The Fed is desperately trying to maintain their stronghold on society by continuously pumping money back into the stock market to create a false illusion that their ink paper is actually worth something. 







Those in tune with vibrational change can attest that the Golden Age has already begun!  The years leading up to 2012 will usher in an unprecedented change in our global civilization where we will gradually transcend time and money as evidenced by the recent multitude of bank closings which is breaking down the paradigm of money in our society.

Changes in Time

Our perception of time, unknowingly to those who are not in tune to this anomaly, is being dissolved at a rapid pace.  100 years ago, our civilization was traveling by horse and buggy.  We're currently at the saturation point of where technology is surpassing its convenience.  The unprecedented amount of change in technology is evidence of how time has gradually broken down and reflected in the significant amount of change through the speeding up of our vibrational patterns.  In the past thirty years, alone, technology has outpaced the cumulative effort of the thousands of years of technology in our civilization.

Changes in Money

Our need for money is also collapsing within this paradigm.  Currency had value at one point in time, where it could be measured and paid in silver.  Now, money is represented by a piece of paper with incremental numbers on it and essentially only worth the paper it's printed on.  How many trees need to be cut to maintain this facade of money?

Recently in the news, the IndyMac Bank was taken over by the company who instigated the need for our current dependency of currency, the Federal Reserve.   The Fed is desperately trying to maintain their stronghold on society by continuously pumping money back into the stock market to create a false illusion that their ink paper is actually worth something.  Now, their taking control of the collapsing banks in a last-ditch effort to impose fear and control over us.  Their ship is sinking and they know it. 

Now What?

We have two basic emotions: fear and love.  Unfortunately, many people will fear losing their ink paper but now is the time to embrace the change that is occurring. 

Think of it this way:  Each time a bank closes or is taken over by the Federal Reserve, means we're one step closer to the full implementation of the Golden Age! 

The game is over, my friends.  They lost and we won so don't let the illusion of money, time or fear-based politics get to you.  All of our souls chose to be here RIGHT NOW to make a difference in this world and to witness the start of the Golden Age. 

All of our souls, without exception, thought we could overcome the fear-based mentality to make a difference in this world.  The powers that be knew this and developed a structure system that kept us locked inside-the-box through the media and what we learned in school, essentially cultivating our minds to THEIR agenda.  As our minds are opening up to the truth, we see through their illusion and we're opening up our potential to the unlimited possibilities that exist outside-the-box. 

The Best Time to be Alive

This is the most exciting time to be alive!  How many people can say they personally witnessed the end of time and money?  This is why we're here, because we wanted to be one of those witnesses.  There may never be another opportunity to be alive in such a trying, yet wonderful time in which we're experiencing.

Please remember, each time we buy into their fear, we continue to empower their illusion.  Conversely, each time we see this moment as a rare time to be alive and appreciate the reasons WHY we're here, we'll continue to collapse the current paradigm as we enter into our Golden Age debut.







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