....The natal Sun position of MKULTRA is located at 23 degrees Aries 20 minutes, and the natal Chiron position of George H.W. Bush is 23 degrees Aries 46 minutes, less than 1/2 a degree away from the MKULTRA natal Sun position. Finally, let's look at the star positions. Below are all my notes:


With Saturn representing "government" and Neptune representing "deception," the natal MKULTRA Saturn Conjunction Neptune placement may indeed represent "a deceptive area of the government" with this placement. Compounding this "fabulous deception" is Chapman's natal Neptune in Conjunction with this MKULTRA Saturn/Neptune placement (along with the fortunate stars of Spica and Arcturus). Chapman was possibly involved with friends and associates secretly working with MKULTRA (and other secret areas of the CIA) and who were going to control and deceive a mentally ill Chapman in a very horrific way (and get him to fire a two-inch .38 Special at a moving Lennon 10-20 yards away so he can be a patsy for the murder). Below is the diagram of the shooting, and the theory concerning how Lennon got that perfect kill shot to the heart. Keep in mind that Chapman stated in a jail cell interview that he never called out "Mr. Lennon" and Lennon never turned around to face him when he shot at him. The only other explanation is strong faith in Arlen Specter's magic bullet theory (from JFK assassination research and The Warren Report studies) which claims that bullets can do u-turns while fired in flight.8111243489?profile=RESIZE_710x


Mark Chapman was probably working with MKULTRA, and probably while George H.W. Bush was the director of the CIA from 1976 to 1977. Chapman was possibly a victim of being brainwashed or "programmed" shortly before the Lennon murder, and the MKULTRA section of the CIA may have been a part of this psychological programming of Chapman to take shots at Lennon so that he could be the patsy for the murder.


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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  • So Lennon may have been exposed to some deep state plans?
    My favorite deep state/cia op( I read somewhere cia's involved-may have been Jones) is Zuckerberg and many others have been using a mild form of lsd to keep them in contact with aliens that have been guiding each of them with their task to destroy humanity-eventually they think they will be taken off planet-so it's an evil guys ascension for them, an evil Rapture. They are probably in constant contact with evil spirits, demons, and evil aliens.
    You've probably heard that if the world goes to hell the Hawiians say they are going to attack zucks compound-and others there.
  • While in India, John Lennon and Yoko Ono reportedly did a song about the group they were with while visiting the maharishi in India .. And Lennon made a hint in this song about one of the members of the group working with the CIA .. Lennon may have did brief work with the CIA, but he came to his senses when he realized these people were f*cking nuts in terms of how mankind is to change according to their designs.
  • There is an clip of Lennon on a tv show-or news clip - on x going around yesterday. Lennon was stating his opinion that the world is run by maniacs.
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