I was humbly inspired to write this message by JC and the H.S. for all our newly awakened friends,to help remember who we are and our mission here. Adonai


Lost and alone on some cosmic pathway,

traveled by many but used by few today.

Looking for someway,we can be redeemed in,

Salvation comes from looking deep within.

What is salvation but to save ones own soul and mind,

from the pain and misery, judgement of self-we find.

We think our problems cannot be solved, just to many,

because we fail to recognize what they are, what a pity.

We hide them deep and we hid them well,

so nobody could find them, even in hell.

We were told falsely, that were born in sin,

So we closed the door, waiting to be Born again.

Then when Christ came along, we would be saved,

from the games in our minds, we take to the grave.

There is only one problem, and not the many you see,

there was no sin, a lie told by those in power, let it be.

Our only problem, is that we believed there lies,

we're not separated from God, its there demise.

So once we see with true vision from the heart,

we are releaved because we know where to start.

The Truth is withen, it's always been there to be seen,

we don't sin per say, we make mistakes that we redeem.

Salvation is when we except forgiveness of what weve been,

Guilt, shame and pain are forgotten, along with the lie of sin.

We all have many skeletons in our closet,it is said,

Release them,Forgive and have peace and joy instead.

We punish ourselves for all our mistakes we made,

we are the gate keeper in this prison,freedom fades.

Open the door let yourself out, you are free again,

no more punishment for our mistakes they call sin.

We are loved as the sons and daughters of the Creator father,

Awaken to this good news, except it in your heart, go futher.

So now its time,lets put away all of our childhood toys,

and stop with the games in our minds, and all its noise.

There's only one way to go and thats for sure,don't you agree

open the door to the light that is withen us all, we are free,

Our salvation comes on the cosmic wings of a dove,

Shine your light, Love comes from the Creator above.

Awaken now my friend, Ascension is surely near at hand,

see all the glimering lights that are at your command.

You hold a place, so dear to the heart of mankind,

it sparkles ever so bright, when you let Love in your mind.

It finds its way to your heart thats been so alone,

to give is to receive, the way has always been shone.

From a distant shore, to a place where you belong,

the great teacher withen, sings to you this lovely song.

The Holy Spirit is your guide to all that you seek,

be humble, and open minded to all, be you meek.

For withen you and withen us all, is a spark of the Divine,

so open your heart and let him in, he's already in your mind.

Doubt not that you are more than what you can percieve,

Divinity is yours and everyones, if you but believe.

Soar high my friends across this universe of ours,

Love is the name of the game in these last hours.

You can be anything that you wont to be, so aim high,

Love is all there is, from earth to the heavens in the sky.

Come home my brother, now that you know that all is well,

you are loved beyond all measure,what more can we tell.

Across the universe and beyond, many are waiting out of sight,

for mankind to ascend and join the Great brotherhood of light.

So open the door to your mind and heart, let us begin,

in this journey without distance, we are all one, go within.

Copywriter; By Rev. Joshua Skirvin 3-14-2012

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