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Your Aura And Chakras Hold The Luminosity Of YOU - Channeled by: Julie Miller


Your Aura And Chakras Hold The Luminosity Of YOU
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ January 31 – February 7, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
January 31, 2012

Our discussion will take us to the enlightening subject of the Aura. The OM is the verbal expression of the aura and the OM when spoken drives away all worldly viewpoints and eradicates confusion with a creation of new vigour within the body. You can easily cleanse and purify your aura through meditation and by simply manifesting the flawlessness of the OM.

All that you do effects your aura – what you eat, your thoughts and emotions, and your perceptions. The aura usually for most people is in a state of ever-changing ebb and flow that is based on your own mental excursions; the energies of your surrounding environment and how it affects you, where you reside, the force fields of Earth, the radio waves that penetrates thoroughly within your daily lives. Your aura is like an electronic signature that speaks volumes of who you are.

The colours of the aura when balanced are glowing and shining they radiates joy, vitality and the excitement of your being without boundaries as you live in your I AM Presence and maintain a state of blessed awareness within God. When the colours of your aura become dull, they indicate you may be in a gloomy kind of mood or ill, when you fall into a state of negative doom way of thinking and begin to complain or see life less than stunning, your colours lesson and become clouded. Every moment you are provided with a choice to remain radiating in your I AM Presence and within your Oneness with God. In the purity of your own loving self, you have the control to NOT allow something less than God through your Ego that would cloud the colours of your aura that enlighten much of who you are.

Your self-appreciation increases the aura that lives within the heart with a soft glow of pink that represents love and sometimes you can see or sense a warm sunny like luminosity. If at anytime dear children you enter the opposite state; self-depreciation from your own negative thinking or by others that have negative concepts and judgements that are less than God can reduce the vibration of your aura if you are not strong of heart and mind. There will be times dear children when you will need to revisit the inner sanctum of your heart and note the brilliance that is there or lack of. YOU will know if you’re out of balance, the colour will be dimmed and not so radiant. You will feel a sluggishness about your own physical energy dear children. Of course fatigue can be a sign of many things. Converse with your guides, trust in your I AM Presence and learn to cleanse and purify your auras as well as your chakras. They work hard for you every single day.

How does your food intake affect your aura? It all depends what you take in via your eyesight which tells you more before you taste your food. If you wish to increase the size of your aura including the luminosity, the colours you need to manifest for a greater glow you need to focus on the more positive aspects of your life that will also be stimulatingly bright. Your chakras are your power houses of energy that work simultaneously and in harmony with the Divine. Part of your manifestations for you aura ought to include your chakras as part of your focus for self-regeneration.

As you learn to focus on each one, you will see your chakras open like petals of a beautiful and colourful lotus, each one is represented by its own specific colour. Once you go beyond the 7th chakra you are also seeing chakras that represent the fourth and fifth dimensions. Dear children, if you are able to maintain your 7 main chakras, all the other chakras will follow in symmetry and balance. Each chakra holds blessings for yourself and all the ones that come into your personal boundaries. When you pray with the purest intention of unconditional love for yourself and for all others; this intent is emitted through your chakras and to your aura which makes up the light of your spirit body. The time and quality you put into your prayers and manifestations depends on the status of your heart and mind at the time. If at any time you question the effectiveness of your life and question yourself of your Divine Importance, I ask of you to check your chakras and see if they are in balance. Just like your aura, they will show a dimmed version of their true healthy state. It will take time and practice and dedication to yourself to fully understand the function of each of the 7 main chakras and how to tell if one becomes closed or unbalanced. I have absolute faith in your detection abilities. It is you that needs to believe what I already know.

The Universe is able to be sustained in perfect Oneness and balance when you become One with who you are, with God and your I AM Presence. Within each of you dear children is a blending of three beautiful flames, each one holds its own brilliance and each one helps define you and guide you to your own perfection. This is the Threefold Flame; Blue, Pink and Gold. And through the Threefold Flame is where many discover their I AM Presence as it represents, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit which is a part of all of you. The Threefold Flame is a basic and important component when developing your own spiritual and personal foundations. Appreciation dear children will bring forth a greater amount of unconditional love, forgiveness, and unconditional compassion. And if at any time you feel required to enter the sacred ritual of cleansing your chakras and auras, you are then showing self-appreciation and acceptance of ALL that you are - an important step on your journey to enlightenment dear children.

Our dear vessel handled our discussion well today. We normally stick to uplifting messages of reminders and of spiritual lessons for the journey into the light but the aura and chakras play an important role on your overall spiritual health, mental and emotional health which in time has the ability of affecting your physical health. She is well aware of her chakras and aura and purifies often. And I know many of you dear children do also. The more you do spiritually the more cleansing and purifying you will need to do to maintain a strong spirit body that will influence the rest of yourself with renewed energy and inner-strength.

As we prepare to conclude our message, I wish to mention if at any time you lack understanding or uncertainty regarding your own aura and chakras, please seek me out, and reach for me dear children. I will guide you to what it is you are looking and help clarify anything you are unsure about. My own aura is a bright hyacinth blue that is mixed with a darker Prussian blue. So when you call for me, practice trying to see my aura. My love for each of you is endless. I look forward to our next discussion which will follow in a fresh month – February.

May peace, joy and harmony always find their way into your heart and your home.

And so it is, Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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Comment by Christine Gopaul on February 6, 2012 at 6:53pm

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing.


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