Basic Astrology Analysis: a look at October 2023 and three panics (Black Tuesday, Silver Thursday, and the Dot Com Bust)

The three horoscopes of financial panics that were looked at include Black Tuesday (1929), Silver Thursday (1980), and the Dot Com Bust (2000). Three important astrology factors were noted with these three panics, and these same three factors will be looked at in October of 2023. No Uranian Astrology planets or analysis will be used (except for midpoints). The important discovery made is that there are three common astrology symbol involvements present in three panics of three different types of investments (involved in the panic). We will start with New York Stock Exchange and Black Tuesday of 1929.


Note the three themes to be observed: Jupiter / Neptune ("financial speculation"), the Nodal Plane ("connections with the world and with others" [and events that concern these connections]), and the Moon ("the employees and customers of the business"). These are the three factors that I noted to consider if one wants to look at astrology factors common in a financial panic. BUT HERE'S WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING..These same three points may be involved in a financial panic per transiting event (as well as with natal placements). Let's look at Black Tuesday.

11143422063?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Jupiter / Neptune theme is the transiting midpoint of Jupiter / Neptune forming a Square to the natal Jupiter / Neptune (highlighted in yellow above). The Nodal Plane theme is highlighted in pink (with involvement of the Moon as well). The natal Moon placement has a T-Square forced on it of Pluto, Mercury, and Black Moon Lilith (in orange highlighter above). Talk about a bad day at the office. Now onto Silver Thursday, which smells of controversy. This silver sell-off took place at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) when the Hunt Brothers reportedly failed to make a margin call (and the Hunt Brothers claimed that the Federal Reserve were instrumental in changing the rules on them).


The silver panic began on Thursday, March 27, 1980. Highlighted in yellow below, note the transiting Jupiter / Neptune midpoint applying to the natal Pluto Opposition Black Moon Lilith placement. Pluto may represent banking or agents of the banking function in business horoscope charts, and combined with Black Moon Lilith this natal placement may indicate very secretive agents of banking (that are now involved in Jupiter / Neptune financial speculation).


 A New Moon transit (Sun Conjunction Moon; highlighted in orange above) indicates "a new beginning;" the CBOT on this date (and thereafter) now cannot guarantee you will receive the physical commodity that you are investing for. Highlighted in pink above, the Black Moon Lilith Conjunction North Node transit may indicate that there were criminal elements present with this event, and probably of a very secretive type. Now onto the Dot Com Bust. This took place at the New York based NASDAQ  stock exchange.


Note that Dot Com companies dominated appearance and advertising revenues for the 2000 Super Bowl. Shortly afterward in March of 2000, the world found out that the Japanese were in a recession. Everyone dumped dot com shares and went to safer investments (with actual P / E ratios that were not triple digits).


Highlighted in yellow above, transiting Mercury in Retrograde is forming a hard Square with the natal Jupiter / Neptune placement. Drawn in orange above, the lunar involvement concerns the transiting Moon Opposition Black Moon Lilith placement forming a T-Square with natal Pluto. Finally, in pink above, the Nodal Plane crosses the natal Moon Opposition Mercury placement.

October 15, 2023 Transits Applied To N.Y.S.E. And NASDAQ

11143436468?profile=RESIZE_710xI picked this date since it's the middle of October, and most historians usually think of October when they think of stock market crashes. Highlighted in yellow above, the transiting 2023 "financial speculation" midpoint (Jupiter / Neptune) transits over the N.Y.S.E. Moon placement and the NASDAQ Ascendant placement. Highlighted in pink above, the transiting 2023 Nodal Plane is within 1/2 degree of crossing the natal N.Y.S.E. Jupiter / Neptune midpoint. Highlighted in green above, the transits of Uranus Square Pluto and Uranus Conjunction Mercury (N.Y.S.E.) and Uranus Square North Node (NASDAQ) are all within 1/2 degree as well (and will not be exact until 2024). Finally, drawn in orange above, transiting 2023 Saturn Opposition Black Moon Lilith forms a T-Square with the natal NASDAQ Jupiter / Neptune that is within three degrees from being exact (and forms exact in early 2024).


It may be very important to monitor the crowds of non-sophisticated investors for irrational behavior regarding investments. This behavior was seen with the stock market in early 1987 (with a Super Bowl commercial from Merril Lynch that predicted the stock market would "go up") and with Bitcoin recently (with the media running news that Elon Mush reportedly was interested in Bitcoin; a crash in Bitcoin took place when Musk said he was not interested). If public sentiment regarding financial speculation is running wild in the bullish column during late summer to early fall of 2023, please protect yourself. I don't know if "the crash" will take place in 2023, but trust me: there is one coming. And fall of 2023 features a very high reading for astrological tension for both the NASDAQ and the N.Y.S.E.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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