Arcturian Message on The Return
By Suzanne Lie - March 5, 2013

Dear Ascending Ones,
As you continue your process of returning to your Multidimensional SELF, you will be releasing the components of your self that are no longer needed. For example, as a child you needed someone outside of you to tell you what to do. However, now that you are an adult, you are able to listen to your own inner voice.

Since you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF, the choices and actions of your ego are no longer necessary or enjoyable. Therefore, you will be placing more and more of your attention and intention on the SELF to whom you are returning. This shift of focus so expands your consciousness that you are beginning to remember your innate Multidimensional thinking and expanded perceptions.

As you continue this metamorphosis the small voice of the Divine Child calls out, “Take me with you.” We remind you to welcome your Divine Child and realize that he/she has always been within your High Heart. Your Divine Child became the one you identified as yourself before you began your process of Ascension. Now that “Child” can lead you into your SELF.

Your Divine Child represents your first eight cells that are stored in the ATMA of the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart. Within these first eight cells is all that you have learned from your many incarnations on physical Earth. These eight cells also hold the pattern of lives in which you Ascended (returned to SELF) in your other incarnations.

When you died you returned to the Wheel of Life and Death in the fourth dimensional aura of planet Earth. On the other hand, when you Ascended you returned to your fifth dimensional Lightbody. It is your Lightbody that carries you across the Great Void between the fourth dimension and the higher worlds of the fifth dimension and beyond.

During this era of planetary transformation many Ascending Ones will be acknowledging their Divine Child who remembers all their past Ascensions. More and more Ascending Ones are choosing to connect with the fifth-dimensional threshold world even though they could move on into higher dimensional realities. They are making this choice in order to participate in the great honor of assisting with the creation of New Earth.

Please remember that in every version of the fifth dimension and beyond there is no time. Therefore, you are returning to a reality that has always existed and is simultaneously in the process of creation. In fact, whenever you travel inter-dimensionally, you enter a new reality by calibrating your consciousness to the resonance of that world.

Then, when you merge your great Multidimensional essence with that world, it re-sets the entire reality. This reset creates new options and opportunities that did not exist before your entry.
Thus, your entry into a reality that has existed beyond time is re-created by your presence. Do you see dear Ascending Ones how much power you have within you?

The contribution of your essence has the ability to alter an entire way of life. In fact, even within your time-bound Earth vessel you influence the Collective and Planetary Consciousness of Earth with your every out-breath.
Your breath has great power.

Your first breath at birth indicates that you were alive (logged into the 3D Game) and your last breath at your death indicates that you are dead (logged out of the 3D Game). In other words, the Spiritual Essence of your breath enters your form at birth and leaves your form at death. However, since you are your spiritual essence, you are not born, nor do you die.

It is your form that is born and your form that dies. Remember that in order to enter into a form-based reality, you must first create a body based on the molecular resonance and configuration of that reality. Then when your body is fully formed, your Spirit enters that form.

New Earth resonates to the fifth dimensional threshold after the Great Void between lower worlds where having a form means you are alive and higher worlds where having a form is a choice. In preparation for your journey across this Void, your physical form is in the process of transmuting into your Lightbody that will carry you across the Void.

However, because planet Earth is also Ascending, as your form transmutes into a higher frequency of expression, so does your entire reality. Hence, both people and planet are simultaneously recalibrating their form to higher and higher frequencies. Since your form/body is comprised of the elements of the reality you are experiencing, when your reality transmutes into higher frequencies, you must match that frequency shift to remain within that reality.

Therefore, your consciousness is constantly recalibrating to higher and higher frequencies of light, and your body must recalibrate itself, as well. If your state of consciousness becomes too much higher than your body, you will “die,” as your consciousness is of a resonance that cannot be contained in your lower frequency vessel.

Your physical Earth vessel is comprised of the third dimensional elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. These elements are transmuting into their fourth dimensional expression of Elementals.

Earth Elementals are titled Gnomes,

Air Elementals are titled Sylphs,

Fire Elementals are Salamanders,

Water Elementals are Undines and

Etheric Elementals represent the blending of spirit-into-matter.

The fourth dimensional Elementals carry the breath of Gaia within them and share Her essence with you via your in-breath. With your every inhale the Elementals bring in the higher frequency of Gaia’s fourth dimensional:

Earth Elemental into your body
Air Elemental into your breath
Fire Elemental into your neural synapses
Water Elemental into your blood and cerebrospinal fluid
Etheric Elemental into your aura

Your Earth vessel must then adapt to these higher frequencies of energy. Often this adaptation begins by releasing that which was part of the self that you pretended to be. Once you have released the aspects of yourself that have become too low of a resonance for your transmuting form, you will be able to exhale your higher frequency of breath into Gaia’s world. Hence, you will share your transmutation with Gaia, just as She has shared Her transmutation with you.
In this manner:

Your transmuting body (Earth) aligns with the transmuting body of Gaia.

Your transmuting breath (Air) aligns with the transmuting atmosphere of Gaia.

Your transmuting nervous system (Fire) aligns with the transmuting nervous systems of all the life on Gaia.

The transmuting fluid of your body (Water) aligns with the higher frequencies of Gaia’s waters.
As your aura transmutes from Etheric (fourth dimensional) into Spiritual (fifth dimensional), your personal consciousness aligns with the planetary consciousness, which is transmuting from third/fourth dimensional to fifth dimensional.

The physical representation of Gaia is the third/fourth dimensional Earth and the fifth dimensional representation of Gaia is New Earth. As you, the Ascending Ones, entrain your personal consciousness with the planetary consciousness of Gaia and all her inhabitants, you contribute greatly to the planetary Ascension.

Simultaneously, the great mass of Gaia’s Ascending body contributes to your personal Ascension. Then, you also gain the additional benefit of a peaceful transition into New Earth as you are surrounded and protected by the entire Ascending planet.

The challenge with this configuration of Ascension (as there are many versions of Ascension) is that you could easily doubt that you are Ascending because you are not leaving anything. If you Ascended beyond the planet, you would pull away from that reality and feel as though you are leaving Earth. Then you would have physical evidence of your Ascension.


However, depending on physical evidence is not consistent with Ascension. Instead, it is best to release your ego’s need for proof and trust your inner knowing that, since you and Gaia are ONE, you are both Ascending together.
In this fashion, THE RETURN involves both people and planet.



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