Attention, All Starseeds! 
Attention, all starseeds! Our Galactic Federation has released an urgent communiqué regarding a connection between the Pleiadian light forces and the magnetic fields of planet Earth.
In case you are not aware of what I'm talking about, the Pleiadians are ancient warrior beings who came to Earth millions of years ago in order to help guide our planet through its various evolutions and stages of development. I've been in touch with them directly for many years now and am privy to some incredible information.
I'm excited to share this message with you on 5D energies and why it is important to raise your vibrations. The Pleiadian Light Forces are blasting extreme levels of white, magnetic, 5D, gamma plasma into Planet Earth's atmosphere in order to push all of the starseeds here into the 5th Dimension!
Hello, fellow Starseed! I just wanted to let you know that the wait is over; the five-dimensional energy wave is here! We are in the very beginning stages of catching up with this amazing new energy, and it is all a matter of your readiness. Some star seeds have been able to adapt to this energy, but others have not yet been able to join in on the fun. You see, this is all about your level of frequency elevation, which can be increased by attaining enough inner peace through spiritual and meditative practices.
According to my direct communications with the Pleiadian light forces through my deep meditation, Planet Earth is being showered in a super 5D plasma energy wave at this moment!
Multiple advanced beam crafts are seen entering the Galactic Core. At the same time, multiple portals throughout this solar system are now opening for the purpose of delivering more light beings from the Galactic Core to Planet Earth than we have ever seen before. The veil is nearly lifted, and our Ascension is finally happening at this eleventh hour.
I just want to share with you that, in recent times, many people have had several out-of-body experiences. It's my understanding that the Pleiadians are being triggered by our spiritual readiness. They are beaming in a higher frequency of 5D plasma energy and creating an increased number of dream time activations. The ascension process is accelerating, and a lot more people will be going through the experience of waking up while they're still dreaming.
Finally, Earth is ready for the process of moving from the third to the Fifth Dimension. The vibrational frequency (i.e., the speed at which energy moves through an object) of the planet has increased and is changing. As a result, there are major shifts occurring at all levels of life on this planet. Planet Earth's core is actually speeding up in its rotation, causing it to shift into a higher orbit that will allow it to come fully into alignment with the Fifth-Dimensional Sun.
The same has happened to most other planets in our solar system and beyond; they are moving into higher orbits as well! These events have been foretold by many ancient cultures and are understood as the Ascension by modern spiritual communities.
This is inside the last window of time for revolutionary evolution that this planet will experience. For those of us who have prepared ourselves through ascension practices, we are ready.
This 5D energy will be here throughout 2022 and even into 2023. So what does that mean? That means that there is no time to waste if you want to raise your frequency with the incoming 5D Light Energy!
I know how challenging it can be to catch up, especially when there is so much distraction coming at you from every direction. Because the dark wants to keep you distracted, confused, and scared into inaction!
The transition from 3D to 5D is underway, and it is a fantastic time for all of us to experience.
It's time for you to raise your frequency with this 5D energy and let go of the 3rd-dimensional reality that you have created for yourself over eons of time.
This light energy will help you raise your frequency and move beyond the old matrix programming.
Perhaps now more than ever, it's crucial to stay focused on your inner work.
This is where you'll experience the most growth and expansion in this lifetime.
You can't fight against what's happening in the world. That's like trying to fight against an ocean wave.
Instead, focus on raising your frequency so you can begin experiencing life in higher dimensions.
As you evolve, everything around you will change, too—including the outer world.
At this point in time, we're seeing dramatic changes occur on Earth. It can be disturbing to witness these events, but it's important not to be distracted from your inner work now. You must shine even brighter than before!
A protective sphere of 5D energies surrounds the solar system, making it immune to any external influence and/or interference.
The purpose of this "bubble" is to protect the whole solar system from dark forces that are still trying to prevent a smooth transition into the higher dimensions.
Nothing that happens in the outer world can penetrate this powerful protection.
This transition is inevitable because the majority of other star systems have already completed their Ascension.
Our solar system will be the last one to go through this evolutionary process, and we have been warned that we can expect some bumps on our way up.
At various stages of our Ascension, we will be confronted with polarity reversals, solar flares, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, plasma anomalies, and other phenomena that are typically associated with planetary upheavals.
At some point in the near future, a major plasma anomaly will reach our solar system from outside and trigger a massive geomagnetic storm on Earth that will cause all kinds of technical problems.
The purpose of this "plasma bubble" is to ensure that none of these external interferences will affect us during this most crucial time. In addition, if we stay within its protective frequency range, we should be shielded from the effects of any future galactic superwaves as well.
And that's when the real shit will fly! There will be no place to hide. There will be no more time for games and hiding. Humanity will have to decide what they are going to do. Are they going to continue to live in fear, or are they going to stand tall, proud, and strong? Are they going to stand together as one united world, or are they going to kill each other off one by one?
It all depends on what you do with your time right now.
But I must warn you.
If you look at the news, you will be easily distracted, and fear may arise in you.
Do not look at the news! Do not watch television! Do not listen to the negativity of others!
I know this is a difficult choice for some of you who enjoy reading about pandemics, wars, natural disasters, or whatever else is happening in our world. After all, this has been your entertainment for a long time. But it is time for this to stop.
You really don't need any of that information anymore, because hereafter, your life is going to change dramatically! Only happiness, joy, and blissfulness will be seen, heard, felt, and discussed.
We are entering the golden age! This transformation will lead humankind to a new level of evolution.
The Pleiadian Light forces are sending us this energy upgrade. This is the time to merge with our Emissaries of Light in order to get fully synchronized with their vibration. This energy will connect all of us together as a team and create ultimate blissfulness on Earth.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
The Medical Pods -Ascension Of Earth And All Life Forms Is Imminent
The cradle of humanity is about to come into alignment with the Cosmic Central Sun, and all life as we know it will be forever changed.
We will be able to employ numerous advanced technologies that the Galactic Federation will share after rising into 5D. We're going to talk about one of them today.
The technology is called the Holographic Medical Pod. It is a medical bed that works on the principles of energy medicine.
Many new technologies were being suppressed by those who had been in control for thousands of years. That world has long since passed into history, and a new world has risen up out of its ashes. One of these suppressed technologies was the holographic medical pod, or Med Bed, as they were called. These beds could cure almost any disease and reverse the aging process if given enough time.
These holographic medical pods are commonly used by extraterrestrials to heal their own kind who have been injured on war missions or by accidents in spacecraft—the ET's use advanced technology to heal their bodies.
These pods were used in conjunction with crystals and other modalities. This pod was built to house a crystal, an oracle that can be programmed with intent, and a human being. The goal is to create an atmosphere of love and harmony so that the mind, body, and spirit are all deeply relaxed and receptive to healing energies. Each pod is set up differently depending on what energies are needed for optimal healing.
Please note: It is not recommended to sleep in this pod unless you are sick or are seeking healing from someone who has been trained to work with this technology.
These pods were originally built for the purpose of creating a space for deep healing and integration between dimensions in order to bring information back to Earth from higher realms. Most people have never experienced such a profound level of relaxation or peace. You may also experience deep insights into your life purpose and desires while using this device. Your life may never be the same again once you experience what these devices have to offer.
These pods are not just for healing; they are also used for the purpose of upgrading one's DNA structure to slow down the aging process. This can be done to heal a person from a catastrophic accident that would otherwise cause death. The body is placed in a magnetic field, which allows the body's natural chronometer and DNA to be recalibrated.
The technology to create these miraculous machines was commonly used in our distant past, sometime around 5,000 B.C., but was lost over time, only to be rediscovered just before the turn of this century. The new Med Beds worked better than their predecessors, but there were still some issues with them that needed to be worked out in order for them to be released to a waiting public.
There is so much suppressed technology that has been locked down for eons. Holographic medical pods are one such technology that has been locked down and classified into a top-secret project.
The Nordic Pleiadians allowed Earth's people to use these wondrous devices, which is why you see them in use during some of our ancient histories. But after a while, the Nordics began restricting the use of these devices because they wanted Earth to advance on its own, without interference from other world civilizations, so they decided to lock them away for future generations until we were ready to be introduced to this amazing technology. This was when we began hearing about crystal skulls and pyramids being used as power generators.
The medical pod is not just the machine; the medical pod is a life-saving invention that has been given to us by the Galactic Federation that effortlessly performs wonders that are unimaginable and can only be described as magical. The medical pod can repair any and all kinds of DNA, RNA, or protein damage in a person's body, even in an unborn child.
An example: a child who was born without legs (a rare genetic defect) can be placed in the medical pod for a couple of hours and then come out with perfectly working legs, fully intact DNA, and a completely healed body. This is the kind of advanced technology we are talking about, and this is what we have been given by our benevolent extraterrestrial benefactors. No matter how complicated the case may be, the medical pod can heal people of all kinds of ailments.
When a person dies, it is not necessary to bury them. The bodies could be placed in one of the chambers of this device, where they are preserved until such time as they are awakened. The bodies are preserved by a sophisticated computer which slows down the aging process until such time as the individual is awakened. Then the individual can live on for centuries, basically forever if necessary. This chamber is called a stasis chamber. There is no limit to how long a person can be kept in this chamber.
These pods can also be used for healing, meditation, astral projection, dream travel, remote viewing, and many other things as well. Anyone who has ever been inside one knows how amazing they are!
It is a very complicated piece of machinery. There are many different components, and each component has its own purpose and function.
These medical pods are not in use with our current health care system, and that is because it would dramatically cut the profits of medical insurance, pharmaceutical companies, and medical doctors. If this technology were to be used today, it would disrupt the entire health care system from top to bottom.
This is why we are not allowed to have this technology today. We are being robbed of our health and, in many cases, our lives by a medical monopoly that doesn't want you to know about this technology. The medical establishment does not want you to become healthier or live longer. They want you to continue being sick so they can make more money from your illness.
But after we ascend, nothing will be able to stop us from using these medical pods to our advantage, because there will be no adverse force to control us in the Fifth Dimension. Every human being on the planet can benefit from this equipment and live indefinitely without disease and in a state of love and ecstasy.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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