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Balancing the masculine and feminine

The troubling sickness within most society across the world is the dominance of one over the other. When we have only one aspect of ourselves it leads to imbalance and eventually to disease. Women have been denying themselves of their womanhood deeming certain aspects that make them who they are as wrong. Then we have society as a whole treating those who don't fit gender stereotypes as sub-humans. Don't even get me started on how they attack people of different orientation. There's a perpetual sickness because we ignore the two sides that make the whole. A society that denies either aspect will eventually lead to one outcome. We need both sides in order to maintain this world. I'm saddened that many are still caught up in the old ideas that keep us in this sickness. I'm also quite saddened that it takes violent upheaval for people to start listening and paying attention to these problem. We must come together to heal this false perception of what it is to be two parts of the whole. Starting from today, I hope that those who read this post will begin to see the other side of themselves. See the masculine and feminine aspects of themselves and nurture it into wholeness.

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Comment by John Jancar on October 30, 2011 at 11:38pm

Well I try my best to balance my masculine and feminine energies. It's not that easy lol Usually I find myself leaning too much towards either side. I can feel so masculine and powerful, that I become aggressive and domineering, and I know that isn't good. Or, sometimes, I can feel so feminine, that I'll start feeling weak and passive. You're right, both sides need to be balanced, one without the other is incomplete.


Clearly there has been far too much masculine energy throughout our history, way too much emphasis on power and strength. We need the feminine balance, and the feminine energies that have been grounding on Earth for a couple of years now, are helping with that, and you can see its effects on people everywhere. But, some people who think it's ALL about feminine energy and masculine energy is somehow wrong or lower. They need to understand, that just as you can be too masculine, you can also be TOO FEMININE.


Sure being loving is great, it's important, love is what makes life worth living, but that's not ALL there is lol There is a place for strength and power. God isn't just love, like I read alot. God is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, the father-mother principal. God is the ultimate in love, compassion, nurturing, giving, sweetness, etc. And, God is also the ultimate in power, strength, will, determination, God is the ultimate authority! And it is these aspects of God within us, that we need to balance together.


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