ASTROLOGY RESEARCH OF CHIRON - Charts used: UFO abductee Betty Hill, ET communicator Steven Greer MD, and questionable engineer Bob Lazar.

Chiron is notorious for placement in key horoscope areas (or in key aspects) of horoscope charts of those who are ET/UFO aware.  I discussed this in my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation." Three horoscopes that were used for research that resulted in my making of this claim in my book include Betty Hill, Steven Greer MD, and Bob Lazar.  These three people claimed important connection with ET/UFO interests in some way.

Many astrologers disagree with this ET/UFO definition for Chiron (and this is fine).  Please keep in mind that astrology is a craft (or a practice, like medicine).  A more interesting way to say this is that Viagra has anti-hypertension meanings in addition to the main medical reason why Viagra is popularly prescribed.

The reference sheet below may be copied, as I stated in my book.



Betty Hill


Betty Hill gives a time of 1:00 pm for time of birth.  Drawn in red below, Hill has a Sun Conjunction Pluto placement that is within 3 degrees of Conjunction with the Midheaven (Mc).  She also has a Chiron Opposition Ascendant (As) placement that is within 1 degree of being exact (and these points are all in a Square aspect with each other).  

With the Sun Conjunction Pluto forming a Conjunction with the Mc, the Sun can have a "flashlight" purpose that may reveal a known public attention on an area (or areas) that is ruled by the point(s) that the Sun is in aspect with.  In this case, it's Pluto, and Pluto rules "transformation that may result in or may be due to crisis in some way." Betty Hill created a crisis at that time, and impacted people (or transformed them) in either the best or the worst of ways.  This is because there are some people who simply cannot  (and will not) accept the possibility of other very advanced living beings existing other than human kind. 


Please note that the Mc and As move approximately 1 degree every 4 minutes, and this rapid movement can usually define why people born on the same day are different from each other.  The As can sometimes represent "the environment" of the individual (and Betty Hill's famous ET/UFO abduction took place in the U.S.A. state of her place of birth). The Mc can sometimes represent  "one's reputation or legacy," and one must look at the Sun Conjunction Pluto placement that is in Conjunction with the Mc as a key on how Betty Hill will be remembered (which may be a "transforming crisis" she had that resulted in creating "a crisis" for many other people).

Fame rules the 10th House, and red boxed Neptune is in the 10th House.  Neptune Trine Chiron (within 1 degree of exactness) may indicate the fame and recognition Betty Hill had obtained with her expose' of "the belief that ETs/UFOs exist."  The hard Semi-Square of Neptune with Mars in the 9th House may indicate the great number of conflicts she had with scientists and religious groups (since the 9th House rules "religion, philosophy, and higher education"). 

Red boxed Venus in the 11th House may indicate that one's friends and associates are something like a clique or a partnership.  The Venus Sesquiquadrate Chiron placement may indicate a great deal of stress was placed on the friends and associates of Betty Hill (due to her involvement with ETs/UFOs).  But this placement may also indicate a critical and unique type of qualification needed for one to be a part of the special clique of Betty Hill.  And a lot of people tried to discredit her.

Drawn in green above, Uranus in the 5th House is associated with "unusual friends and associates (as is the 11th House) that one has recreation activities with." Another meaning for this placement is "unusual audiences;" this is because the 5th House is sometimes called "the house of entertainment and recreation." And there must be an audience of some kind for entertainment or recreation activities to take place. 

In the green box above (next to Uranus in the 5th), There is a Uranus Conjunction Pallas placement.  The asteroid Pallas is new to me, but Pallas appears to be associated with crafts and hobbies, as well as military involvement.  Note that one astrologer referred to Pallas as "Xena Warrior Princess."  I like this name a lot because stories of Pallas Athena described her as the best military strategist on the field (as well as the baddest bitch on the military battlefield).  Because the Nodal plane is associated with connecting with others, this Uranus Conjunction Pallas forming a T-Square with the Nodal Plane may define a connection with an audience of unusual people.  This audience is also possibly involved in science hobbies or science crafts in some way due to Aquarius associated with general science (and Pallas is in the sign of Aquarius).  And yes, Betty Hill had huge conferences with  "unusual audiences" wherever she went.


The birth time for Steven Greer is unknown, so we will use 12:00 pm.  Unknown time of birth indicates that we cannot use the houses as a means of interpretation.  We also cannot use the Mc, As, or Moon for the purposes of horoscope interpretation due to the fast speed of motion of these horoscope points.


Steven Greer MD


Dr. Greer claims that he taught transcendental meditation before he went to medical school.  He also claimed that meditation was how he "summoned" UFOs to his vicinity.  One such meditation incident reportedly brought the air space U.S. military to an alert status of his meditation.  Drawn in the blue square below, the Black Moon Lilith Conjunction Pallas placement may indicate a possible connection of some kind with very secret areas of the U.S. military due to this meditative activity.


Chiron is involved with two key aspects: the Opposition with Jupiter (drawn in red boxes above) and the Sesquiquadrate with the Mercury Conjunction Venus combination (drawn in green boxes above). 

Chiron is known in contemporary astrology as "the wounded healer." Becaue meditation is used as an advanced technology for healing techniques, this "practice of healing via meditation philosophies" is defintely a good  representation of the Jupiter Opposition Chiron placement.  But what is really interesting is that this Chiron type of activity also connects directly with the Chiron-ruling ET/UFO awareness that Dr. Greer has!

The Mercury Conjunction Venus placement (green above) may define "communications with friends or with groups one socializes with." The Sesquiquadrate aspect of this Conjunction with Chiron is within 1 degree, and is thus a definition or meaning for "communication with groups involved with ETs/UFOs" as a meaning for this Sesquiquadrate with Chiron.


The birth time for Bob Lazar is unknown, so we will use 12:00 pm.  As mentioned, an unknown time of birth indicates we cannot use the houses as a means of interpretation.  We also cannot use the Mc, As, or Moon for the purposes of horoscope interpretation due to the fast speed of motion of these horoscope points.


Bob Lazar


Bob Lazar claims to have worked at Area 51 as a back-engineering scientist for crashed UFO space crafts.  Lazar also  claims to have a masters degree from MIT.  ET/UFO researcher Stan Friedman (who has a PhD in nuclear physics from the University of Chicago) claims that he could not find one published paper written by Bob Lazar (which is required for obtaining a masters degree from MIT).  Friedman also claimed there was little evidence from Lazar's pre-college years to suggest admission possibility into MIT; admission into MIT is very competitive and requires demonstration of scientific talent in a big way that is outside the classroom.


Drawn in red above, note the Square aspect between the Venus Conjunction Chiron placement with Mars.  The meaning of "groups of friends or cliques involved in ET/UFO interests" is well-defined with the Venus Conjunction Chiron placement.  Squares with Mars often indicate conflicts, arguments, and debates.  And yes, the Square of Mars with the Venus Conjunction Chiron placement appears to indicate conflict with the ET/UFO community (since there are MANY "groups of friends or cliques involved in ET/UFO interests" who will not allow Bob Lazar to speak at ET/UFO conferences.  This is due to serious questions not answered from Lazar regarding his claim of having worked at Area 51).  

The green boxes above reveal a T-Square of "public personality" ruling Sun with a Neptune Opposition Black Moon Lilith placement.  Bob Lazar was arrested at one time for selling illegal chemicals (which may be defined with the Sun Square [Neptune Opposition Black Moon Lilith] T-Square placement).  Lazar was also arrested at one time for working with prostitution services (which may be represented by Venus Square Mars).This does not hold well for defining Bob Lazar as someone who is entirely "on the level."  And yes the [Venus Conjunction Chiron] Square Mars placement defines the history of the many Square-types of "conflicts" Lazar has had with the ET/UFO community over his claims of having worked with crashed UFOs. 




Astrology research indicates that Chiron demonstrates a strong association with ET/UFO interests and/or ET/UFO awareness.  It may even help in revealing who may not be "on the level" in terms of ET/UFO topics of discussion.  Chiron is definitely "the wounded healer" who can provide a new technology to help heal others; note that astrologers, massage therapists, herbalists, therapists, tarot card readers, nutritionists, and yoga/meditation instructors almost always have Chiron on key spots of the horoscope.  And as stated in my book, Chiron is noted to be usually prominent in horoscopes of people involved in espionage activities or intelligence gathering work.  This is because they work with advanced technology not available to the general public (and ET technology is also an advanced technology not available to the general public).

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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