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I present for you this recent chat, between myself Roaring Lovely and ET Hugger (aka Ivy...)



Roaring Lovely said:

"As long as we don't use this 'Alien assistance' theory to discredit the achievements of Ethiopians in a very unfair way, unlike done anywhere in the world, and then latter claim 'Africa was a jungle and all its achievements were either done by foreigners from other continents or Aliens'. Give Africans the benefits of doubt enjoyed by everyone else!
When we credit Newton or Einstein, we give them some benefits of doubt. We can never prove history. Perhaps Aliens did it all, after all and no one on earth deserve any credit. Who knows??"



Drekx reply: 

The brilliantly engineered monuments in Ethiopia, that cause some to speculate as you do, were actually built by the Knights Templar, using a very ancient technology, that can levitate massive blocks of stone...The pyramid builders also used it...The legends of Ethiopia describe "angels" as the builders...Actually, the famous cross shaped churches, at Lallibella, were built by the prolific master masons, with permission from the Ethiopean King, for services rendered by the Templars, helping him to recover his Kingdom...Many assume there is an Ethiopean connection with Egyptian building, but no...It's the Knights Templar around the 12th century..
The Ark of the Covenant was left in Ethiopia by the Knights...First Tana Kirklos and now in Axum..the Church of Mary of Zion....

I did not suggest "aliens" built those churches in Lalibella..It was clearly stated by myself, that the Knights Templars did...The local priests, when asked who the architects and builders where, have a legend that it was a group of "angels." The Knights swore the priest's ancient forefathers to secrecy. As the Knights wore white tabards over their armour, or while building (work fatigues,) the legend seemed most befitting..That and their golden hair, as perceived by the local christians..Inside the church, there are many inscribed red crosses, hexagrams, seals of Solomon, esoteric symbols and codes, left there by the Templars as clues..Somewhat like the artist's signature, in code...
There was a definite link between ancient Israel and Ethiopia..Noting that the Queen of Sheba traded with King Solomon and King Menelik looked upon Israel as his birthright...So when the Ark of the Covenant was removed from the Temple in Jerusalem, it found a good home in Ethiopia...This was mentioned in the Bible as the period when King Menessah reigned...He defiled the Jewish temple at that time, by placing the statue of Asherah in with the Ark...This was considered herecy, by the priests.

The Ark simply vanished from the records and I do believe the ancient scribes where in shock, that they could not bring themselves to document that the Ark had been taken from Israel...Logically, this accounts for why the Ark was never found by the Babylonians, who meticulously listed numerous temple artifacts, the Ark not among them, this being a few centuries later, after removal to a Jewish colony in Egypt (Elephantine) and later to Ethiopia's lake Tana and the small island; Tana Kirklos. When King Nebuchadnezzar invaded 6th century B.C. Indeed the group of Israelite priests who went to Ethiopia, continued the Old Testament practices, we even see today, in the area...I find Ethiopia to be extremely interesting for preserving ancient Israelite ritual..



Ivy replied: 

Drekx, this is interesting stuff. Are the Knights Templars descendants of the Atlanteans or Egyptians? They had knowledge of ancient technology (levitation) and built sacred buildings. So they belong to a "light warrior" clan 😊



 Drekx said:  

Yes, the Knights were part of a Warrior-Monk caste, officially in service to the Pope, in practice, they served their own agenda, as all leading Grand Masters claimed to be descendants of the Israelite Priests or Kings..They were not Atlanteans, directly, but Europeans from England and France..and those Judeans who escaped the Roman destruction of Herod's temple, settled in France, mixing with the locals..Rex Deus....These were their bloodline. The line of King David was said to be represented by members of the order..
Thus their very purposeful origins, by a small group of nine members, of the fledgling order, engaged in excavating the Temple Mount, during the Christian occupation of Jerusalem...They took the name "Templar," because they were stationed near the Temple Mount, for reasons of their own...Officially they had another cover story, as "defenders of pilgrims." They found many ancient scrolls and golden treasures beneath the mount, but no Ark...Years later, following much success, the order discovered an exiled Ethiopian King in Jerusalem, who told them about the Ark's location...They won back his throne for him, in return for access to the Ark in Ethiopia...King Lallibella..
The Knights Templars built many great gothic cathedrals in Europe....Chatres, for example..There is a relief in the cathedral depicting their Ethiopian adventures...Solomon and Sheba and the links with "Prestor John," which was an old name used in the middle ages for Ethiopia. 



Ivy response:

"Interesting. This reminds me of the DaVinci Code, but I don't know if that book is historically correct. I need to read more into this part of history." 



Drekx reply: 

Indeed, Moses himself was initiated into the ancient Pharaonic rites....This links with Atlantis. So the Knights had a type of Atlantean connection, albeit not direct..But in terms of shared esoteric knowledge and tech..



Ivy said:

"Thanks for the data. I need to brush up my historical understanding some more. The time gap between Atlantis and medieval Europe is quite large."



Drekx concluded: 

You're most welcome. I will also add that some religious minded readers will wonder, why the Ark was taken out of Jerusalem? This was during the reign of King Menessah, who defiled the Temple of Yahweh, by placing a statue of Asherah, next to the Ark...The priests secretly removed it from Israel and initially took it to Elephantine island in Egypt. They later built a new Temple on the island, which caused much trouble with the local devotees of the ram-headed god; Knum...It was only after the Persian Empire later invaded Egypt, that the priests took the Ark south, to Ethiopia. They realised that the ancient rites were no longer practiced in their homeland, so did not return it to Israel..An explanation as to why old testament rites, such as blood sacrifice and burned offerings, are STILL practiced in certain parts of Ethiopia...They still possess the Ark and store it in a small church in Axum, northern Ethiopia...Near the border.




Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • Yeh, maybe those shy church enthusiasts only come out from behind the priestly frock, on Sunday school outings..?? And glad you enjoyed a tale that really should have made it into a Hammer horror films production, at Boreham wood studios, Herts, starring....??errr..!! Oh well, he's dead now...Christopher Lee could have played de Molay...
    He played so many weird characters, in his long career....LOL 😆
  • Maybe you’re more lucky on Sundays 🙂

    I haven’t had the time to reply yet and aren’t biblically schooled. But thanks for the medieval horror story 😬
  • Come on bible students...Answer these questions....We have the answers for you all..
  • I'm sure there must be Bible students and scholars out there, who wonder why the Ark was suddenly, without explanation, removed from all biblical narrative, having been the main focal point of narrative, from Moses onwards...
    In a way, this discourse fills the missing gaps, for those curious ones...If they are out there..
  • I invite any Biblical scholar or practicing Christian to ask the question....Why does the Bible not describe the fate of the Ark of the Covenant..?? It is simply unmentioned after the Israelite King (Menessah) placed Asherah's statue into the Temple, alongside the Ark. So what happened next...? Of course, we explain it all here....Any comments..??
  • You're welcome and to answer the other question, definitely so, ET Hugger...The Benedictine order were ultra loyal to the Pope and so could practice black magic with impunity...Those orders, such as the Templars were able to conceal their practices for a long time and it was only after the Paris Inquisition raided the Knight's Paris Temple and found "evidence" of disloyalty to Catholicism, that the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was actually crucified with large nails, fixing his unfortunate hands and feet to the inner sanctum, wooden entrance doorway....In this highly stressed state, when later taken down for imprisonment, his trembling form was covered in the ritual shroud of ceremonial resurrection, and his jailors accidentally created the famous legend, of the "shroud of Turin." Of course, not the intention of the Inquisition...

    Most leading Templars were arrested, along with the Grand Master; Jacques de Molay, including; Geoffrey de Charney, Preceptor of Normandy, Hugh de Peyraud and Guy de Auvergne.....All imprisoned, awaiting "justice."
    The Church, of course, twisted the story about the Turin shroud, years later, to fit their "Jesus" narrative..

    Physically, de Molay appeared like the conventionally accepted notion, of what Jesus looked like...His face, beard and long hair...His lean build. The Paris Inquisition created a martyr and crucified him for a time, to mock the Templar's ceremonial resurrection of each novice, to the order, figurative death and birth again, as it were..
  • Thanks for the data and the 5 minutes of fame 😇

    I have read some more about the Knights Templar and the Cathars. The Cathars have an odd theology that is very dualistic, with a good God and a bad God. In spite of that the Cathars were depicted as the cool guys in some fictional works I read, while I don’t know anyone who would really like to live like them.

    What I wondered about when we discussed the Templars: what happened to the esoteric knowledge after the fall of Atlantis and later the second Temple? I guess it was dispersed among several regions, cultures and religions. The Templars were one of the keepers of sacred knowledge, just like the Rosicrucians. But I assume that some monasteries had secret esoteric libraries.

    Is this why some religious groups were so fanatically persecuted by the Church?
  • Some positive flow grooves for ya'll...😃
  • very powerful message, thank you Drekx
  • A good example Gregg gave of this application, was a Shaman friend and native American, who sought to end a drought, by summoning much needed rain...He placed himself, barefoot, in a sacred place, out in the dry lands...There he visualized his feet in sticky wet mud, his body drenched in water, enveloped in it...he felt gratitude for the rain....Yet Gregg noted he ended the prayer and everything was still dry...HOWEVER, shortly afterwards, the rain came in and that drought had been a prolonged one...So this wisdom is universal...The human being simply has to use the language of the divine matrix to be answered, as Gregg put it...
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