At first I send this message to my friends via e-mail. As this video receive increasing reaction, something tells me that I must post it here. Sorry if my English is a bit funny.

I dedicate this to all of you, including those who feels that there is no hope in their life. I verily hope that these people could nevertheless spend their time reading and watching this video because I want to help those people and give them hope.

I have just attended courses last Tuesday night titled "ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE" hosted by training executive Sophia and it was quite interesting. BTW, it is not a spiritual course but motivation course for direct selling business.

I learned many things about gratitude in life in this course. Sophia also showed us some video clip and I found this video clip is the most touching one.

Sung Bong Choi, the contender for Korea's Got Talent show was left in orphanage at age 3, ran away at 5 after got beaten and tortured, For the past ten years onwards he live alone selling gums and drinking energy to earn his living. He start to develop interest in singing when he saw a singer perform in a night club while selling gums there. He was impressed with him and start practising himself, which bring him as to now. He is aged 23 as at now. Despite being alone since childhood, he was able to learn about self-reliant and now, with his right called FREE WILL, he was able to create and fulfill something that he thought is unusual and impossible for him.

More about him at

A boy, an orphan with very sad past life turns into a powerful vocalist. Truly can't believe it. When I hear him raising his voice, I feel that I can hear the beautiful whisper of an angel. His story and his voice has touched the whole world. He express it of his past life through his powerful voice.

The course has taught me about one thing - gratitude to ourselves. Sophia said "...Try to list at least 4 things everyday what you are grateful of in your tiny message note. Draw cute and attractive sketch inside to strengthen the message and stick it on any visible places either your workdesk, walls etc ...". Well I give an example and I strongly encourage my friends to do so.

1. I AM grateful that I AM still healthy.
2. I AM grateful that I AM still alive.
3. I AM grateful that I have spiritual friends,
4. I AM grateful that I was given lightwork mandate.
5. I AM grateful that I AM still eating healthily.

List everything as many as you can. Each day you have different gratitudes because:-

GRATITUDE can heal you.
GRATITUDE can change your life.
GRATITUDE can restore happiness.
GRATITUDE can erase negativity.
GRATITUDE is unconditional.
GRATITUDE is self-love


If you think the life is unkind to you, what of those in the warzone? What of those beggar on the street whom Sung Bong Choi have been before? What of those who are less fortunate than us?

What are the things in life that is not for you?

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  • Such a GREAT post and

    • I am grateful for being here on ACC
    • I am grateful for everything I have

    Too much to list hahah although gratitude is very important.


  • Thank you so very much for this amasing video. I writing this with teary eyes. It was a divine voice almost angelic. I used to write a journal for 2 years every day thanking for at least 3 things that i said thanks for that day.

  • Brilliant stuff.....gratitude is a very powerful energy that attracts like energy....So being grateful is like a beacon for all the things wanted in life...

  • Definitely agree, gratitude is something that more people should embrace, it really is healing on many levels.  :)

    Chakra_Ignition1.gifI am grateful that you posted this as well terence ~ thanks so much and have a wonderful day :) 

  • I'm grateful for this wonderful post! : )

    Thanks terence, it's wise to appreciate all our blessings.


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