Dear Lighworkers,


Barrack Obama is a puppet of the dark cabal, just like Bush and many U.S. Presidents before him....Maybe the last truly independent President was JFK, but Obama has been used, by CIA psyops, to CONFUSE, CONTAIN & CORRUPT and generally muddle the clear thinking of people everywhere, in the USA and beyond....


He is truly a false prophet, as all the hype that surrounds him, generated by so many false channels, is naught but hot air........Obama is not working for the GFL, as claimed by Quinsey and Ward.......and several others, who follow their lead....Search the name of "Obama" on PAOWEB....you will not find him mentioned, nor endorsed by our truly Lighted Federation.....

He serves the Divine Plan in his capacity of dark leader....but he is not the future you seek....


PEOPLE POWER is the key to the future, that and the externalisation of the Hierarchy and disclosure...Not the spurious actions of a President of the USA, who functions under the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM....as Obama does...

Individual evolution and empowerment under a truly constitutional system is key, not the actions and expected mercies, of a corporation president, who works willingly for a system that seeks control, rather than human liberation...

My advice for all, is to use true discernment and don't assume that wooly, fluffy words from Obama, mean that he serves your interests....WAKE UP WORLD.....Free your minds from Obama....and then you will find the true golden age and learn your true and illustrious history, untainted by the dark....


When Obama is "re-elected" by his dark masters...remember that in no way will he suddenly allow the freedoms you seek, as the game will continue until his entire system is reformed and not before...


Magna est veritas et praevelabit.....!!


Selamat Kasijaram Zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


Also, see this presentation vid by David Icke, which describes Obama's dark role...



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  • This ongoing propaganda from CIA psyops, who have penetrated the New Age movement, is truly repulsive....They have created a massive glamour which surrounds the perceptions of President Obama.....A dangerous glamour which demonstrates the novel 1984, conditioned DOUBLETHINK concept......Turning truth on it's head at every opportunity....


  • He is as black as Zimmerman is white. He is a crappy person...has nothing to do with his race.
  • Obama will not be having a one-to-one dialogue in Moscow, with Putin, after all, in response to Russia's adherence to morality, international law, fair play, compassion for a political refugee and basic humanity.....So, again we have objective evidence to support whee Obama's actual loyalties lay...and you will find them undoubtedly with the dark survellance state, belligerent foreign policy and international tensions....Obama serves the dark....... plain and simple....If he were a man of "lightworking" potential, at the very least, he would seek dialogue with Russia....The Russians have done nothng wrong in granting temporary asylum to Snowden...On the contrary...

    The Guilt of Obama is obvious to all, accept the most brainwashed...


  • we petition the obama administration to:

    We Demand President Obama Resign


  • OK Ed, but that does not mean that Carter would be a post NESARA President Designate, merely one of several political "elders," or advisers, who have achieved a degree of spiritual maturity, lacking in many politicians...Many former Illuminoids have defected to the White Knights over the years...The Spiritual Hierarchy values initiates above 3rd degree to take on responsible statesmanship roles...Not certain what Carter's rays are (have not checked,) but they may be useful for such a role, when the Illuminoids have gone...Albeit, he seems too old now, but who though he was cloned...??

    He was himself once a peanut farmer, so at least comes from a background less wallstreet, more mainstreet, I would assume...

  • Here's something to ponder about Obama, from Benjamin Creme's website:


    Q. Will Barack Obama be the last president of the United States? I believe it was either Maitreya's associate or your Master who said that eventually the US presidency will be replaced by a group of wise elder statesmen and that former president Jimmy Carter (in office, 1976-1980) will be invited to join them if he lives long enough.


    A. That is still the Plan so there is every chance that Mr Obama will be the last President.



  • EIR have described how Obama intimidated Hillary Clinton....And looking at the enforcer himself, that does not surprise me..

  • http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blog/show?id=2859786%3ABl...

    Obama is on the verge of being impeached and Executive Intelligence Review have produced a webcast for your perusal at this link to Mr.Ed's blog....

    I invite all who have been fooled into believing "Obama is of the Light," to view it and have their mind's awoken swiftly...

  • O-BAAA-MAA....!!  The sheeple still follow their crooked shepherd like a flock of sheep, it seems...


  • The only fake alien is Obama...who some have been fooled into thinking works within the GFL...which is complete nonsense...

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